Drifting Away: A Sailing Story

So many earthquakes lately

If preceding "The Return of Christ: There will be signs in sun and moon and stars, and on the earth dismay among nations, in perplexity at the roaring of the sea and the waves,Luke 21:25" then look at this run-up here and now, prior to the rapture. These quakes occurred all in a 9 hour time period.

5.4 Santa Cruz Islands
6.5 Santa Cruz Islands
6.8 Vanuatu
6.6 Santa Cruz Islands
7.3 Vanuatu
7.7 Santa Cruz Islands
6.7 Celebes Sea
7.8 Vanuatu
6.7 Celebes Sea

Earthquake in Pacific Triggers Tsunami, Evacuations
A magnitude-7.8 earthquake triggered a tsunami warning for nations across the South Pacific, forcing people to flee to higher ground, nine days after destructive waves killed about 140 people in Samoa.

Major calamities hit south Asia
Almost simultaneously, disasters and calamities occurred in a in South Asia including Samoa during the last two weeks killing more than three thousand people and injuring thousands in calamity affected areas.

Thousands rush to higher ground

Thousands of panicked South Pacific islanders took no chances on being caught in a tsunami after three strong earthquakes rocked the region.

I have noticed a trend in the statements of seismologists and geologists recently. After work, I will explore more about this and post my findings. Meanwhile, it is enough to see what is happening on earth at this time. Please pray for the victims of all these natural disasters, though there is nothing natural is about it in my opinion.


  1. August 17, 1999 Turkey --- 7.4 earthquake kills 17,000
    September 7, 1999 Greece --- 5.9 earthquake kills 143
    September 20, 1999 Taiwan --- 7.2 earthquake kills 2,300
    September 30, 1999 Mexico --- 7.5 earthquake kills 33
    October 16, 1999 California —7.1

  2. God has many ways to claim our attention. Yes, there have been earthquakes of high magnitude all along but they are now increasing and will continue to do so. There will be more of other disasters, too, and other things to happen in the sun/moon/stars/ and the economy...all because He is attempting to get our attention so that none would perish but would all come to saving grace in Jesus. We know that many will not, even as He appears in the sky with His saints to smite the rebellious at Armageddon, they will raise their fists and shake them at Jesus, but He persists in trying to reach all His children in all kids of ways, including gently knocking a the door of your heart.

  3. this link brings you to USGS information in graphical form that illustrates that EQ's have been increasing in size and frequency of the last few years. Data goes back to 1900. The data ends in the third quarter of 2008, so keep in mind the trend is only upwards from there


  4. I just looked up statistics on earthquakes. The reason why I did this was becasue a few nights ago, I had a dream that there was a big earth quake, I saw the earthquake and then I heard the people telling me how it made them shake. I also had a dream where I was up high on something and I saw a plane crash. There were 4 other people with me and they started to laugh.


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