Our President: The Demon

Rush Limbaugh, noted conservative, made a comment yesterday about our Liberal president. His comment has everyone up in arms. Now, this is nothing new. Rush is always saying something about the Democrats and the people are always up in arms about what he says.

However, I happen to completely agree with what Rush said, and moreover, I said it six months ago. It is a bold and unusual opinion, but nonetheless....Here is what Rush said: Obama looks demonic in recent photos.

"These pictures, they look demonic. And I don't say this lightly," Limbaugh said as he opened his program. "There are a couple pictures, and the eyes, I'm not saying anything here, but just look," he remarked about the president who has been campaigning for the re-election of fellow Democrats. An American president has never had facial expressions like this," Limbaugh said. "At least we've never seen photos of an American president with facial expressions like this."

Here are some of those photos:

I agree that those are curious expressions, particularly from one who knows he will be photographed and has perfected the politician's art of the pasted-on smile.

Others instantly began making fun of Rush's observation. Andrew Sullivan used this headline: Obama Is Now Satan. Going with the flow, Rush pushed the envelope, goading the Dems with this headline: Helpless Liberals Watch as Obama Switches from Messiah to Demon

I do think it is interesting that the world saw Obama as a type of savior only two years ago and now see him as a kind of demon. The nomenclature is unusual, never having been assigned this solidly to a politician, but nevertheless is appropriate to these end of days. The spiritual battle is almost visible now. Dems are deserting him in droves, and Conservatives are lining up at the polls prepared to vote the bums all out. How hard and how fast they fall.

But this story is more than political. We haven't seen anything like the heights Obama brought his faithful to in the modern era, if ever. And we have never seen as fast a fall like this either. From the beginning, Obama's candidacy brought out those who insisted that he was the antichrist. The reaction of the world certainly seemed to indicate a supernatural response. Remember all those women fainting at his mere presence? The thrill running up Chris Matthews' leg? Millions clamoring to obtain a ticket to one of his speeches? At the lack of substance in the speech but the judgment that they were soaring and above all others for all time? Who could come out of nowhere, evoke a response like Obama did and make the world fall in love with him? The antichrist is predicted to engage the world in exactly the same way.

Though the Bible clearly says that the antichrist will not be revealed until the Tribulation, many saw the dots connecting and began wondering aloud. Believers have spiritual insight, knowing first that in the end of days deceivers will come (1 Tim 4:1), and we also know we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places, (Ephesians 6:12), then we know it is not out of the realm of possibility that Obama may be supernaturally connected with satan.

How could he be, you ask, being flesh and blood? Well, two ways. The angels do incarnate and walk on the earth as humans. There is nothing in the bible saying that the fallen angels don't also do that. As a matter of fact, there is a huge possibility that they do, since one-third of a multitude of the angels fell with satan, and since Hebrews 13:2 says that we entertain angels unawares. The bible records some angels staying on the earth overnight, for lengths of time, and eating with humans and appearing as men.

Another possibility is that he is a nephilim, one of the hybrids of fallen angel-human species that Genesis 6 describes as being an evil scourge upon the pre-flood world. Jesus said that the time before the end would be like the Days of Noah, when the events of Gen 6 were occurring.

I wrote about the Obama Evil Eye in June of last year, noting that he had a strange facial expression and unusually fierce laser-eyes at times. At that time I made the supernatural connection.

Beware the Obama Evil Eye
Drudge put this up this morning. Maybe he is half kidding. I am not. It IS an evil eye. Since Obama came on the scene so suddenly in 2007, many think, or are at least asking, "Is Obama the antichrist?" My opinion is that he is not, but that he IS a type, or a precursor, to the real deal who will soon be upon us. It is my opinion that he is a nephilim, as described in Genesis 6:4 and whom the bible tells us are on the earth after the flood. Read up on the nephilim, and if you are a bible believer you will see that it is clear that they are real and among us. My firm opinion is that Obama is one, or a fallen angel directly, and not a hybrid nephilim, but in any case, demonic. I believe he was sent by satan to prepare the way for the Antichrist's rise and to do satan's work meanwhile. Maybe I will do a blog entry someday on why I think this. Suffice to say, at the very least, one should wonder about his meteoric ascension in American politics, and the paths that he is taking us down since inauguration. And then there's that eye...Here is Drudge's take on it-


Tue Jun 30 2009 07:43:56 ET
"As the summer begins, White House watchers have spotted a new look by President Obama: The Evil Eye!
Staffers have joked about the menacing glance, which comes when the president meets with world leaders who are not aligned with his progressive view. White House photographers have captured the "evil eye" in recent weeks, during sessions with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Colombia's Alvaro Uribev.
Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi got hit with the commander's malocchio last week in the Oval office.
And at least one White House reporter has been on the receiving end of the daggers during a press conference. Developing..."

And now we have Rush musing aloud on the possibility of a demonic connection as well.

Well, that was then. It is more obvious now. Like a snake shedding its skin, we are seeing more of the real Obama. I think it is crystal clear that the facial expressions Rush is seeing (and many others) are not of human origin. I know that many will mock this stance, but that is my opinion and I have held it since 2007, and I still stick to it. Obama is a demon, sent by satan, and the world fell for him. The world will fall even harder for the antichrist soon to come, unless you are saved by grace and blood f Jesus Christ. The scales will fall from your eyes and you will not be deceived.The only safety in these dangerous spiritual times is JESUS.


  1. Those ARE scary, here's another:


  2. yes! THAT'S the one I was looking for and couldn't find. Thanks!!

  3. He looks crazy in that photo link posted above. I do also believe he may very well be a nephilim or fallen angel, even though at some instances our minds don't want to think this really could be, but satan is just that bold so it may very well be. Also, Elizabeth, please, if the Lord allows, do a piece on your futher musings in regard to this, as I would be very interested in reading more of the information you collect. Thanks again for all the hard work you do to bring us important information like this. God bless, Amen!

    1. I know that the scriptures tell us that the Antichrist will be revealed before Yeshua returns. Although, I do wonder if this revealing will be sudden or if it will occur over time. Something akin to a burlesque show.
      I can't stand to hear Obama's voice. If he is on the TV I have to change the channel. Personally, I believe that Obama could be a nephilim or even possessed by Satan himself.

    2. Hi Denise,

      I think the scriptures indicate - though they don't state, the AC will be revealed suddenly. If he wont be revealed until after the church is taken out of the way, and the tribulation is only 7 years, it seems he'd have to come on the scene quickly to accomplish all that the scriptures say he will within that short time frame.

      I agree with you about him being a nephilim. I think he is, too.

  4. You're welcome Elizabeth! I saw that picture on the news headlines in my email..yikes, what a way to start the day:)

  5. It is very interesting to me that the nephilim are coming up more and more in conversations in Biblical prophecy groups these days. It's such an overlooked reference in the Bible, I have been doing some studying on it lately and I definitely agree the situation should be watched carefully by all believers.


  6. I agree with you, Elizabeth. I feel that the time is near when "you" (we) will be prosecuted (persecuted) for expressing opinions on things like this (and so will Rush Limbaugh), but seriously, this man has some scarey facial expressions.

  7. all of our presidents are related so if he is a nephilim, so was bush, clinton, etc...I don't trust any of them any more than I trust Obama. I don't trust any governments in the world. If I wasn't a christian, I'd be an anarchist, seriously!

    Anyway, some people who aren't christians (and some who are) believe that many politicians and those in power are inhabited by reptilians...i've seen videos where a politicians' eyes changes or their faces shift...it's very scary...at the end of the day our God knows and sees all. That's why he said we should not rely on our own understanding because we could never even GUESS everything that's really going on behind the scenes.

  8. Look up the article on the web called, Fallen Watchers, it will blow your mind, we are in for literal hell.

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      I agree that since the Fall earth has been satan's territory (Gen 3; 2 Cor 4:4). One reason for the flood was the influence of the fallen angels upon man and the angels' mingling with us thru procreation. (Genesis 6). We know from other verses that they influence kings (prince of Persia, prince of Greece, Prince of Tyre, Gog are really names for the demonic forces against kings and leaders). We know that in the Tribulation, the abyss will be opened and a flood of demons who have been incarcerated there since the flood will be lot out to harass mankind in a literal hell on earth.

      The answer is Jesus. Under His wings we are protected, made new, and the Spirit helps us resist the devil and his evil ministers of light, and we will be raptured before the hell on earth really begins.


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