Jesus drank the waters of fury

Reaction to Netanyahu's speech today: Ben, that horse has left the barn

Prime Minister Netanyahu gave a major speech today, titled, "The Things That Must Follow Present MidEast Turmoil." In the speech, Netanyahu outlined three things the world must do to quell the Middle East violence and right the runaway train toward peace. I'll give a summary and offer my reasoning why pursuing these three is akin to spitting in the wind.

Netanyahu said: "what is required is a Marshall Plan by the concerned international powers, and also the public sector, to assist in the concrete development of these two economies. "If you remember, the Marshall Plan was the large-scale economic program of the United States for rebuilding and creating a stronger economic foundation for the countries of Europe. Netanyahu wants to apply that kind of large-scale economic plan to the Middle east nations.

I believe this approach ultimately will fail because it has been obvious for years that the powerhouse in the region, Iran, has deliberately abandoned the economic route and thus abandoned the west, in favor of a philosophical strengthening among like-allies: thru Islam. If you google 'Iran', "Ahmadinejad" and "strengthen" you will find hundreds of headlines like these over the last three years:
  • Iran, Afghanistan vow to strengthen ties
  • Venezuela and Iran Strengthen Ties 
  • Iran, Africa vow to strengthen ties
  • Syria and Iran strengthen ties with car and cement plants
  • Russia, Iran strengthen gas ties
  • Offshore Kenya-Iran to Strengthen Ties
  • Iran and Turkey determined to strengthen ties Iran,
  • Comoros to strengthen ties with Iran.
Those are just a few of the headlines. Ahmadinejad's 'strengthening ties' tour has been going on over the last three and a half years. He has been busy. While we have been watching Obama and Europe has been watching the euro, Iran has reached out to the world.

In the news piece above about Sudan, it states, “The message came as part of the joint consultations between Khartoum and Tehran on global and regional issues of common concern…Hashemi highlighted the importance for the two countries to pay attention to external plots targeting their common interests”. Those common interests are religious, not economic. After all, what can Sudan offer Iran? Comoros?? Ahmadinejad visited Comoros. It is stated: “Mahmoud Ahmadinejad met Comorian counterpart Ahmad Abdullah Sambi and asserted Tehran is ready to increase ties with African countries and particularly Islamic ones in all fields and on the basis of justice.”

You've seen that phrase "external plot" come up in the news the last two weeks: "Bahrain Monarch Says ‘Foreign Plot’ Failed". The Sudanese President's statement about external plots was from Dec 2010, and the Bahraini King's statement about external plots was from this week. Muslims around the global 'belt' are tightening ties, drawing together as inexorably as iron shavings to a magnet. And it has happened before our very eyes! Ahmadinejad has done a good job of fomenting perspective that when the nations see us they see us through enemy eyes, and when they see each other they see like-minded allies suffering from external plots. They are internal, we are external.

Netanyahu's strategy of Economic enticements from the west will fail because 1) the Middle east nations are moving forward toward coalescing around Islam, and 2) they have enough money. Witness this next surprising headline:

Headline from today: China, Iran, Turkey emerge as scientific giants
A report from the UK's Royal Society has found that a diverse range of countries, including Brazil, India and Iran, are rivalling the traditional science superpowers of the United States, Western Europe and Japan.

Other headline from this week: "Released on Monday, the report states that Iran has had the fastest rate of increase in scientific publication in the world and its scientific output rose 18-fold between 1996 and 2008, from 736 published papers to 13,238." The West likes to perpetrate Iran as a backward, fumbling nation needing our help. Sure, the people are poor, but the nation isn't.

Does the West know HOW FAR the new world order has gone? Old paradigms like economic ties/sanctions no longer apply. Why? They don't need us.

Secondly, Netanyahu said "could be done more effectively by still stronger sanctions, and especially those measures that prevent the worst outcome of all – a turbulent, unstable Middle East, an Iran that exports revolutions and subversion, seeking to form militant Islamic regimes in all these countries, or in as many as they can. ... the second thing that has to be done is to put maximum pressure on the main engine that drives Islamic militancy in this region, and that is pressure on Iran, and above all, to prevent it from acquiring nuclear weapons."

Fail. Firstly, sanctions have done no good over the last 8 years. Secondly, Iran has hurtled ahead in cementing ties in Muslim nations and Latin America, cutting out the West, thereby rendering itself nearly immune to external pressure ("plots"). Third, Iran's covert plan of Middle East destabilization is practically no longer covert. And they are succeeding. Iran is leaping ahead in science, and that means likely that successful invention of nuclear weaponry is at the door. That horse has left the barn, and Netanyahu opines that closing the door will fix it.

Netanyahu's third proposed solution is to pursue peace, first by strengthening existing peace treaties with Jordan and Egypt, and secondly by advancing peace with the Palestinians.

I believe that no matter how fervently we all want peace, pray for peace, hope for peace, peace will not come until and unless the Psalm 83 battle occurs. The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect a different outcome. Pursuing peace through peaceful means has always failed. Israel's strength, demonstrated in a successful military campaign, will cause a false peace to permeate the region, but be the final push to coalesce what Ahmadinejad has been working toward all along: a military campaign of retaliation. Gog-Magog.