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The Revived Roman Empire has been born. President of Europe coming next.

The Revived Roman Empire has been born. Now all it needs is someone to run it... [Left, "Antichrist, "Albrecht Durer's engraving of the Antichrist, the Harlot and the ten-beasts with horns)

"MOSCOW, October 3 (RIA Novosti) - Ireland has voted "Yes" to the Lisbon Treaty setting out rules for decision-making in the European Union, officials said after the country's second nationwide referendum. The reform treaty, signed in December 2007 to streamline decision-making following the bloc's expansion, cannot come into effect until ratified by all 27 member states. Ireland rejected the treaty 18 months ago, but the partial count from Friday's vote has shown overwhelming support. ... The only other EU states that have yet to ratify it are Poland and the Czech Republic. However, Ireland is the only nation constitutionally required to put the decision to a referendum. Polish Presidential Chief of Cabinet Wladyslaw Stasiak said on Saturday that President Lech Kaczynski will ratify the treaty if Ireland votes in favor." An article from the Calgary Herald confirming the Treaty's passage is here.

The LORD revealed the meaning of Nebuchadnezzar's dream to Daniel and Daniel told the old king (ch 2, v. 28-40) that the statue he had dreamed about represented the four great kingdoms of the world from that time to the end of time. The head of gold was Nebuchadnezzar's own kingdom, Babylon. The second kingdom of silver was Medo/Persia. The third kingdom of bronze was Greece. And the fourth kingdom was to come at the end of days (Daniel 2:28) and would be made of iron and clay, a mixed kingdom. For further biblical clues that confirm these kingdoms' identities, Daniel revealed in another vision the LORD had sent him (7:1-24) describing the four kingdoms' symbols. More on that in a moment.

It is the fourth kingdom we are concerned about today in relation to the Lisbon Treaty, because it is from this kingdom the antichrist comes to power. In Daniel 7 it is revealed that there arises a beast with ten horns, and from this ten horned beast, another, smaller beast will arise and uproot three of the horns. This beast is mighty and speaks haughty things. This uprooting beast is the antichrist. Dan 9:26 tells us that this antichrist will rise from a revived Roman Empire.

Prophecy students have long been looking for clues on the geo-political landscape that will indicate a revived Roman empire. The European Union (EU) was begun in 1950 as a loose confederation of nations aiming to share coal and steel after the devastation of WWII. These days, the Union consists of 27-member nations and is formalized through legislation. It has a rotating President. However, the European Union has no force of legality, unless and until there is a constitution. The Lisbon Treaty is that document. The Lisbon Treaty confers a constitution to the member nations and creates a super-entity with legal force...and a President.

The Lisbon Treaty institutes the formal role of President of Europe. There are actually two big new posts created by the Lisbon Treaty - the President of the European Council and the High Representative. People are already worried about how much clout the President of Europe would have...and also his sidekick, the High Representative.

Now, back to today. Daniel saw ten horns, and yet there are more than 10 nations in the EU. There are 27. With the geo-political landscape shifting so quickly, anything could happen to 17 of them to dwindle down to 10. Also, there is a Western European Alliance which is the military arm of the EU and that entity has ten member nations.

The prophetic implications are massive. The legislation would create two new positions, President of Europe and his High Representative (Antichrist and False Prophet?). Finally, let's return to the discussion of the symbols Daniel described for each kingdom. The symbol for the EU (Revived Roman Empire) as described by Daniel. "...and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns." (Revelation 17:3). This scripture depicts a harlot (a false religious system forced on all) riding the beast (antichrist).

The EU's chosen symbol is a...woman riding a beast...a statue depicting her is in front of the EU offices in Brussels. In front of the EU Parliament building is a different statue of ... a woman riding a beast. The Fifth Parliament Building is called the Tower (as in Babel?) with is slogan ... "Many tongues, one voice". Much more on the eerie symbolism, photos, and their relation to scripture in the next post.

The prophecies are hurtling toward completion. I write these essays at the prompting of the Holy Spirit for the purpose of education, pondering, and for witnessing. Please use this information to study scriptures further to edify yourself, as the bible commands, but also as a way to understand how little time we have left on this earth to complete our first and second command from our Savior: Love Him and love our neighbor. Will you share the Good News with your neighbor today?

Note: Thank you to Jennifer Rast at Contender Ministries for her excellent and thorough article on the EU being the Revived Roman Empire. Please read her article, it explains the scriptures very well on this difficult and complicated prophecy.

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