Strange things in the sky

The sky and cosmos have been displaying a wonderful array of weird stuff lately. Some of the sky phenomena are unexplained and some are explained but rare or are occurring in places they don't normally. And some of these phenomena are just a supernatural mystery. First, the explainable but strange:

Light Pillars:
"Light pillars scrape the night sky over Victor, Idaho, on January 26 (2009). Typically seen in polar regions, the vertical columns of light have been appearing along with frigid temperatures at lower latitudes this winter. Light pillars appear when artificial light (shown in diagram above) or natural light bounces off the facets of flat ice crystals wafting relatively close to the ground." Note the phenomenon occurs over furthest northern latitudes but lately they are seen as far south as Idaho.

This next set did occur in Canada near Toronto but the pillars did not act as they usually do: "Did you see something strange Friday night? (January 13, 2010). A British Columbia UFO chronicler and paranormal expert is reporting eyewitness accounts of strange vertical lights in the sky over Dundas and Waterdown. The witness thought they could be "light pillars," a visual atmospheric phenomenon created by the reflection of light from ice crystals from a light source such as the sun or moon, but they are not usually seen from several viewpoints."

Hole Punch Clouds
These kind of clouds are known to meteorologists but are rare. Or, they used to be rare. Now they are being seen more frequently.

1/16/10: Strange clouds in the sky over the Palm Beaches
WEST PALM BEACH, FL--There were some strange clouds spotted over south Florida on Thursday. They looked like a line or circle just dropped out of the sky. A steady flow of viewer pictures have come into

Weird clouds:
A spate of strangely shaped clouds have been appearing worldwide. Meteorologists say they do not know what they are but insist they are a natural phenomenon. I don't understand how they know they are natural if they do not even know what they are, but that's just me. This one was spotted in Indonesia, and is part of an article noting the strange sky phenomenon lately.

UFO clouds spark possibility of alien life
"Incredible pictures of 'UFO clouds' have reignited space-lovers hopes that there is extra-terrestrial life after they hit the internet showing eerie illuminated discs in the sky which look like alien spaceships. Most of the pictures are from Indonesia but there have been similar sighting in Moscow, Romania, Florida and elsewhere in 2009."

The Moscow cloud sparked a huge amount of consternation. It hovered over the city for quite some time in October '09, snarling traffic and causing pundits of all kinds to weigh in. The opinion of meteorologists to explain this never-before-seen kind of cloud is that it was formed by sunlight bouncing off it, or planes flying through it. Uh, OK.

Hole Punch Cloud – Not UFO – Spotted over Moscow

"A rare cloud formation was spotted over Moscow this week, inciting widespread discussion of UFO sightings throughout the city – concerns which spread across the globe instantly via the internet. The British tabloid The Sun reported as a “Mystery UFO Halo” over Moscow although it was likely simply an interesting phenomenon created by planes flying through layers of thin high-altitude clouds." Note that the hole punch cloud has no hole, a consistently typical feature of this rare but known cloud. It's a stretch, but I guess it's better than admitting they simply don't know what it is.

I note these clouds because they are rare or unknown phenomena. These phenomena are occurring at an increasingly rapid pace. They do not constitute the entirety of the last 8 months' worth of strange clouds in the sky, but they are representative of a few of the noticed sightings.

Sightings are also occurring in space at an increasing pace. The secular world calls these sightings "Unidentified flying objects", or UFO's. The interesting thing about these UFO phenomena is not only that they are occurring more frequently, but at lower and lower altitudes and appearing to thousands at a time. No longer is it called in by a lone farmer in his field at dusk; no longer is it one local crackpot who also sees little green men at the Council meeting. No longer are they a rapid flash in the sky leaving humans to wonder if they even saw anything. These UFO sightings are appearing over whole cities, and hovering for hours.

Giant Pyramid UFO 'Hovers Over Moscow'
"A mysterious 'UFO' seen in the sky over Moscow has sparked speculation that the city has been visited by an alien spacecraft. The pyramid-shaped object was said to have remained for hours over the Red Square in the Russian capital."

Mystery as spiral blue light display hovers above Norway
"What's blue and white, squiggly and suddenly appears in the sky? If you know the answer, pop it on a postcard and send it to the people of Norway, where this mysterious light display baffled residents yesterday."

Was mysterious jellyfish in sky caused by space satellite reflecting Northern Lights?
"A strange jellyfish-shaped object spotted hanging in the sky over Norway, may have been caused by light from the aurora being bounced off a space satellite, experts say. If proven it will be the first known case of a satellite reflecting the Northern Lights."
credit: The mysterious phenomenon was photographed last week by amateur photographer Per-Arne Milkalsen over Andenesm, Norway.

And sometimes, authorities simply throw up their hands and say, "Er, I dunno."

Strange object filmed in the sky above Winnipeg 
"Prof. Jaymie Matthews, of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of British Columbia, said he wasn't sure exactly what was caught on camera -- but he ruled out several possibilities. "A comet that bright, that close to the Sun, visible in the twilight sky, would have been spotted by professional and amateur astronomers long before last night," he wrote in an email from Paris. "And it would have been visible to people across North America last night, and still tonight." He added that it was also definitely not a meteor, fireball or a disintegrating space debris."

Were those mysterious bulletlike objects seen in the sky off the coast of Newfoundland missiles?
"In a case that sounds like a Hollywood science-fiction movie, locals in Harbour Mille, a small town near Newfoundland's southern coast, are buzzing over the sighting of three silver or grey objects early Monday evening."

PMO says PMO says mysterious sighting off Newfoundland is not a missile sighting off Newfoundland is not a missile
"The Prime Minister Office says there is no evidence of anyone firing a rocket near Newfoundland's southern coast. "There is no indication that there was ever a rocket launch," Dimitri Soudas, a spokesman for Prime Minister Stephen Harper, said Thursday in an email. But a Liberal MP is accusing Ottawa of failing to provide answers on the mysterious sightings from earlier this week."

What's the purpose of the sky phenomena recap? Several points. First, the amount of strange sightings in the sky and space are staggering. It's not that we have better telescopes or that there are more people to spot things, but that the things that are being spotted are unexplainable. They are occurring at the time when Jesus said to watch for signs of the end. He said "there will be great earthquakes, and in various places plagues and famines; and there will be terrors and great signs from heaven." (Luke 21:11) Who can reasonably explain why a pyramid hovered above Moscow during rush hour? Who can explain the Norway Spiral? What was that jellyfish thing in space? If the Winnipeg item wasn't a fireball, meteor, comet or space junk, what was it? We do know that in the end times Jesus said, "There will be signs in sun and moon and stars, and on the earth dismay among nations, in perplexity at the roaring of the sea and the waves," (Luke 21:25). Strong's Greek dictionary defines sign in this verse as a "miracle, an indication, especially ceremonially or supernaturally -- miracle, sign, token, wonder."

Secondly it is to point out that we are in the time of great deception. Jesus said of the signs of the end of the age, first: "See to it that no one misleads you." (Mt 24:4) If Satan is the god of this age and he has been given permission to perform lying signs and wonders during the Tribulation...

2 Thes 2:9 "Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, ..."
Matthew 24:24 "For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect."

...then it stands to reason that prior to the Tribulation he would be performing deceptive signs as well during the period just prior to the Tribulation.

The third point of this essay is to encourage Christians to remain alert so that satan will not catch you unawares. Paul said "so that no advantage would be taken of us by Satan, for we are not ignorant of his schemes." Do not be ignorant of his schemes. The only sure guard against deception is truth. The only truth is God's Holy Word. Do you read, study, and pray each day? Do you wear your armor? Are you ready to see through the deception of these sky and space phenomena? They will only grow bolder and more outlandish as the tribulation draws near until the entire world is deceived, and the whole world follows after the beast (with his fake resurrection and lying signs.)

When we are called to 'look up for your redemption draws nigh" (Luke 21:28), are you able to look past the signs in the sun and the moon and the stars and see Jesus? I hope so? Keep looking but also keep praying.


  1. So what proof do you have that there are more "sky signs" now than, say 100 years ago? Keep in mind that the internet didn't exist 100 years ago, so people could have seen lots of stuff in the sky, and no one outside their town would know. Show your work.

    And remember, faith is meaningless without truth.

    1. be watchful and pray...we been worned about all this signs and wonders which one will see in heaven(sky) Nothing like alience .they are demons , please beware when u see all this happening , STAND ON HOLLY GROUND - IT MEANS READ BIBLE AS IF UR LIFE DEPEND ON IT..............

    2. OMG, they are not demons! Lol. I have been seeing many things in the sky here in florida for about 6 years now. The first one that stood out was when i was walking along a road in lake worth at night and everyone was standing outside of the restaurants, looking up at the sky. I asked someone what everyone was looking at and he just pointed to this little star. It was moving really weird, making circles and then spinning far away, making more circles, and then spinning far away. It was patterned movements, but very odd. The movements were nothing like a satellite or airplane could make. Since then, i have been paying attention to the skies and i have seen a lot of odd or unusual things. I go to the beach and will often see shooting stars, some very big with long tails and some with no tails at all, all very different with different colors, on night when there is no report of a meteor shower. I have seen the rainbow clouds that were mentioned in the article, very beautiful, and for about a month and a half, every single day there was a rainbow, either all the way across or double rainbow, or double rainbow all the way across. A lot of rainbows, very beautiful with vivid colors that i have only seen in a rainbow. They were bright enough to form a never ending pattern, here is the only photo that i could find of it, the rainbow continues on underneath with red, orange, yellow, etc.
      And i have seen the moon halo, which is ice crystals that reflect light around the moon, and the sun rainbow, which is a rainbow around the sun, and a lot of other rainbows...very beautiful. Anyway, i didn't used to see any of this and i grew up outside. I would of course see the occasional falling star, but nothing like what i have been seeing. And all of this is anything but to me, it is seen as the end of an old system and the beginning of a new, definitely not the end of the planet.

  2. What proof do you have that there aren't more sky signs than 100 years ago? And remember, "faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."

    Once a person comes to faith, THEN they understand the Truth. Here is the truth: Hebrews 11:1 /
    Ephesians 6:10-18 /
    2 Kings 6:17

    Show my work? My work is meaningless. Jesus did the work. He conquered all, including the invisible principalities of evil, the very ones who are showing themselves to the world now.

  3. When you weave religion into something, one knows you are a crackpot!

    1. But if you rule out the plan God set forth fort this earth and its people, you become a tad lower than a crackpot, you follow that guide of the master of this world, that being Satan. God is in control of all things, His plan is being revealed to the world. Look beyond your science books and see the truth

  4. People who demean religion display their ignorance. I don't believe every line that comes out of religion. But I also know science quite well, and I can say without question that many just accept interpretations from science as fact when they have no idea how to even do the science themselves to know if it's reliable or not. Crackpots are in every field of study that exists, and only a fool doesn't know that.


  5. All bible verses and self-righteousness aside, all you have to do is access "divine truth", something everyone has, use wisdom and common sense and when you "look up" ask yourself if what you see disturbs you in your innermost core or if it fills you with joy, hope, inspiration and a feeling of connection to all life... Also, if it burns you it's probably not good! And sometimes it can fill you with something you think is joy (?), but really is a kind of feverish emotion that is'nt healthy. Just be honest with yourself. You know the real answer...I'm not a Christian, but I believe in Jesus, (Joshua..Whatever), and I believe this world is susceptable to deception because of ignorance and a great need for real spiritual quidance. One more thing. There are good guys and bad guys "up there" just as there are amoung us. Robyn.

    1. Hello. I feel a kind of connection with these orbs of light. I think everyone does in their minds. Most are just closed to it. I used to look for thsee orbs and one night, looking up in the sky I see this ball of light come appear in to our realm if you will. So I flashed my high powered light at it. This light pulsed back at me with a blinding flash. I was pretty freaked out. I tell myself I should never have done that.

  6. Hi Robyn,
    Thanks for stopping by. I agree with you that the world has a "great need for real spiritual guidance" and is susceptible to deception. Where do you get your spiritual guidance? I get mine from the bible. I prefer it because it is written from the mind of God through the hand of man, and is therefore trustworthy. Any guidance I receive from man (philosophies, creeds, inner truths) I find are suspect because they change with the culture and are offered through the lens of sin.

    You mentioned "what you see disturbs you in your innermost core or if it fills you with joy, hope, inspiration and a feeling of connection to all life" but for me, God isn't a feeling...because feelings are temporary. They are deceptive. My connection to God does not depend on what I feel, but what I believe. And that belief is in Jesus, but not ONLY Jesus. Jesus died and risen, overcoming sin. My sin. If you believe in Jesus, have you asked Him to forgive your sins, and come into your life as the Lord of it, submitting to Him and His plan? Man's sinful nature rebels against that, but it is the only way to heaven. The road to hell is paved with feelings and inner truth. The road to heaven is paved with Jesus' blood, forgiveness, and mercy.

  7. Elizabeth. No need to get personal. And you've assumed a great deal. I don't have all the answers and neither do you. But we all recognise "truth", deep down because we all have inherited the "divine" spark. My FEELING is that you are hostile because I dare to believe in Jesus and NOT be a Cristian. Jesus was'nt a Christian. You want to discard feelings? What the heart says? Without feelings we'd be robots. But let's not turn this into a religious battle. What do YOU see in the sky? And what do you think of it all? Robyn.

  8. Being convicted of sin IS hostile, there is a battle for your soul at all times, whether saved or unsaved. If you do not have the Holy Spirit in you it is hostile territory in your heart and you have no divine spark, only a sin nature. If you are saved from your sins, then there is still a battle and you must put on armor and rely on the Spirit for truth. It is hostile territory all around. Romans 8:6-8 talks about what is really inside us.

    As for listening to the heart...Jeremiah 17:9 says "The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?" Do not trust your heart and the feelings that come from it. Feelings are temporary but the things of heaven will never pass away. Proverbs 28:26 He who trusts in his own heart is a fool, so yes, discard what the heart says. Discard feelings because they delude. Love is a CHOICE, it is not something you feel. I'm not saying not to feel, because we are human, but not to trust what your feelings are telling you. Trust what the Spirit tells you and what the bible says for you to do.

    I am sorry, we nave not inherited a divine spark, we inherited a sin nature and that sin nature keeps us thinking we are right with God. Paul said that himself in Acts 23:1.

    As for not being a "Christian", that is Jesus' name. We who are adopted into His family take on his name.

    What do I think of it all? I think the bible tells us we are at the last of the last days, and that He is coming to rapture His children soon and the worst period of history is about to start. I am grateful for His blessings and His mercy beyond compare. I think that moment on the cross when He died was the loneliest moment in all the universe an for all of history, because he took ON sin and even God His Father had to look away. I think the things we are seeing in the sky and the ground and everywhere in between are things ripped from the pages of the bible, coming alive now, at this time, and so we will be raptured soon. I hope to see you on the flight up:)

    1. Elizabeth, I have read your comments and have been blessed by them. Continue to explain to others about your faith in Christ Jesus....

  9. Hi we have been seeing strange things in the sky at UK,bedford and i saw a orange flame sorta star in the sky was realy strange because it was there for abit and then dispeared into the sky, and also my dad noiced a big sorta space thing in the sky so close and it came and then went so fast thats reli strange might have to buy a telescope

  10. Keep looking at the skies as our redemption draws nye!

  11. Wow, I love your website. It is very enlightening and explains the ufo phenomena very well. Like you, I believe that all of these ufo sightings (and I have seen a few too) are nothing more then a deception on the devils part to confuse and scare us out of our wits. I once seen a ufo while flying on a 777 airliner at 35,000 ft. It was cylindrical in shape, very bright, and emitted what appeared to be a corona all around it that kept changing colors from blue to orange to green. Initially, I thought that someone had discharged a garbage can from the plane. That was in 2003. Just a few weeks ago, a friend and I seen many in the sky while looking through binoculars. I mean we seen all kinds. Was really wierd. Oh by the way, please pray for me and keep truthin...God Bless!

  12. hi to the person who put in photo of jelly fish shaped in sky around 29th january 2010. in andenesm norway.named Per-arne milkalsen.if you could look up on the internet of a man named Ian xel lunggold on his videos he has them same jelly fish shaped sights while his doing a lecture on mayen 2011 2012 i stoped the video an there was three 3 of them darting at him on the film sort of an orb an with the authorities that you mentioned..ER they dono

  13. last night on christmas eve i seen a bright light in human shape and it looked like it hit the cross on the church what does this mean

  14. It means you should probably lay off the egg nog.

  15. Yeah we are being warned =)

  16. I believe with all my heart we are living in the final days,wars,disease,natural disasters,and strange sighns in the sky all things that were said to be happeneing in the end.If you dont know jesus you better get to know him because This world will not be here much longer

  17. in the sky i saw clouds saying soom

  18. soon

  19. As usual. As expected. It's the language of threat: "If you dont know jesus you better get to know him because...", the vocabulary of fear, the repeated use of "sin", "sinful nature" "Jesus died so that... ", "jesus' blood...", "satan" this, "satan" that, a "battle" for souls requiring "armor", it's frequent incoherent non-grammar ("I once seen a ufo... ") and juvenile babbling ("i saw a orange flame sorta star in the sky was realy strange...") but not once, not ONCE do i see the word "love". The metaphors are military, the insistence on the "blood" of a messiah as a prerequisite for "salvation", all confirm what many of us have known for a long time - that christianity is a primitive blood-cult, that christians draw their imagery from the Levitical Old Testament, ignoring the insistence by their "Lord" that the only 2 commandments of any importance weere to "love God" (there's that pesky "love" word again) and to "love your neighbor as yourself" (and again. Seems that JC had a thing about love). Love seems to be something that eludes christians, who are walking around staring hopefully at the sky, utterly obsessed with your own "salvation", which is basically a cultist's code for "we are superior", which itself is the cry throughout the ages of people who feel marginalized and abandoned. And the fail-safe argument for christians is that those of us who walked away from religion (people like me, raised in an evangelical home, and who watched my own mother die in great mental and physical distress because she chose to imagine Jesus had "cured" her rather than trusting the ministrations of medicine), those of us who had a bellyful of christianity and want no more of it, are designated as "not saved" by christianists. You guys always end up justifying your mindset by declaring it "inner truth", then turning around and saying that no, it's somehow an objective truth, because - and here's the kicker - the bible says so. Christians commit intelleectual suicide on a daily basis. The sad fact is that you are wasting your time looking for "signs" of the "end times". The world is not ending, and although it may well be experiencing geological and meteorological change as well as geopolitical shifts, the planet will still be here two thousand years from now, still with human beings feeling and thinking much the way we have ever since we emerged from our caves. And there still will be people wandering around staring at the sky, wondering why they have been abandoned by their sky-god (clue: it's because there isn't one).

    1. Hi iain,

      I am very sorry you watched your mother die. Was she part of the cult that does not believe in going to doctors? It is not a Christian religion, that one. I'm sorry her refusal cost you so much...please don't let her agonizing death deter you from thinking about your own position before Jesus and our sins that prevent us from getting to heaven. Jesus died so you don't have to be separate from Him.

      Of course, the language is military. Ever since the Fall in the garden, we have been enemies of God. We are in a battle against satan. We wear armor. Jesus will come back with armies and win the battle by killing all the combatants.

      If we repent, we become His beloved children. If we do not repent, we are His enemy. That is why the military language. ANd it is not a threat, but a promise. If you accept Jesus he will take you under His wings and love you and cherish you. If you reject Him then He will graciously allow you to remain apart from Him as you had wished.

      The times are coming to a close, please consider Jesus as your solution to your anger, hurt, and the pathway to your eternal destiny with Him in glory forever. You need to repent of your sins, but when you do, Jesus will not hesitate to say "Come, iain, come and let me comfort you..."

  20. As of now, this was posted three years ago... so WHEN is "the end?"

    I could use the rest.

  21. We all could use the rest. Three years? Life is but a vapor and 3 years but a nanosecond.

    'When,' you ask? “Children, it is the last hour,” 1 John 2:18. The point is, we wait in perpetual vigilance for His soon coming. This 30 min sermon will help you:

    It is called The Believer's gift to Christ (and that gift to Him is our expectation of His coming). It is not so much about OUR rest, but HIS coming.

  22. Wow. This thread is awesome. Elizabeth, very impressive. I enjoyed watching your faith...or reading it at least. When? No one knows but the Father. Jesus doesn't even know when He will be sent back to us. Elizabeth, one thing I have learned recently is not to try to argue Jesus to non believers...they hold tightly to their beliefs out of fear, as a first time climber doesn't want to trust a harness and grips their rope for dear life. You cannot intellectualize God...that is like an ant trying to analyze a human. Since the fall, pride has been the main hinderance of the thinker. Experience, not knowledge, is all that will free those shackled by a spirit of error. For me, it was a 14 year struggle with addiction. For some it is a childhood rife with religious travesty...but it is a process in which we cannot judge an atheist. The debate only fuels their anger and fear...stoking the pride and feeding the flame of the intellect.

  23. From
    Question: "What evidence is there of a spiritual realm?"

    Answer: The Bible teaches the existence of an immaterial, spiritual reality, unseen by human eyes. The physical reality is evident for all to see—although some doubt the existence of a material universe, too! The Bible says that the spiritual realm consists of both good—God and the holy angels—and evil—the devil and his demons. Demons are most likely fallen angels who rebelled against God and were thrown out of heaven (see Ezekiel 28:11–17; Isaiah 14:12–15; Revelation 12:7–9). The Bible also teaches that humans were created by God in His image, which means we have a spiritual component (Genesis 1:27). We are more than physical entities; we possess a soul/spirit destined for eternity. Even though the spiritual realm is invisible to the physical eye, we are connected to it, and what goes on in the spiritual realm directly affects our physical world.

    In our culture, the most commonly accepted form of evidence for proving the existence of something is empirical evidence, which involves using the scientific method of observation and experimentation. Is there empirical evidence for a spiritual realm? It doesn’t take much research before one realizes there is “evidence” both for and against the existence of a spiritual realm. It comes down to which studies one wants to believe.

    The best, and most prevalent, evidence available proving that there is a spiritual realm is testimonial evidence. We can look at the sheer number of religions around the world and the billions of people who focus their lives on the spiritual realm. Is it likely that so many people would report encounters with the spiritual and it not be real?

    The best testimonial evidence for a spiritual realm is the Bible itself. Historians, both Christian and non-Christian, agree that the historical authenticity of the Bible is strong. Jesus claimed to be God’s Son, the One who came down from heaven. He made this fact quite clear: “You are from below; I am from above. You are of this world; I am not of this world” (John 8:23). The Bible recounts numerous encounters that people had with the spiritual realm. Jesus cast demons out of people regularly, healed the sick by speaking to them, miraculously fed thousands of people, and spoke with people who should be dead: Moses and Elijah (Matthew 17:1–3). These are all indicators that the spiritual realm is real.

    Recommended Resources: Victory in Spiritual Warfare by Tony Evans

  24. Be very careful of the words you used. Use them wisely!


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