Horoscopes: a sly satanic corruption

The stars are a glory to the power and creativity of God. The heavens are God’s handiwork as stated in Psalm 83, and 19:1. God has even numbered and named them all! (Ps 147:4). He created them on Day 4 as described in Genesis. Who is not moved by this majestic language:

Then God said, "Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night, and let them be for signs and for seasons and for days and years; and let them be for lights in the expanse of the heavens to give light on the earth"; and it was so. God made the two great lights, the greater light to govern the day, and the lesser light to govern the night; He made the stars also. Genesis 1:14-16

Imagine how it was for the shepherds on the night of the Savior's birth, who were keeping watch over the flocks, looking up at the majesty of the stars undimmed by city lights or stadium halogen. How bright and vivid the stars must appeared to them! How majestic as the constellations moved through the sky! How practical, as they used the stars to move from field to field and to tell the time and even the seasons. Men and women have used the stars as a point of reference for their movements on the earth since the beginning of time, only ceasing recently when the Global Positioning System was released to laymen after the first Gulf War. Reliance on the stars for navigating has quickly disappeared but reliance on the stars for false information has only increased.   

Most Christians would never in a million years take a trip into town and see a fortune teller, palm reader, or psychic. They know and understand that these occult practices are not activities God wishes His children to engage in. That is the easy part. It is obvious that Dachau is an evil. That Jeffrey Dahmer was evil. That child molestation is evil. But what's so bad about reading your horoscope? Referring to your zodiacal sign? Everything. Those are the little evils. Satan is sly. Obvious or not, evil is evil.

Twice this week I was confronted with evidence of his work regarding his corruption of the stars. While eating at fellowship table at church, another Christian and I, never having met, found ourselves sitting together. We were happily chatting our way from dinner to dessert. Then, she asked my birth date so she could tell me the attributes of my character and personality according to my sign under the Zodiac. Another time, a Christian who was perusing the daily paper read her horoscope aloud and asked the other lady for her birthday so she could read hers to her as well. These were not evil people. They were just unaware of the import of what they were doing. Satan's favorite kind.

Paul reminds the Christians in Corinth that "we are not unaware" of satan's schemes. Paul tells the Ephesians in 6:11 that satan's schemes will come to naught if they wear their armor. "Schemes." This is not a word that indicates straightforwardness. It is one that indicates subterfuge, and fellow Christians, no one is immune from satan's subterfuge. If Jesus in the desert was not immune from satan's attempts, how much less immune from the devil's schemes shall we be? And how much more so if we are unaware of his schemes?

His schemes include both grossly AND slyly corrupting what God has done. Many Christians today are unaware of satan's schemes. Someone reading this might think that I am making much ado about nothing. Horoscopes are just a few lines in the newspaper after all and what harm can that do. But God in His wisdom knew what satan was about and warns us again and again to be on guard. Guard your ways as David advises in Ps 39:1! Guard the treasure that has been entrusted to you! Be aware of what you are doing. The first person satan will go after is one who has let down their guard and satan knows that horoscopes, being a forbidden activity, is a toehold.

Why go against the Holy Word of God for the sake of a few vague words promising luck or love or money? Why seek information from constellations, an activity that the condemned pagan, Semiramis, the Queen of Babylon, created? Daniel 1:20 shows us that Daniel relying on the wisdom of God was ten times better than all the astrologers, magicians, and enchanters in court! Don't you want to be ten times better and not twenty times worse?

The heavens declare His handiwork but they do not declare whether you will be lucky in love.  The heavens declare the glory of God but do I really need my horoscope to tell me I "feel quite happy today"? Couldn't I figure that out on my own? Extracting truth and wisdom from horoscopes is satan's scheme. Don't do it. Extract wisdom from the God who made the stars. And His wisdom says that the astrologers and stargazers and monthly prognosticators will be burned as stubble.

Be mindful, Christian, of all your thoughts, words, and deeds in these waning days. Be not unaware of satan's schemes, and wearing the full armor of God, persevere in truth.


  1. So, prophecy foretold by the stars is satans work, and those who believe it are weak and easily swayed by the devil? But prophecy from a 2000+ year old book thats been translated and the closest thing we have to an original copy is 300 years after the supposed 1st publication. And that advocates Burnt offerings, slavery,bigotry, incest, inequality between sexes homophobia and finally Killing of everyone who doesn't agree with you, that is devine and those who follow it are chosen and especially insightful?

  2. Yes. LOL, though some of your thinking is erroneous. God does not "advocate" incest. He banned it. "Killing everyone who doesn't agree with you"? I don't understand. Like Hitler, you mean? He was an atheist, not a Christian.

    The veracity of the bible despite its antiquity is superlative above all ancient books and scrolls. Not even mentioning the prophecies that have come true, the book's first chapters in the NT were written by eyewitnesses to the events, something that Homer's Iliad fails to do by at least 800 years, and the Iliad is held up as an unimpeachable version of events. The OT was painstakingly transcribed in total exactitude. If you would like more information about how the bible, despite being ancient, is true, go here:

    You do not need "prophecy foretold by the stars" when you have prophecy foretold by the author of them: God. Those who follow God are not especially insightful. We are all sinners. We just have claimed the gift He offers: salvation from hell and forgiveness for our sins. You can do the same, at any moment up to death. Then it is too late...

  3. One other thing: those who read horoscopes I would not say are especially weak. We are all weak, saved and unsaved. Satan looks for ways to get AT people. Unbelievers he already has. So he spends a lot of his energy on those he doesn't have, like Christians. The stronger the person is, the smaller the toehold. But it's there (because we all have weaknesses). And once in, he exploits it.

  4. Godwin's Law. And furthermore how dare you demean the holocaust by parading it out to justify your anti-horoscope internet post.

    Is seeing messages in the stars really anymore evil than pulling this stuff out of your ass and claiming divine inspiration?

    Seriously who puts you in charge of the judgement of anyone. Oh no someone made small talk with you at a church event, it must be satan in disguise.

    The old testament contains all of those things Lot and his daughters? How about the Isrealites being the chosen people and the Talking donkey telling them to massacre people. I also enjoy that the sexism and homophobia slavery and burnt offerings were glossed over.

    if we're parading out evil people and events you have the crusades, the occupation of palestine, the hate crimes against Blacks for race mixing, the vatican condoning hitlers actions, all kinds of individual judgements and arrogance by those who are "saved".

    Your invisible friend seems to have a great sway over you. I hope that he makes up for the real relationship you could have started instead of being high and mighty over something as ridiculous as a horoscope.

  5. Oh and the vatican condoning the holocaust was to point out that religious people have a part in that tragedy too

  6. Anonymous, I'd prefer that you did not swear on my blog. Thanks.

  7. Dear Anonymous,
    It's too bad that you hardened your heart about this message, because obviously, it resonated in your spirit. This was not an anti-astrology post, it was advice given by a woman who loves God to others who also love God not to take their eyes off of God in even the smallest detail, and that's what astrology does. Instead of consulting our creator/Father for advice, instruction and direction, when we consult our astrological chart, we are choosing to follow a path not ordained by God. God put the sun, moon and stars in the heavens to give us signs and to converse with His people; not for us to live our lives according to where they are placed on a given day and time. There are many inequities in life as we know it; thank God that He is just and that one day all will be equalized. I could walk around every day with a chip on my shoulder, but I choose to love people as He did and put the weight of judgment and payment for deeds done on earth in His more knowledgeable, wise and completely just hands. You would be amazed at how freeing that can be.

    May God Bless You With Wisdom and Understanding and may your eyes be opened to Him today.


    1. May Jesus richly Bless you and your family Kim, your reply has given me even more insight into this topic and for that, I am truly grateful.

  8. @ Kim spoken from the Spirit of God agree 100% Bless the Name of JESUS a Name above All Names every knee will bow nd tongue will confess tht Jesus is Lord even the devils believe nd tremble.

  9. Hi! I just wanted to thank you immensaly for writting this post. I've been struggling alot lately with horoscopes. I keep dowloading the horoscope app, then delating it, than downloading it, then delating it... and the cycle goes on. This post has encoraged me to delate it for good now. I felt really encoraged by the daniel verse espacilly. Thank you so much. God bless, a young christain girl.

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      Thanks for reading the piece, and thank you for commenting. I'm so glad you were encouraged! All that we know about our future is in the bible. We don't need the stars to tell us, when we have our God who made the stars to tell us! :) Stay in the word, you can't go wrong.

  10. Astrology, Horoscopes, Signs of the Zodiac, and the Bible

    Should people take astrology and horoscopes seriously? What is the origin of astrology and the signs of the Zodiac? Can stars and planets be used to accurately predict the future and give character analysis and advice? Why do people read their horoscopes? Are they scientifically accurate? What do the Scriptures say Christians should believe about astrology?

  11. Where one time in the bible does it suggest killing people who don't agree with Christianity? You are sadly mistaken. You obviously are getting it confused with Muslim teachings.


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