A well blew out in Louisiana, it's raining oil

I've noticed that there have been a spate of sinkholes (China, Guatemala and elsewhere), cracks in the earth (Mexico), and pipeline and well explosions (USA). I've discussed before that since we know the earth will crack up at the end of time, (Isaiah 18b-20) and then the LORD remakes the earth, that at some point those devastating earth changes will begin as low-grade birth pangs. We also know that during the Tribulation many geologic events occur, from 100 lb hailstones flattening everything, mountains melting away, rivers drying up, etc. So backing up one more step, from the Millennium, back to the Tribulation, and then back tot he end time just before the Trib, what events could be occurring that are a precursor to the more major earth-changes? Sinkholes, cracks, and blown wells.

Well, another well blew today. An eyewitness on CNN posted that a well in Louisiana blew, spewing oil 300 feet into the air, and the sou,d could be heard for three miles. Locals are being evacuated now.