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The Story of the Norwegian Doom Spiral

This is the story of the Norwegian Doom Spiral:

So, a few days ago, before it hit the mainstream media, I discovered that a weird sky phenomenon had occurred in Norway. I saw this weird photo of a perfect spiral in the sky, with a blue beam coming out of it toward the ground. An attendant video showed these same things, and in addition, a hole opened in the middle of the spiral, something the photographs didn't capture. I've never seen a wormhole, but this seemed to be a great candidate for what one would look like.

"What is THAT?" I asked myself. It looked so perfect, I thought it must be a hoax, a computer generated photoshopped effort from someone getting giggles in freaking out, you know, the WORLD. After all, in the recent spate of weird meteors falling, here, one of them turned out to be a hoax. I waited a few days to report on it to see if it would be found as a fake. Hoaxes unravel quickly. The debunking hoax busters are like good jackals, ready to pry apart the most seemingly airtight case with razor-sharp intellect and a good measure of glee.

Nothing showed up on the hoax front, and the Norwegian Doom Spiral interest only grew. Witnesses came forward. Newsrooms released video. Scientists were perplexed. Whatever it was, was real.

The most obvious sky phenomena are missile and satellite events, but the Russians initially denied that it was a missile test gone wrong. Later, they said it was a failed missile test, an ICBM launched from the White Sea that failed in its third stage. And there the Norway Doom Spiral phenomenon sputtered to a stop. A few nerdy scientists continued to parse the particulars of the matter of the blue beam ("tiny sapphires") and a few alien-enthusiasts continue to await confirmation from Intergalactic headquarters...but those are the facts. The Russians' ICBM story seemed to calm the frenzy.

Or, did it?

The launch if it indeed came from the White Sea would put the missile over NATO countries, which would like, tick them off to no where's the outrage? And, the phenomenon lasted a reported 10-12 minutes and the third stage of a rocket has very little fuel in it. Third stage is when the missile is thrust into space, and uses the last of its fuel to do so. There's only a few seconds of fuel left, maybe a minute. Not the reported ten to twelve minutes as seen by eyewitnesses on the Norwegian Doom Spiral (I just love saying that!) If this Bulava is the 8th failure out of the 12 launched, why have there been no other spirals appearing after similar ICBM failures? Even remotely similar? Ever? And no explanation I have heard convinces me that a failing, wayward missile can make a perfect spiral in the sky. Perfect.

So if we do not accept the Russians' explanation that it was Bulava ICBM, or are at least suspicious of it, what, then, could it be? I can think of two possible explanations.

First, over in Geneva, miles under the Alps, lay a 17-mile circular machine, built to collide particles at incredible speeds. It is the Large Hadron Collider and its purpose is to smash particles at speeds of the Big Bang, to replicate the conditions immediately after the Bang, and measure the gasses and particles that exist therein. This is to confirm or debunk whether the Higgs-Boson particle has mass and if so, if it is the mass that hangs the universe together. The LHC has undergone numerous freak accidents upon the ramping up to the actual experiment. I've reported on these freak breakdowns here, here, and here. There were so many breakdowns at one point, the scientists thought that a time traveler was coming back to haunt the machine to prevent it from completing its mission. Hmmm.

The LHC scientists have said twice that the experiment may, just remotely may, have dire consequences. That recreating the universe's creation may have some harmful side-effects, such as initiating a massive explosion that wipes out Geneva, creating a black hole into which the earth may be sucked, or ... it may make a wormhole. Here is where it gets interesting.

"Prof Irina Aref'eva and Dr Igor Volovich, mathematical physicists at the Steklov Mathematical Institute in Moscow believe the energies generated by the subatomic collisions in the LHC may be powerful enough to rip space-time itself, spawning wormholes. A wormhole not only has the ability to take a shortcut between two positions in space, it can also take a shortcut between two positions in time."


"A top boffin at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) says that the titanic machine may possibly create or discover previously unimagined scientific phenomena, or "unknown unknowns" - for instance "an extra dimension". "Out of this door might come something, or we might send something through it," said Sergio Bertolucci, who is Director for Research and Scientific Computing at CERN, briefing reporters including the Reg at CERN HQ earlier this week."

Really really.

Scientists at the LHC had successfully collided 2 particles just a few hours before this Norway phenomena appeared. Could this Norwegian Doom Spiral and Hole have been a result of the CERN Large Hadron Collider experiment? A wormhole side-effect that several scientists have admitted could occur? I leave it to you to decide if so or if not.

Second, the spiral could simply be a birth pang precursor to the prophecy discussing the tribulation events in Luke 21:25, "There will be signs in sun and moon and stars...". If the Norway Doom Spiral wasn't a sign from God I'm glad I won't be around to see the real deal! That was one freaky light show.

As for the intriguing spiral shape...If you want to go pretty far "out there" then google search images for petroglyphs and see the many, many examples of spirals that the Native Americans carved upon rock after rock. And Europe. Spirals appear in ancient art quite frequently. One scientist says

"[T]he grandest quest of the human mind: to understand man's place within the universe. To perceive the pattern which connects man and nature ... Posing the question, "what is the pattern which connects all living creatures," is it the spiral? The spiral has appeared in ancient art since the beginning, and all over the world too. Then there is the Divine Proportion, the Logarithmic Spiral, and the Fibonacci Number sequence that all explore pattern and regularity and beauty in the gorgeous spiral. And let's not even start discussing spiral crop circles! Left, Newgrange entrance spirals

I guess we have wandered quite a bit from the original fact that a giant spiral appeared in the Norwegian sky, a blue beam shot out of it and a hole then appeared in its center. But the spiral shape itself has attracted attention and imagination since the beginning of time. Even the Tower of Babel was allegedly a spiral form. The magnificent spiral attracts us like no other shape. Is it because something in our spiritual DNA responds to its divine proportion?

There are many people, myself among them, who believe the Norwegian Doom Spiral was supernatural in origin. Whether a sign from God as promised in Luke 25, or a sign from the demons in this deceiving end time, also promised, remains speculation. The fact is, the end is near.


  1. That is a fine rationaLe, thanks.
    My theories relate to the CERN ZOO book.
    HERE if you are interested.

  2. EXCELLENT job, Elizabeth! You write with clarity, depth and wisdom, praise the giver of all those gifts!


  3. Than you Kim! And thank you for reading! I failed to mention that the trajectory from the launch sputtered further north, far further north, than the town that the spiral appeared over. It wasn't even close. I do believe there was a launch, I saw the official no-fly warnings for the projected launch area. I don't believe the spiral was part of that failed ICBM launch, though.

    And I just love spirals! The nautilus comes to mind...that one in Norway was just so pretty! But no one is talking about the blue beam nor the hole that had appeared. Freaky.

  4. Thank you weirdmonger! I like your premise on your webpage about patterns and connections.

  5. This has happened before:

    1) Dan Aykroyd describes a huge pink spiral
    that was blamed on a Chinese missile here:

    2) There are reports of at least 4 similar
    spirals (with video) that happened over China:

    Hope this info helps unveil the mistery. =)

    Miguel Alvarez

  6. thank you Miguel! Actually, the page for the Chinese video says exactly what I was saying, that the Chinese spiral generated three theories: 'the metor theory', 'the aircraft theory', and 'the flying saucer theory'" and that ultimately, no one in China knows what they are, either.

    The Dan Ackroyd clip says "Dan Aykroyd talks about his new documentary focusing on his belief that some UFOs originate from extraterrestrial intelligence." It's a given that the phenomenon originates from extraterrestrial intelligence. I believe that they do. The difference of opinion comes between atheists who think that separate life evolved off earth and the phenomena are ET's traveling here to help us; and Christians who know that these are demons coming here to delude the world into thinking that ET's are traveling here to help us.

  7. P.S. I am Christian but I do not consider my self a "Bible thumper" because I do not tend to accuse god of everything and I do not decide the meaning of the book and try to press my views on others. I simply try to figure it out for my self, Prey to lord for wisdom and I express my views. I use the word "Bible Thumper" for those who will argue heaven or hell over a small fact. Example someone who might tell me ILl go to hell for a belief that Moses him self did not part the red sea. People tend to go way to far in efforts to force belief on others and I really do not like it.. I tend to believe what sways the most evidence, solid evidence. I WILL NOT Believe written txt just because I am offered eternal life or threatened with eternal death. It takes evidence.

    What I believe from the Bible is cross referenced by the dead sea scrolls, the epic of gilgamesh. things like that. For example I believe if your IQ is greater than single digits than it should be pretty obvious to you that the epic of gilgamesh is the same story in the bible. The story from the dead sea scrolls is the same story about Jesus from the bible..

    But to consider that might imply Moses was a plagiarist so we do not dare do that because the bible says Moses wrote the story.

    Sometimes we have to forgive people for the lies we tell our self. Perhaps Moses did write his own account told to him by grampaw or perhaps we also witenessed events. Who knows but being told simply is no reason to believe. Faith is in that there is a God and Jeses was given to us over a battle for eternal life. We need only faith in Jesus the rest we can go on evidence.

    By Faith true Christians are saved so why bicker over whos a real christian?

    1. If you don't believe what is in the bible without having to have external evidence, and you dismiss the most amazing OT miracle of salvation and demonstration the power of God which is the parting of the Red Sea and the rescue of God's people, then I can solidly and solemnly agree with you that you are not a bible thumper.


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