Island appears overnight in Pakistan, it's seismic

Island of mud appears near Hingol, shows seismicity

PFF spokesman, Sami Memon told that the fishermen of Ibrahim Hyderi area described the occurrence after returning from Hingol. Fishermen observed white, slippery hot sand erupting from water,  three km away from the beach. Before the upsurge of sludge, fishermen also observed high tides near the coast and several boats were trapped due to the emergence of the island. Memon told that the island is 98 feet beneath the water and 196 feet above the sea level which is a total of 295 feet in height. According to Memon, the fishermen also registered another island 12 years back which plunged into the sea after four months. However, the amateur video of the event clearly showed eruption of white hot liquid sludge on top of the island which is still ongoing. Speaking to, Director of Geolabs at Geological Survey of Pakistan (GSP), Asif Nazeer Rana said the area holds three tectonic plates – namely Eurasian, Arabian and Indian plates which are responsible for high seismic activity due to subduction in the Makran area. Rana said that the Chaman Transverse Fault could also be responsible for the sudden rise of the island at Hingol because the fault is extremely active, moving at a rate of four centimeter yearly. The Chaman Fault is the only physical feature of Pakistan which can be seen from space and it was responsible for the horrifying earthquake of 31 May, 1935 in Quetta. Over 30,000 people died in the quake. Rana said that an earthquake of 4.1 magnitude on the Richter scale was also recorded recently in the Chiltan area due to activity of the Chaman Fault and the series of these events need serious attention. –"

This happened before. An island appearing overnight, that is. "New Volcano appears, Wasn't there days ago."