Word of the Week: Transcendence

Lightning strikes twice, twice

A few days ago I published another installment of a series called "The Language of God" and the piece was about lightning. Lightning struck the Touchdown Jesus and set it catastrophically ablaze, if you remember. Also, I'd included a poignant story about a couple that was struck by lighting atop a mountain. The man survived, his love did not. The entry went on to describe biblical references to and instances of lighting, as part of the vocabulary God uses to make His presence known.

I do not want to make too much of this, but it is curious. The Telegraph UK published this story today:

The moment lightning struck twice in the same place at the same time: Stunning images as storm breaks over Chicago
This is the extraordinary moment a photographer captured bolts of lightning striking not one, but two Chicago landmarks at the same time. Electricity rushed down the lightning rods atop the The Willis Tower and the Trump Tower at the exact same instant last night. Seen through the rain from the Hancock Tower, the strikes lit up the sky around.
Bolt from the blue: Seen from the Hancock Tower, lighting strikes both the Willis Tower, right, and the Trump Tower in downtown Chicago as a severe storm rolls through the region last night
They came as severe storms rolled through the Windy City last night. There were tornado warnings as winds gusted to up to 80mph, and flooding closed some major roads. The Department of Streets and Sanitation said 450 'tree emergencies' had been reported - but fortunately there were no injuries. The storms grounded flights at O'Hare International Airport for nearly an hour. The Willis Tower, formerly the Sears Tower, is the city's tallest building at 108 stories and 1,451 feet. It was built in 1973

HT to Kimberly for the heads up.

I really hope this isn't photoshopped. Then again, maybe I do... Amazingly, despite over 450 lightning strikes, no one was injured. Praise God for that. After all, "He fills His hands with lightning bolts and directs them to their mark." (Job 36:32)