Slouching toward Gomorrah: Palestinian state now recognized by 13 nations

I've been writing about a troubling notion taking root in the discussions revolving around the Middle East morass known as "peace talks." In July 2009, then- EU top diplomat Javier Solana cut through all the hyperbole with a simple but devastating statement. Solana-

"called for the United Nations Security Council to recognize a Palestinian State and the two-State solution by a certain deadline even if Israel and others did not. After a fixed deadline, a United Nations Security Council resolution should proclaim the adoption of the two-State solution."

Since then, Obama has picked up the banner of "just declare it." A few months after Solana's proposition to the UN in October 2009, The Asia Times reported in April 2010, "Obama imposing a Palestinian state." It was reported: "US President Barack Obama's demands during his meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last Tuesday point to an intention to impose permanent settlement on Israel and the Palestinians in less than two years," the Israeli daily, Ha'aretz, wrote on Monday. We may draw a similar conclusion from analyses such as the one by Tony Karon in Asia Times Online."

How about that. Just do it. After all, the European powers created an Israeli state by unilateral decision, so why not do the same for "Palestine"? Never mind the fact that initially the Israeli state contained land that was taken away to be given to the original Palestinian state: Jordan. THAT was supposed to satisfy the peoples calling themselves Palestinians as described in the Balfour Declaration. Jordan IS the Palestinian State. How soon they forget. Since 1917, more land has been taken away from Israel on the false basis that the Palestinians must have their state. Over time, Israel has given the Arabs Sinai Peninsula, Gaza Strip, the southern zone of Lebanon, and partial control of West Bank. The Arabs always ask for more. And it appears that Solana's dastardly idea may soon come to pass and Israel will be carved up once again.

Sadly, we can say with authority that we know that will happen. It is prophesied. "Jerusalem will be trampled on by the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled." (Luke 21:24). "But exclude the outer court; do not measure it, because it has been given to the Gentiles. They will trample on the holy city for 42 months." (Rev 11:2). I will gather all nations and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat there I will enter into judgment against them concerning my inheritance, my people Israel, for they scattered my people among the nations and divided up my land." (Joel 3:2)

So therefore we know that dividing Israel into small bits will occur and all or part of Jerusalem will be given over. What we, as the terminal generation are watching, is the prophecy being prepared for fulfillment right before our eyes. There are extremely troubling developments  occurring this week:

On December 13: Erakat Asks EU to Recognize Palestinian State Alongside Israel. Now, Saeb Muhammad Salih Erekat (his surname is spelled both ways) is the Palestinian chief of the Palestinian Liberation Organization Steering and Monitoring Committee. The PLO is a political and paramilitary organization founded in 1964. It is recognized as the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people. In the above linked article, "Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erakat formally asked the European Union in a letter to recognize an independent Palestinian state."

On that same day it was reported in South America that "Brazil and Argentina recognize Palestinian State"
"Many in Latin America and around the world were asking one question following the news that Brazil and Argentina had recognized the state of Palestine in the West Bank: Why now? Among the answers, PLO envoy to Washington Maen Areikat told JTA, was the frustration with the stops and starts in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, which he said created the atmospherics ripe for recognition."

On December 17 Norway formally moved toward recognition of a Palestinian State. Norway is not part of the European Union. Norway upgrades Palestinian mission
"Oslo says upgrade from 'general delegation' to 'diplomatic mission' in recognition of Palestinian Authority's efforts to establish independent state." From my understanding, an upgrade means that it is a step closer for the representations to enjoy the status of embassies of a sovereign country.

And on December 19: apparently in response to Erekat's letter, or Obama's push, or Solana's idea, that "10 EU states will upgrade their PLO missions"
"Chief PA negotiator says Palestinian missions abroad are step closer to becoming embassies of an "occupied state with defined borders."

The formalized, diplomatic steps to recognizing a Palestinian State apparently include recognizing diplomats to deploy to any upcoming new State. And that has happened from Southern Hemisphere to Northern, from West to East. Thirteen nations are prepared to recognize a Palestinian State by fiat.

Brazil has even gone a step further today, and donated land for Palestinian embassy: "Palestinian ambassador to Brazil Ibrahim Az-Zein received the title to a piece of land Monday, where the Palestinian embassy in Brazil will stand following that country's recognition of a Palestinian state earlier in the month."

In response, "Israel asks its embassies to thwart PA unilateralism" but you can see how this tide is flowing. It is flowing against God's people, and toward Armageddon, where these nations will be severely judged for their disgraceful rebellion against Him and their intrusion upon His land.


  1. Dear End Time,
    Magnificent word!! The appointed time has come. Let God's will be done.
    May Jerusalem be redeemed by the Coming of her King and Savior, Jesus Christ. May "all Israel be saved",Rom. 11:25. Pray this in.
    Cathy G


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