Iran: "The Coming Is Near" video and transcript

This is a partial transcript of the end time video produced by Iran and the abbreviated version of which was obtained by Reza Kahlili, a spy who had infiltrated the top levels of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. You can read a full transcript here. In a previous post I'd published an analysis of the video and its summary by World Threats analyst Ryan Mauro who also contributes to FrontPage Magazine. You can  read that post here.

Partial transcript begins:
Narrator: "If the signs of his reappearance were not provided by the Prophet and his descendants, it would have been difficult to analyze the timing of his coming." He goes on to list those signs of the Mahdi's imminent reappearance:

"The Messiah will not rise until fear, great earthquakes, and sedition takes place."
"The worse kind of humans will become leaders." [Here, the video shows President Bush, Prime Minister Netanyahu, Germany's Angela Merkel...and Obama.]
"Women will rid themselves of the Hejab." [traditional female head covering]
Adultery will be common, Men will dress like women. Men will content themselves to men and women to women."

"A nation from the east will rise and prepare the way for the Mahdi." [Iran sees itself divinely fulfilling that role.]

The narrator says that the Mahdi's reappearance requires a condition of having strong beliefs and pious leaders with a strong will. In the Hadith, they have been named as 'Preparers of the Coming', and will emerge from Yemen, Lebanon, and Iran. In Islam, there are two notable books, the Quran, their version of a holy book, and the Hadith, the book of traditions.

Ayatollah Khameni: "I can tell you with utmost confidence: The promise of Allah for the Coming and the establishment of a new Islamic civilization is on its way."
When the leader of an enemy nation whose entire purpose on earth is to usher in a new Islamic civilization through any means necessary tells you with 'utmost confidence that it is on its way, we should be listening!

The next segment examines current events in the Middle East as they are related to their version of end time events. The transformation of certain ME countries is key in the Hadith for the imminent appearance of their messiah, and that transformation is now taking place.

The narrators says that after 9/11, Islam was the only culture or civilization that threatened the West. As a result, the West launched an official program of Islamic fear-mongering and at the same time began dropping hundreds of bombs on innocent Arabs. [Though the video mentions American and its allies, America is shown exclusively as the bomb-droppers]. The narrator claims that America occupied mosques and religious centers. All this, the narrator claims, is the progression of the end times events in preparation for the Mahdi as the land that will be in the center of the conflicts in advance of his coming. But that after the coming, that land will be the capital of his world governance. "At that time the swift will attack, anxiety will be plenty and the world will turn away. Iraq will be conquered and through bloodshed cause divisions in tribes. At that time be ready for the reappearance of the Mahdi messiah!" Here, the video shows a rider on a white horse.

So that was the Muslim doctrine regarding Iraq and its part at the time of the near-arrival of Mahdi. Now to Yemen.

Narrator: "At the threshold of his coming, a holy revolution will take place in that nation." Hadith. Some even believe that after his coming, the first soldiers of the Mahdi's army who reach Mecca will be from Yemen."

The video's narrator goes on to explain that recently the Shia adherents in Yemen have been oppressed and persecuted but in a display of courage, they pushed back the armies persecuting them. Remember, the two sects in Islam are Shia and Sunni and Shia is the more militant sect. He says that recent events show that Saudi Arabia is part of that Yemeni oppression and that soon Jordan- with the help of US and Israel- sent more troops to aid in the oppression and persecution of Yemeni Shites.

The third nation the Hadith is said to occupy Muslim end time events will be Egypt. The narrator explains that the Hadith says the people in Egypt will rise up against an oppressive leader and create a chaotic atmosphere. The Hadith "predicts" that the leader of Egypt will be killed and the people descend into conflict. The rise of Islamic sects like the Muslim Brotherhood is in accordance with the Hadith "prophesies." [Note: I enclose predicts and prophecies in quotes to make clear that these are not real prophesies and to distinguish them from real prophesies, which can ONLY be found in the bible.]

He says that all that the Hadith claims that Palestine will be the center of conflict due to sedition of Israel. Imam Ali clearly describes the fate of the Jews during this time: Jews will have come from the west to establish a government in Palestine. [This occurred in 1948.] This will happen because Arabs are not united against them, but are divided. "They asked Imam Ali, will this calamity and mayhem last long?" and Ali answered "No, not until the time that they rid themselves of the influence of others, take back control of their affairs, and once again have strong determination." [here, they show Arabs carrying shoulder launch missiles in great numbers]. "At that time they will conquer the land of Palestine and be victorious and united." (The Caliphate) "Then extra forces will arrive from Iraq with flags written on it 'Alghovah' written on it..

The video next shows a quote: "With the start of a new war the destruction of Israel is certain.-- Nassrollah, Iranian newspaper Kayhan." and "The annihilation of the Zionist regime and the conquering of Beitol Moghadas (Jerusalem) is one of the most important events in the age of The Coming." Psalm 83 war, perhaps??

"The Islamic republic of Iran has scores of modernized warships. Hundreds of modernized bombers. Thousand of modernized missiles and millions of willing martyrs forces have turned into one the most powerful forces in the Middle East. After a meeting with the leaders of the Zionist regime, the Joint Chiefs’ of Staff in America announced that in a confrontation with Iran. The option of a military confrontation is no longer possible." I included this paragraph from the transcript in the post to show how they see us.

"Another key individual in the age of The Coming is called “Yamani” His presence is another sign that the reappearance is close. Some scholars believe that this individual named in the Hadith is “Seyed Hassan Nassrollah. “Seyed Hassan Nassrollah” is from the Shiites of Yemen whose ancestors lived in Yemen and immigrated to Lebanon decades ago.”. [This man currently leads the terrorist militant group, Hezbollah.] And so it is clear: The forces of “Seyed Khorasani” and “Yemani” will coordinate the revolt against evil."

So I guess they see Yemen playing a huge role.

One of the important signs prior to The Coming is the rise of the impostor, Islamic Antichrist. The impostor has been described in the Hadith as a wicked being who will confront God’s faith. ... and the movie goes on to rail against the Freemasons and others who in combination make up a composite being called the Impostor or the Islamic Antichrist. It ends with "Come forth in praising God and with jihad of faith to be part of the governance of the pious on earth. Great joyous news is on its way. I can tell you with utmost confidence; the promise of Allah for The Coming and the establishment of a new Islamic civilization is on its way. Blessing from Allah Victory is near, Good tidings to the believers."

Make no mistake: there is NOTHING in the book of Koran nor the Hadith that is truth. It is spoken from the devil who is a liar and the father of lies. In viewing the video and reading the transcript, it is important to see how they see us, and what their indicators are for their end time doctrines. Through that, the most important thing I hope you take away from this is how cunning Satan is. He has exactly mirrored the true Revelation of Jesus Christ to His children by perverting it with seeds of evil that closely - but not perfectly - match the seeds of truth from Jesus lips. All satan needed to do is listen to Jesus telling John, or to read it afterward and create a false religion based on it.

All people on this earth are loved by Jesus and that includes Muslims. We need to pray for those who are deceived by satan's doctrines of the end time. We need to pray for those who are actively pushing satan's agenda. We need to help those who have converted from a dark religion to the Light, with continued prayer, missions, donations, and love. But do not mistake the religious structure of Islam as friendly. It is an enemy religion to God and its implementation is an abomination to Him.

Do we work as vigorously for Jesus as the Muslims work for satan? Think about it.

Here is the video:


  1. Is that a white horse at 5:36?

  2. Yes, that is exactly a white horse. In the blog entry from yesterday, (What do Muslims believe about the end of the age?) I learned and then posted that their own writings quote Rev 6:1-2 and state their messiah will arrive on a white horse. We know that rider as the antichrist, carrying a bow but no arrow, for he will conquer by flatteries.

  3. Wow, I know of the similarities between the mahdi and the antichrist but I'm flabbergasted at how these prophecies are a complete ripoff of what is written in the bible. It is very scary and is unbelievably deceiving, it will pull many deeper and deeper into their allegiance to Allah.

    I want to start praying for persecuted Christians all over the world and after seeing this video, I think I need to start praying for Muslims all over the world. Just seeing those 2 newscasters in the video repeat this garbage with conviction made my heart heavy. I'm just thinking, what if I was born into their world? Anyway, someone was praying for me when I was lost and they need it also.

  4. what if?

    what if they are right and you are wrong. What if the rider on the white horse is the true messiah and whoever against him is the anti-christ?

    It is not far-fetched that written text has been distorted from the past books

    1. What if they are right and *I* am wrong? Not just me. You mean me and billions of other people since 33 AD?

      There are no "what ifs". The bible has proved itself over and over. It has internal integrity and there are no distortions. Every prophecy it prophesied that has come true has come true tot he letter. The others are coming true now.

      On the other hand, the Koran has internal inconsistencies through and through. It is the Koran that has been distorted and has errors.

      Jesus is coming, He is the messiah. The rider on the white horse has a bow but no arrow. Jesus comes with a sword. The white horse rider is false. Therefore repent to Jesus and be saved

  5. Some parts of that video were kinda creepy, especially to be watching at the dark..


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