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This link to the Economic Collapse Blog has an excellent list of 27 reasons why the Japan nuclear crisis is worse than the government and media are telling us.

"We are not just talking about a repeat of Chernobyl. We are possibly talking about "many Chernobyls", it is stated on the blog. Here are the top indicators on his list, and these are just a few:

#1 Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan is urging all people living within 30 kilometers of the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear facility to stay indoors.
#2 Andre-Claude Lacoste, the head of France's Nuclear Safety Authority, says that the containment vessel surrounding the No. 2 reactor at Japan's Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear complex is "no longer sealed".
#3 Radiation levels in Tokyo are already 10 times above normal levels.
#4 Reuters is reporting that some residents of Tokyo are already starting to flee the city.
#5 Radiation levels in one city north of Tokyo, Utsunomiya, were recently reported to be 33 times above normal levels.

Fact based, and clear, the list should give you chills, or make you cry. 12 million people live in Tokyo...and things do not look good for them.

Nuclear expert Arnie Gunderson said today on Democracy Now! that children who live near the reactors should be evacuated, and that the Fukushima meltdown is at the level of Chernobyl right now.

People have reported tens of thousands to millions of dead fish in New South Wales, Australia.

Also in South Wales from March 11, about 26,000 trout have been found dead at a fish farm in Rhondda.

Dead fish wash ashore in Hawaii, from roiled and/or polluted tsunami waters.

On the mainstream news today, the guy who predicted the 1989 San Francisco California "World Series" quake predicted a major quake at California ... during a window of March 16-19.

And now comes the supermoon, "On March 19, the moon will swing around Earth more closely than it has in the past 18 years, lighting up the night sky from just 221,567 miles" with the inevitable question as to whether it will trigger natural disasters. Some think yes.

The dollar is tanking, and the Feds are deploying radiation equipment to the west coast of the US. Lots of different news items for your consideration, and none of it is normal. Read, understand, be informed, but always pray and be ready to meet Him who is coming in the clouds for His own! The time draws nigh.


  1. Our God is an awesome God. Chernobyl is less than 60 miles from 4 million people who live in Kiev. There are hundreds of thousands of people in the surrounding area. The radiation cloud did NOT travel south, over Kiev. God spared those people at that time from massive radiation doses. What will He do in Japan?

    I live near the end of the river that still goes right past Chernobyl (didn't live here 25 years ago, tho) and still has radioactive mud layers. Altho these reactors in Japan are a different type and better built than anything here in Ukraine, the situation in Japan is causing a lot of stress here, at least with some Ukrainians I know. Memories. Fears brought back up to the surface. There is a Chernobyl-style reactor less than 60 miles from where I live and it is still working. When we first arrived in Ukraine, 12+ years ago, they were still having emergency drills and rumors of leaks there (not true) ran like wildfires through our city regularly. Some of the "hot" helicopters used at Chernobyl may have been parked at our local airport, close to the highway (we were told they were from Chernobyl, but who knows? they were abandoned and eventually disappeared, piece by stolen metal sold to buy food piece). A couple doctors have told me that our area has a higher incidence of childhood lukemia than is normal. Yet - we were called by God to live here, to start a church here, to love the people here. Our God is an awesome God. He never called any of us to live 'safe' lives.

    Whatever happens with the reactors in Japan, God is at work. We need to be praying that millions of people's hearts will be opened to the message of the gospel. Not just in Japan, but all across the world. Pray for the missionaries in Japan, pray for the Christians and churches in Japan - that they will not have a spirit of fear, but a supernatural spirit of calmness and willingness to speak, to act, to give their own lives so that others may come to know Christ as Lord and Savior.

    We, as Believers in Christ Jesus, always need to remember that God is in control and we do not need to fear the future.

  2. Thank you Colorado Columbine, that was a powerful testimony.

  3. Hey guys, I'm from Sumy, Ukraine (one of the places that recieved hard-hitting effects of radiation). I still cannot give blood to other people due to possible residual radiation that may be in me. From what I am seeing, the Japan crisis is nothing like Chernobyl...Not to diminish the significance, but as a survivor of Chernobyl, this cannot be comparable to any means. Yes, I agree that there will be effects...but not to the degree that the media is saying.


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