Greenlanders worried: for first time in history, sun rises early

I admit, over the last 2 years when I read commenters claiming that the sun is rising or setting in a different spot than usual, I dismissed it without much investigation. I also dismissed claims that the pole degrees were off. Dismissed it that is, until Tampa International Airport shut down a runway because their degree markers were so out of whack. Dismissed it until Scientific American asked "Why is the magnetic North Pole racing toward Siberia?" and dismissed it until the British Geological Society noted that the South Magnetic Anomaly is enlarging at an incredible pace. Now I'm interested.

Today, from Greenland comes this: "The sun rises two days early in Greenland"
"The sun over Greenland has risen two days early, baffling scientists and sparking fears that Arctic icecaps are melting faster than previously thought."

OK, before we go any further let's take a look at the two parts to the lead sentence. First, scientists again are "baffled" over an unexpected celestial event. Second, they again attribute it to global warming. How global warming makes the sun rise at a different time is what is baffling. To continue:

"Experts say the summer sun should have risen over the Arctic nation's most westerly town, Ilulissat, today. But for the first time in history they say it began creeping over the horizon at around 1pm last Tuesday. The mysterious sunrise has confused astronomers, who have struggled to come up with an explanation for the phenomenon. Wolfgang Lenhardt, director of the department of geophysics at the Central Institute for Meteorology in Vienna, scotched suggestions that the observation could have astronomical reasons. He said: 'The constellation of the stars has not changed. If that had happened, there would have been an outcry around the world.' 'The data of the Earth's axis and Earth's rotation are monitored continuously and meticulously and we would know if that had happened.' Caption from article- Ice caps: One theory is that the ice melts, the horizon lowers giving the impression in Greenland that the sun has risen early."

Of course astronomers who do not believe in God will 'scotch suggestions' that the observation will have astronomical reasons".  But it absolutely could have astronomical reasons. We are in a time of the end time when we are told by the truthful God that He will (in the Tribulation) shake the stars from the sky, the moon to go dark, the sky to open as a scroll, and the sun to stop shining. (Rev 6:12; Isaiah 34:4; Ez 32:7; Joel 2:10; Rev 8:12;  etc) He is sovereign over all celestial bodies. He created them. He can move them with a word, and in this case, He just might have.

It's just another sign in the sun, moon, and stars, if you ask me.


  1. I don't which is more stupid. This article or the glaring errors in the Daily Mail.
    I guess since this is an utter wingnut blog and to be expected I'll have to settle for the Daily Mail article being irresponsible.

  2. You can call me stupid and the Daily Mail irresponsible, but the fact is, the sun rose too early in polar winter for the first time in history. You said nothing about that, the basis for this article. It is a fact that the north magnetic pole is racing toward Siberia, according to the Scientific American, unless you deem that media outlet also a wingnut, and the south magnetic pole's movement is cause for concern to the British Geological Survey, unless they also are stupid. More links here:

    I provided plenty of data and facts, but all you did was attack on personal basis. Which is more stupid, I wonder?

  3. another link of news about it here, original link in German

    google translated link here

  4. Shake the dust off your feet here, Elizabeth. Some people just won't listen. This is a phenomenal sign!



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