The Norway Doom Spiral and swirled coffee

It turns out that the Professor of Theoretical Physics at the University of Connecticut, "Ronald Mallett, thinks time travel is possible -- and he's designed an experiment that could do it. Basically, he wants to "swirl" empty space the way you'd swirl coffee in a cup, using a laser as the stirrer."

Which sorta looks exactly like the event that occurred earlier this month over in Norway. Continuing:

 "Because space and time are more or less the same, swirling empty space could also swirl time. Mallett would then drop subatomic particles into his roiling cup of space-time and see if they're hurtled a few nanoseconds into the future. The idea sounds esoteric, but it's based in solid theory: Einstein's, in fact.""

Here Professor Mallett is explaining the theory in an engaging interview with BBC reporters in 2006. His demo begins at 3:00. He said he is looking for funding to build the machine, which he hopes to complete within the next 10 years. That statement was just under 4 years ago so I do not think that the Norway event was a live test of a completed time machine, especially since the Professor's machine will be a desktop model thrusting one neutron along. But it COULD indicate either another experimenter who is far ahead of Dr. Mallett or at least its similarities provoke a thought about swirling time with  light & laser.

Likely we will never know what that spiral WAS, but it is mentally challenging and spiritually intriguing to wonder about the unexplainable in the world!