The thrill is gone

On Drudge this week:

The "Thrill is gone" is a reference to a very famous BB King blues song of the same name. The reference would be immediately identifiable to anyone with a cultural antennae tuned to the Blues direction, and the moment I saw it, I laughed. Some lyrics:

The thrill is gone
The thrill is gone away
The thrill is gone baby
The thrill is gone away
You know you done me wrong baby
And you'll be sorry someday

You know I'm free, free now baby
I'm free from your spell
I'm free, free now
I'm free from your spell
And now that it's over
All I can do is wish you well

The reference was on Drudge a few days ago but the Spirit has been moving in me until this thought coalesced. Most Americans who voted for Obama certainly were under a spell. The facts did not add up, yet they were ignored. Secular man went ahead, always thinking he knows better. 'This is the moment!' 'This is the answer!' 'This is the solution!' Warning signals were ignored.

However the law of diminishing returns always holds true and the fall of Obama was swift and just as hard as the heights had been soft. Now, here is the moral, the prophetic truth. Will Obama serve as an object warning that the answer is not in man, the answer is not in words, the answer is not in politics, the answer is not in lofty nothingness that will not sustain truth? No.

Will man seek after the next one who claims to have an answer? Who has lofty words and a spellbinding solution? Yes. We know history in advance and we know soon be "the whole earth was amazed and followed after the beast;" (Rev 13:3); we know "He shall wax exceeding great," (Dan 8:9); we know "shall he corrupt by flatteries:" (Dan 11:32a)

The sin nature of man cannot help but seek after thrill after thrill in the wrong place...and so if Obama's thrill is is gone. Until the next thrill comes along. And that thrill will be the last. For he will be the Antichrist.