Damascus the movie now on Youtube

You may remember last March, Joel Rosenberg's report of the opening of the Damascus movie. Rosenberg wrote" Damascus is "a major motion picture about the life of the Apostle Paul and how he came to faith in Jesus Christ on the road to Damascus was going to premiere in the Syrian capital. I also asked you to pray that God would bless the showing of the film entitled, Damascus. Let me report that your prayers have been answered. More than 1,000 Syrian political, business, and religious leaders — along with journalists — attended and there is a lot of buzz in the region about the film." Here is another report, more lengthy, also by Rosenberg.

The movie's actors are Syrians from a Muslim background. The film is spoken in Arabic, with English subtitles. The use of this Middle Eastern language, speaking the actual words recorded in the Bible, is an unusual perspective and gives a tremendous authenticity. Also authentic are the locations: they are all where Paul traveled and many of the spots are now marked or noted.

I recommend the movie, I was completely inspired. It is 9 parts on Youtube. Here is part one.


  1. Is this movie available on DVD. I would love to have a copy to show my family and church family. I live in the US. In the state of Mississippi.

  2. Hello Zenobia,

    I'm so thrilled you want to show it to your family and church family! I looked around online and cannot find a place to buy it on DVD. I looked on Amazon and on the movie's own website and google but I didn't find anything indicating it is available for purchase.

    I did find that the movie in its entirety is available to watch on Youtube. Also, I use a free program called Youtube downloader which can be used to download videos from Youtube. Perhaps if you choose to use the Youtube downloader program you can download the movie and then transfer it to DVD on your computer.

    Alternately, you could ask your pastor and perhaps he has a pastors message board or a way that churches can get a-hold of movies, much like they did when Facing the Giants came out and also Fireproof, and then showed them at churches to the congregation.

    Just some ideas. Maybe you will have more luck looking for the movie on DVD than I had... but meanwhile you can watch it yourself on Youtube and see what you think :)

    It is called "Damascus Speaks" the movie. It was released on 2009.

  3. You should be able to get it here :http://store.powertochange.org/p-15-damascus-dvd.aspx


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