New volcano appears, wasn't there days ago

East of the Indonesian island Java, in the sea between Java and Bali, a new island has risen from nothing within a few days. It is probably of volcanic origin. The location is not so very far from Tambora.
 So west of Java the Anak Krakatoa is active, in the middle of Java the Merapi is very active and east of Java a new island has appeared in the sea, which wasn't there a few days ago. Fears of a coming mega-eruption is real.

The article is not in English. Below is abbreviated translation:

3 Nov 10 - Mounds that resembles a pile of rocks called the children of the mountain, is reported to arise in marine waters in the district of Jembrana, Bali. Some fisherman from the village of Pengambengan, Jembrana, Wednesday (11/03/2010) mentions, it appears the mysterious coral mound in the middle of the sea that separates the island of Java and Bali. Local citizens worry that the mysterious mound is the peak of the volcano, because the mound - which covers about one hectare - was conical shape like the top of the mountain. Although until now the mound did not show as well as volcanic activity, but a number of residents admitted misgivings sesuhungan now pretty much a disaster. "Some people say, if it erupts Takat Deken, could deplete this Pengambengan," said Saihu. Although many people who suspect that Takat Deken is a volcano, Saihu own claim to not fully believe it."
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That doesn't look like just a pile of rocks to me!