Word of the Week: Omniscience

Give me a couple of days...

Hi folks! Thank you readers for your interest! I feel bad not not to have done an entry in two days. I have so much of end time interest queued up on a range of fabulous subjects! I am simply busting at the seams. But I started a second job Wednesday and I now work 11 hour days. I'll have time at night to write for the blog, but it will take me a couple of days to acclimate to my new routine and the additional work hours. I also have bronchitis.

It generally takes me several hours of prayer and writing and editing to get the entries the way they need to be. And it's not the time it takes, but the deep thought. After 11 hours with five year olds, I am wiped out physically and mentally! LOL. I'll need a short while to adjust. Only a couple of days though! There's too much happening to wait more than that. Look for some new entries this weekend!

Praise the Lord He found me work in this economy, and GOOD work too. He provides. Anybody in dire straits now economically, just hang on! Pray, fast, and repent so that you can clear your spiritual plate and tune in to what He may be telling you. Listen. Then, wait. He WILL provide!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hi Elizabeth:

    God bless you so much. I look forward to your posts everyday and just want to say take the time you need...I admire anyone who can work 11 hours a day, let alone with little ones, it is very hard to keep up with them, ha ha :). They will be a blessing to you as well I am sure. :) I just want to thank you for your faithfulness in your ministry on this blog to share not only your heart but the Word of the Lord and the call to everyone to get ready for His coming. Thank you so much for your hard work in all these areas and I know you will blessed by the Lord so much for this and your work with the little ones. I look forward to your new posts to come and again, God Bless You!! Amen!

  2. I have just found your blog and have appreciated your words. Thank you so much. I anxiously await your next post.

  3. Elizabeth, Take the time you need to destress. After having my science/creation blog for years, I quit due to being overwhelmed by work, family as well as arguing with idiots:0) I hope you will have time to pray about that second job. As we discused before, work or the "rat race" can become a distraction from what is really important. This ministry for example.
    Hope you get feeling better. Here...Have some hot sassafrass tea on me. :0) Bless ya


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