More animal deaths: fish in China, saiga antelope in Kazakhstan

BBC News reports: Mystery over mass antelope deaths in Kazakhstan
A mystery disease has killed more than 12,000 saiga antelope in Kazakhstan. Conservationists are warning that the mass deaths could spell disaster for the saiga, which is already an endangered species. The figure could account for up to a quarter of the global population of the species. "No one can figure out what's happened. We see dead animals concentrated in a certain area." A lung disease may be to blame. "The government is baffled." It is noted in the video that this phenomenon happened in another district, "where a strange white fog was seen."

In China yesterday, wholesale death on a large scale. Here is news, Google translated from Chinese: "Jiaxing City, about 2.5 millions kg of fish aquatic products wholesale death"
"The day before yesterday morning, is located in Jiaxing Economic Development Zone, integrated logistics park's aquatic products wholesale market, almost all of the fishmongers have suffered heavy losses - they just wholesale to the number of sudden mass mortality of fish. Even more surprising is that the same group of fish, the river side of the river with the market almost all the deaths raised deposit, with the water the fish are kept safe and sound support." The translation seems to be saying that all the fish in the fishmongers' tanks died.  Apparently, as fishmongers arrived to their stalls, they saw that all the fish were dead. "said the fish market in the large-scale emergence of unnatural death. Police rushed to the aquaculture market." Further, "After the accident, the environmental protection department of Jiaxing City staff quickly rushed to the scene, taking the water samples for testing, yesterday, the reporter learned that, after testing, the environmental protection department did not find water contamination."

There are also unconfirmed reports of sparrows dead in a Chinese village too, but the video is in Chinese and I can't translate that.

Here is a Google Map of the animal deaths. I can't vouch for its complete accuracy, but I believe it does show a close-enough picture of what is going on. When you see the map, you'll know.