UFO shuts down Norway Airport

This is a weird story. It really happened, but the response was off.

Google-translated from Norwegian:
"Any-UFO" frames weekend traffic
Paralyzed air traffic in a half hour - police in disarray
"No one knows yet for sure what it was that disrupted air traffic over the Oslo yesterday. But the consequences were great, and can be spread out over the weekend. Much of the air traffic in Norway was paralyzed between 16.00 and 17.30 yesterday afternoon, after an SAS pilot notified of an unidentified object in the skies that make the approach route to Oslo Airport Gardermoen. SAS plane was on its way up the west side of Oslo Fjord on board when the captain made visual contact with another vehicle that reflected sunlight back into the cockpit of the SAS plane. The distance should have only been a few hundred meters, in a slightly lower altitude. "The Master interpreted it as a glider that had been higher than they normally get to," said information chief Knut Morten Johansen of SAS to VG Nett. Information Manager Jo Kobro at Oslo Airport Gardermoen projected to VG Nett that "between 60 and 90 aircraft movements (departures and arrivals) were affected as a result of the incident."

"So far, however, no one really has been able to determine what was actually observed over the Oslo Fjord on Thursday afternoon. Police are connected into the matter, but so far without result. We have created an investigation and make right now a witness questioning. Most likely it was a glider that because of strong winds have come into the approach zone, "said guard manager Morten Undlien at Heathrow police station to the AP." The second option is a hang glider, but the height is almost impossible to control, and the same goes for so-called ultralight, claims those who have heard of this." The weather conditions were such that other objects from the ground may have come loose and been transported into the air by an upward air flow."

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So an object was observed at the exact altitude that planes begin their final approach, but no one took a photo of it. No one videotaped it. That's weird. People sneeze these days and someone with a cell phone youtubes it within seconds. No one could say exactly what it looked like. But it was observed by enough trained observers so a decision was made to close the airport and to divert hundreds of planes. That is a drastic action. There must be no doubt that an object was seen.

Further, the theories being posed as to exactly what the object is, are ridiculous. Gliders glide, they do not hover. In other news articles I'd read, the officials said that the object hovered for a full thirty minutes in the same spot. So gliders glide. Sail planes glide, whirl, and drift. And the last theory, that it as a piece of light trash was light enough to be lifted up romf the ground but then remained in the same spot for 30 minutes stretches credibility enough to actually be insulting. In one of the articles, the official said he regretted not sending a helicopter to investigate and then shoo it away. Yeah...duh.

Anyway, like I said, an interesting story. Just about as interesting as this one from the Daily Mail:

UFO frenzy goes into overdrive as three red lights hover over Colorado town...


  1. Do UFO's have a hand in all the chaos that's going on in the world?


    All the crazy activity that's occurring with greater frequency - sure seems like some type of building crescendo is happening leading to something.

  2. Anonymous, I read your web page. The question "Do UFO's have a hand in all the chaos that's going on in the world?" is interesting and the answer is YES. I'm sorry you channel Tesla, it sounds like you are pretty crowded in there. And busy. I regret to inform you that Tesla is not the person that enters you when you are in a channeling state. It is a demon posing as Tesla. There are no ghosts, only demons from the 'astral plane' or as I put it, from other dimensions where God dwells.

    As to "UFO'S", yes, they are unidentified flying objects. No they are not aliens. They are demons, fallen angels. We know from the bible that angels drift in and out of our dimensions. So did Jesus. He appeared and disappeared at will, no matter of it was behind walls or inside buildings. He is outside of physics, having walked upon the water and raising people and Himself from the dead.

    Angels, the good and the fallen, have supernatural aspects to them as well. They appear and disappear in our dimension at will. They can stand at the sun or upon the entire earth. (Revelation). The fallen angels foment chaos and evil. It is natural to them that they be present at places when chaos and despair reign. The lights of UFOs are likely fallen angels (demons) doing what they do best, inciting fear, chaos, deception, and lingering long enough to enjoy the results.

  3. Elizabeth, you misinterpret my post. I believe EVERYTHING you put in your post, as a matter of fact I've posted similar comments here. I just sent the link to illustrate all the craziness that is going on now--- UFO's following or precluding chaos, the demonic "channeling" it's all part of the increased frequency of "craziness."

    We are in evil times and evil forces are definitely gathering strength and their plan is clearly coming to fruition. Your UFO post reminded me of that site (I keep up with that stuff because I firmly believe UFO's are evil and part of satan's (small s)army.

    I just really wonder how much time is left.

    PS I get your email- keep up the good work.

  4. Hello Anonymous,

    In that case I humbly apologize!! So sorry! Thank you for correcting my misperception :) I really appreciate it.

  5. The second article you posted is very interesting to me. My extended family lives in Colorado near Woodland Park. While we were home last year, my husband and I, along with our 31 year old son, went out to star gaze one beautiful, cold, clear night. We have done that since our children were preschool age. Colorado night skies are incredibly beautiful. At one point we noticed a red light over one of the mountains to the east. My son got a little freaked out and told us about the night he was out looking at the stars and a red light came and hovered over the town of Woodland Park, about 3 miles and 1000 feet lower than where we were. He'd seen that red light a couple times since. Sure enough, the red light in the East came toward us over the town, but then flew slowly overhead and didn't make any noise that we heard. It did NOT blink but was a steady red light. It passed overhead and just disappeared to the SSW of Pikes Peak. We were puzzled by the light not blinking but assumed it was a helicopter that was associated with firefighters working to put out a fire in a neighboring county in that direction. The light flew back over within the hour, while we were driving home. I wonder if those red lights in Lafayette are from the same thing.

    Elizabeth, we do not know what it was, we only made assumptions based on our limited knowledge at that time - a military helicopter on some kind of maneuvers - since it first appeared in the sky area that would have been over the Air Force Academy to the east of us.

    Sometime during that same time period: one evening while I was at my parents home, the television was off and it was very quiet in the house. I heard very distinctly a loud booming sound from a very far distance. I thought it had been an explosion in Woodland Park, possibly a propane tank. I was the only one in the house who heard it (my parents are hard of hearing and my husband was not there at the time). I searched through the local paper when it came out, but there was nothing. Now it might have been an explosion from some of the gold mining they are doing in Cripple Creek, but that is apx 30 miles away and around the "corner" of Pikes Peak. Still, the sound could have been carried through the rock underground, I would imagine. At this point, though, I am cataloging that experience in the "unexplained booms" file along with all the others that I've been reading about.

    I haven't said a lot about either one of these experiences because of people's reactions. At that time I had not realized that these kinds of things were happening in so many places. Both have just caused me to be more certain that we are very close to the return of Christ and as that time gets closer, the spiritual battle in the heavenlies is only going to increase. Satan is in his death throes - Christ already won at the cross.

    Come quickly, Lord Jesus!

  6. Hi Colorado Columbine,

    That was a really interesting story. Both the UFO and the booms experience. They do seem to be bursting in the mainstream these days and more and more people are seeing and hearing these things. I believe as you do that they are indicators of increasing supernatural presence in preparation for when 'their day' has come - after the Church is removed...


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