John Bolton on Iran, movie IRANIUM

One of the most famous prophecies in the bible, after the antichrist's rising, is the Gog-Magog Battle. This is described in Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39. A coalition of nations with Iran at the center, attack Israel in the last days. The coalition is comprised of Russia, Iran, Turkey, Armenia, northern African nations like Sudan, Ethiopia, Libya, and some Isles unnamed. They powerfully attack Israel and Israel is on the verge of losing when God Himself intervenes in a visible and demonstrable way. He strikes the enemy bows from their hands and they fall. He sends a madness to the troops who immediately begin fighting each other. He sends several of His signature vocabulary in the form of earthquakes and hail. All the nations know He is the LORD. It is this act that brings Israel back into covenant relationship with Him, and is the moment that the Time of Jacob's Trouble begins. We will have been raptured by the end of the Gog-Magog battle, since the Time of Jacob's Trouble and the Church Age are separate. (Rom 11:25; Acts 15:14-17).

Iran (Persia) figures very prominently into the end time and Tribulation scene. That all eyes are on Israel now and also Iran, the tension in the Middle East being almost unbearable, and the prophesied war that will come, is bringing us to a moment that very soon will erupt into an endless conflagration the world will never have seen, and lo, never will again.

Here is Former Ambassador Bolton interviewed about the Iranian nuclear threat for the upcoming movie Iranium.

IRANIUM: 2 minute trailer