Monday, March 7, 2011

UFO Brazil: Fox News reports. Is it a hoax, or not?

First, the footage:

"A UFO spied in the skies over Sao Paulo has all of Brazil buzzing. The amateur footage, shown on Brazilian TV station G1, shows blurry footage of a disc-shaped object hovering in the clouds for a minute or so -- before disappearing in a bright flash of light, followed by a trail of colorful bursts. But is it an alien visitation, or merely the latest in a storied tradition of forgeries?"

"G1's anchors explain that two passersby saw the object as they were driving in their car, near the town of Agudos in Sao Paulo state. They hopped out of the car to shoot the video with their handheld camera. According to the TV station, the cinematographers reported the earth shaking at about the same time the object vanishes in a blast of light, noting that other people reported the earth moving in the same general area. According to the U.S. Geological Survey's Earthquake Hazards Program, there have been no earthquakes in the area. Chile was rocked by a few earthquakes in recent days, notably a 6.8 magnitude temblor on February 11. Video-editing expert Philip Cavaca told G1 that the film was a well-made montage -- but a hoax nonetheless. "It can be seen in one frame," he told the station. "When the truck goes by, you can tell that the UFO was moved, which is un-noticeable to the naked eye," he said. According to Cavaca, by freezing the image you can see the exact frame in which the "UFO" alters. The station did not reveal the identity of the videographers, but did say that the video was the talk of the town in Sao Paulo. Watch the UFO video and judge for yourself at"

What does a UFO have to do with the end time? Or with a sane, pleasant person going about her business and having tea? Well, UFOs are really fallen angels. They are off planet dwellers who travel at the speed of light or faster, through dimensions, have been stated by God to visit is, and are extremely bright, sowing a white light that deceives. (2 Cor 11:15)

Further, this is a time when we are told would be full of deception (Rev 20:10) and falsity (Mt 7:15), and to beware (Phil 3:2).

Staying in the Word of God, and having an active prayer life in order to stay close to Jesus is the only way to avoid falsity in these deceptive end times. "He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart." Psalm 91:4.


  1. Interesting that you would say a UFO is a fallen angel. I have never hear that before and I do question......

    Saying that just on Friday my daughter was in class and out of the corner of her eye she saw a very bright light and there at the back of the class stood a 9 ft tall angel with close croped blonde hair and a broad sword at his side. She said he looked at her, smiled and then vanished. She told me she felt he was standing centry guard over what she did not know. She saw him or one like him one more time before class ended. She said it was more like he was normal size and she was very little. Many times she has seen very bright lights out of the corner of her eye but never before has she seen an angel.


  2. I mean, they are aliens, live somewhere else besides earth, fly thru dimensions. They perform turns, rolls and drops that defy physics. They are very bright. They visit us and sometimes they look like men and sometimes they look like angels. The fallen ones deceive. I think it is a given that is what UFOs are. At the end of the video the 'ufo' emits a hugely bright light and then drops to the ground as two orbs.

    Intersting story from our daughter. :)

  3. Video has been removed by user. Oh, well.

  4. Anonymous, thank you for letting me know. I replaced it with the same video but was on a different person's channel. It should work now


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