Seeking His face as the solace for turbulent times

Missile over CA & Canada, something over NY; EMP, and QE2 infuriates China

There is so much to talk about these days, I have started at least four blog entries this morning and am at wit's end with the volume of information coming at me that bespeaks imminent disaster, rapture, and spiritual upheaval. It is as if I live with a thousand clarion bells ringing all the time and cannot remove myself from the din.

On Andrew Breitbart's site, an excellent essay by conservative columnist and military security analyst Frank Gaffney discusses the very real possibility that the west coast missile launch (which was NOT one of ours) was a test launch for a possible EMP strike. Here is his essay. Gaffney was one of the first to bring attention to the devastating effects of an electro-magnetic pulse detonated above our nation's heartland. He is part of the Center for Security Policy and their explanatory video titled "A Terrorist's Dream" is below.

Interestingly, the scenario posited in the video where a nuke is launched from a freighter anchored near shore or on one of our rivers is one that Joel C. Rosenberg wrote about in his book Dead Heat.  If you know Rosenberg's books you know that most of the scenarios he has written about have come true.

The threats to Americans are coming from any and all fronts, including the front that is above us. But the threats to America are not the only threats. The entire globe is at risk; spiritually, militarily, physically, and economically. The latest economic news is dire. The Federal Reserve's decision to flood the world with more fiat dollars has angered the world, most of all our biggest debt-holder, China. Their contention is that printing more money aids the US (in the short run only, because the United States' bankruptcy is a mathematical certainty) but is an aggressive act that will directly harm the rest of the world's economies. Not only that, but many believe we are in a war at this moment: a currency war, trade war, that will only worsen and likely spill over to a military war. China has been demonstrating maritime aggression against Japan for many months. They have been aggressive on the high seas toward the US for many months. The Telegraph UK wrote today, "The rest of the world goes West when America prints more money" with the unusually stark words, "America is now isolated and the rest of the world is furious." Hal Lindsey's report out today has a good explanation of Quantitative Easing2, and at the end of the short clip, he entreats with fervor to come to the Lord. All the pieces are in place, and our departure could be imminent, he pleads to unbelievers.

In the Singapore News "Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has said that the US-China currency issue will not amount to a war but frictions can be expected. He was addressing business executives on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Yokohama where leaders from 21 APEC economies meet to free up trade among members." Just the fact that they are dismissing the likelihood of war is cause for concern. If there was no chance of war then why take the time to defensively dismiss the possibility?

The unknown missile last week launched 35 miles off our western coast of California was not a contrail, for heaven's sakes. Any thinking person with eyeballs in their head could see that. The unnerving thing about that incident was that the Pentagon was silent about who may have done it, unless, of course, the incident took them completely by surprise.

It seems that another missile/UFO/contrail/optical illusion took New Yorkers by surprise this week too. A bright and fast-moving light can be seen just to the right of the Empire State Building at sunset. The astronomer they contacted said it was a contrail. And the wrap-up to the reporter's story was that "the aliens are apparently not coming." In the segue, the reporters mentioned the CA missile was stated to be a contrail as well, and the other reporter said outright that she didn't buy that explanation. LOL.

Did you know that Canada had their own missile scare earlier this year? The exact same thing happened as in California. CTV received photos from eyewitnesses, who contacted "an unnamed top astronomer" who in turn said it was a contrail.

"It all began around 5 p.m. Monday when Darlene Stewart of Harbour Mille, N.L., was outside snapping photos of a sunset, when she saw a long, thin glimmering object in the sky that appeared as if it came out of water. The photos she took show a thin object shooting into the air, with a tail of fire and smoke."

Yeah. It's a contrail. They're all contrails.

The population of the globe is at risk militarily and economically, that much we know. We also know the risks of physical danger. Earthquake activity is up, volcanic activity is up, and also crime is up. In New York City's Central Park, crime is spiking upward 52% in this year's first 7 months as compared to 2009. In addition, the city is currently on track for a double-digit increase in the murder rate this year, according to the latest crime statistics. Homicides totaled 464 through Thursday, up 16 percent from the 400 reported at this time last year, and only seven less than the total from 2009. North of NY, "crime on Metro-North Railroad trains and at stations has jumped 40 percent over last year, but the railroad said that increase follows a drop in felonies last year. Neither year saw any murders or rapes, but robberies were up 78 percent and grand larcenies 47 percent through October, according to statistics released Friday. He said rail officials had not determined any particular reason for this year's spike."

And it is not just the big cities. Property theft has spiked in the rural areas of my location. Anecdotally, two years ago a colleague reported a daytime break-in and we were completely shocked. Nowadays, it seems as though there is one person a week reporting a property theft, break-in, or car pilfering.

We are also spiritually at risk. Left unbelieving, all people are at risk for believing the lie that will fool the whole world. The antichrist is coming and his false religion will pervade it, sending many who accept it to their eternal doom. With all the risks these days, why not accept the only sure thing there is? JESUS. He is forever, His Word is forever. Joy in Him is forever.