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There's a global love affair with Hitler, can Antichrist be far behind?

The Tribulation's second half is a period of intense persecution of Jews (and of Christians). Jesus Himself said that it was a time of persecution that never has been and never will be again. It is hard to imagine what could be worse than the Jewish Holocaust of WWII.

There are still people alive today who bear the Nazi concentration camp number tattooed on their arm, and will tell you that was a period of intense persecution. Any student of history will remember textbook photographs of emaciated internees lying in bunks, too weak to even arise and celebrate Allied deliverance. No one can forget the horrible and cruel tortures and ways the Nazis invented for the Jews to die. Millions of millions were herded into cattle cars and were killed. The cry "Never again!" is the motto of the Jewish Defense League. The Great Tribulation will make that time of Holocaust look like a picnic.

The great Tribulation will be worse than THIS!

The bible tells us that in the end time Israel will be alone. She will have no friends and all will be her enemy. The bible says ALL. (Zech 12:3; Zech 14:2). Her land will have been divided (Joel 3:2). The nation of Israel will have withstood many indignities but soon, real killing persecution is going to be upon them. And Jesus says when they see it coming, RUN.

We see the advance to that time now. Israel is globally condemned for protecting herself. She is pressured to concede land. She is haughtily ordered to allow or not allow apartment complex construction here or there, within their own borders. Helen Thomas was only one of the many who believe the Jews should "go back to where they came from: Germany and Poland" where they were killed by the millions not so coincidentally.

Coinciding with AntiSemitism, is the rise in Nazism worldwide. Yes. Hitler's back, and he's back by invitation. These are but a few of the articles I found published within the last week:

London: Pair jailed over racist messages
Two white supremacists have been jailed after being convicted of posting violent and vicious racist messages on the internet. Michael Heaton, 42, and Trevor Hannington, 58, described Jews as "scum" and called for them to be "destroyed". The "proud neo-Nazis" were unanimously cleared of soliciting murder at Liverpool Crown Court but Heaton was jailed on Friday for 30 months after being convicted of four counts of using threatening, abusive or insulting words likely to stir up racial hatred.

Pakistan: The F├╝hrer Cult: Germans Cringe at Hitler's Popularity
Germans are popular in India and Pakistan, but not always for the right reasons. Many in South Asia have nothing but admiration for Adolf Hitler and still associate Germany with the Third Reich. Everyday encounters with the love of all things Nazi makes German visitors cringe.

Latvia: Parade celebrates Nazi invasion
A parade to commemorate the day Nazi troops marched into Latvia during World War II is set to proceed on Thursday after a court on Tuesday overturned an earlier ban on the event. Latvian Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis and Foreign Minister Aivars Ronis said Wednesday in a joint statement that they were "puzzled and upset" by the decision of the district court, which reversed a ban on the event imposed by Riga city council. Nazi-hunter Efraim Zuroff of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Jerusalem called for "saner minds" to prevail. "To celebrate the anniversary of the Nazi invasion is to celebrate the mass murder of all those victimized by the Nazis in Latvia - primarily Jews, but also communists, Gypsies and the mentally ill," Zuroff said in a statement.

UK: Man jailed for Hitler ringtone
The man had programmed his Nokia telephone to play a speech in which the Nazi leader pledged the "destruction of world Jewry" if Germany was "dragged" into war, according to a story in the Daily Telegraph.

Hitler film exposes India's interest in dictator
Here, Hitler is not viewed as the personification of evil, but with an attitude of morally ambiguous fascination. He is seen as a management guru — akin to Machiavelli or Sun Tzu — by business students, and an object of wonder by people craving order amid the chaos of India.

The last sentence captures it. Hitler is an object of wonder by people craving order amid chaos. And things are not even chaotic now, like they will be when the conditions are set that will allow for Antichrist's rise. If Antiochus IV Epiphanes was an antichrist-type, if Emperor Nero was an antichrist-type, if Hitler was an antichrist-type, then the real Antichrist will arise and become an object of wonder to those who will be (by then) desperate to make order of the global chaos. The world will cling to his flatteries and promises. They will trust him to bring order to a chaotic world.

The world will have undergone earthquakes, famines, signs in the sun, moon, and stars. They will have endured at least three wars in rapid succession, and possibly more. They will be struck with terror at the loss of millions who had suddenly vanished in the blink of an eye: including their children. This loss likely will have caused a global economic meltdown, which is underway now but cannot survive the loss of millions in the workplace or the economy and will topple world economic regimes. The globe will be in chaos. The nations will crave peace and calm. This current longing for Hitler will increase into an insane clamor for someone, anyone, who can bring order among the chaos. Antichrist will promise it. They will love him for it. And they will be deceived.