Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hal Lindsey tonight: rapture is so close

I was watching Hal Lindsey on HisChannel TV tonight, and he outlined the prophesies that are so rapidly unfolding in the Middle East. He said he is astounded at the conditions that will be present on earth during the Tribulation are appearing now, before our eyes. It means that the rapture is even closer. Lindsey said:

"For me the big story is how rapidly these events are unfolding. Folks, the end time prophesies are literally exploding before our eyes. That tells me the rapture of the church is even closer than we dared believe. It is so important to be prepared for that day. ... I'm so convinced that we are in the final days of this age..."

I sense the urgency also in Jack Kelley, who flatly stated the other day that it seems like the rapture can be any day and we will not have long to wait. (I'm NOT a "May 21" believer). It's just that after careful study of the bible and what we are told will happen by the God of the Universe, that it is plain to see that the days are here and the end is in sight. Most prophecy watchers are feeling a sense of urgency, for ourselves and also for the lost. As urgent as we feel the quickening of the Spirit and the imminence of the anticipated event, the lost are even more uninterested each day. I think of someone I know.

She is not saved and not interested in end time prophesies. I don't think she is interested in the bible except as an intellectual exercise and to instill proper Jewish upbringing to her sons. She wrote on Twitter a few weeks ago: 'I followed someone who was recommended, googled her and saw that she had written an end times essay. Ugh. End times. So not my thing. I quickly unfollowed.'

Now here is the ultimate irony. The ultimate tragedy. She will have to ENDURE the end time. It WILL be 'her thing' and so in her face that she will either convert, die, or go mad with the horror of it. The flippancy and arrogance of her dismissal of all end time biblical events, of the Word of a God she professes to believe in, is the horrifying thing. She will have to face the eternal consequences of her words.

The last days are here. We must be ready, believers and unbelievers. Believers need to remain confessed of their sins on a daily basis. Let nothing separate you from the direct line to God at this time. Stay abiding in Him who saves, protects, and loves. Non-Believers, you chortle at end time discussions. You mock and scoff. But you are the ones who will have to live it. Let the Holy Spirit who draws you tug at your heart one more time, and this time be prepared for His conviction. Because, you know, the Tribulation was designed since the foundation of the world to be YOUR THING.


  1. Yep, I sure do believe this. Satan has been really attacking my family lately and others that I know.
    We need to be prepared and on the watch for Jesus.


  2. I believe and we should be ready. Prepared for any time, no matter when He returns. So many more ignore and many have said to me: "I just read the good parts." I want to know as much as I can and share with all who will listen. Amazes me! and saddens me at same time.

  3. The feeling of impending rapture has influenced my spending habits lol. I'm enjoying my money now while I can!

  4. I'm ready to go home any time. Like you Elizabeth, I try to talk to a certain loved one and they just won't hear it.

  5. Hi Ma, Yes, it's torture to see their lives go on apace and they ignore God, with me knowing what's coming for her.

    Sara G, I agree, many people pick and choose their bible reading to satisfy personal needs and not to learn more about God.

    Anonymous, the conviction that we are about to be raptured has influenced my spending habits too. Now I donate more. There are a lot of people in need these days.

  6. Surely the UN/Governments still need to turn against religion as this is one of the major prophecies that has to be fulfilled!

  7. Turning against religion does not happen. It is not a prophecy. They turn against Christ. Remember, the antichrist is such a flatterer and a promiser the Jews think he is their messiah! He confirms a covenant with them allowing them to re-build their temple, where they sacrifice in religious ceremonies for 3.5 years. Then the antichrist stands in it and declares himself god. Even then, there will be religion, the Mark of the Beast is a mark of worship and many do worship him. They applaud when he goes after the Christians, and when the Two Witnesses are killed the world rejoices. Oh, they want religion, all right, just NOT JESUS.

    The prophecies about religion are that there will not be sound doctrine, they will want tickled ears, false teachers will creep in, and that many will come in His name (but will be false). There is a great falling away- from the true religion, of Jesus, but false religions abound. (I have a feeling the witches will have a field day.) However, all of these prophesies indicate that people accept religion: just that they only accept false religion.

    1. true - pluralism is what I hear this called, and I agree. many will want a lite "g" god of love and write there own dos and fonts , rights and wrongs, say that hate is bad but not any boundary on sexual identity and all that , yet good and evil is set in the hearts of men. You are also right on , for I feel as well people want either a religion with controlled rules and the outward appearance of righteousness without grace and without any real repentance ( a religion ruled by men who will fool people and make the followers think they never sin) or you have the god is love crowd that will want all the fellowship and all the community all the worship experiences, world peace and all and all the while negating the sinful nature , therefore, ultimately never receiving the Christ, never seeing nor accepting the need for salvation . The blood of the Lamb is the power and the salvation of the One and Only . Amen.! ! ! That is love, heavens begotten become a curse and stand in our place to make us righteous by His Spirit solely, that is how we become eternal beings and sanctified , so the bride can be ready for the coming groom.

  8. (Revelation 17:16-17)...And the ten horns that you saw, and the wild beast, these will hate the harlot (false relgion) and will make her devastated and naked, and will eat up her fleshy parts and will completely burn her with fire. 17 For God put [it] into their hearts to carry out his thought.

  9. I do not know when Jesus is returning, I suppose God could kick it out 100 years or so. But as I look at the events unfolding today in this world I believe it is very likely we may see the rapture in our life times. But even if the rapture is many years out, we never know, today could be our last day on earth. All it takes is a car wreck or slipping in the bath tub and you are standing before Jesus. We must all be ready.

  10. Each day, I pray and look for the Rapture. Not just for my sake and the sake of the saints, but because I know that because of it, many will wake up! I know so many will also be decieved shortly afterwards, but my prayer is that my family members who have remained hardened against Jesus will soften when the Rapture (which I've warned them about) happens. I pray that scales will fall from their eyes.

  11. Me, too Emily. It will be a sign among all signs, one that I hope my family and friends will heed. I hate that they may have to go through the Tribulation if they do decide to believe, but what are a few short years of tribulation in the face of eternity with Jesus? Or an eternity apart from Him! I hope the rapture wakes them up as well.

  12. Ken, I agree the Lord could do anything, and could delay the rapture 100 years. But He will not. He gave us signs and said when you see these signs you know I am near, even at the door. It is obvious that the Church Age is drawing to a close.

    So in that way, I agree we need to be ready. There is a double urgency: life ends for many on any given day, and we all need to be ready as usual. Combined with the obvious signs Jesus said to watch for, we doubly need to be ready

  13. 5/21/11 2:22 p.m est standard...where is your god now?

  14. Anonymous, OUR God is right where He always is: in heaven on His throne, controlling everything. We do not know when the rapture will happen because it is not a date, it is a number. More information here:

    Just because wayward Christians misunderstand the bible, it has no impact of the truth of God's Word. He is still perfect and the rapture will still come. It's like saying that just because a cook burned your hamburger once, ALL cooks are bad. Not all Christians misunderstand, and we hope that Camping's false report of something that we cannot know as per bible, will not turn you off to the wonder of Jesus. He is still wonderful even if Camping is not.

  15. He is coming, He is coming soon, in the twinkling of an eye, at the sound of the last
    trumpet!! and we shall behold our king.
    love others while you can, show them the light and they will find their own way to Jesus.

  16. He is coming, He is coming soon, in a twinkling of an eye at the last trumpet, so love others and show them the light and they will find their own way to Jesus the fervent prayer of a righteous man or women availeth much!!!
    even so lord come quickly,bring back all your sheep into the fold to the ark of safety. thank you for grace and mercy Jesus!!!

  17. I pray almost daily, even so come quickly Lord Jesus. This world is getting so evil. I pray everyone that is reading this site, realizes there is an eternity, waiting for each of us. There is a good one and a bad one. Which one have you prepared for? Once it strikes, it will be to late if you choose the wrong one, but, Oh what joy there will be if you have chosen the right one. Think really hard. Hell is real and it is not going to be pretty. Well, it will be pretty horrible. :-( Praying :-)

  18. Now with the retirement of this Pope, I think events are going to speed up even quicker than ever. Thank you for your blog, it hits home as my heart aches for my two sons who also are disbelieving in the end times that we are living in. It is so sad and heartbreaking to think your loved ones will have to suffer greatly in the not so distant future because they don't want to see it or hear about it, they just want to live their lives and have a good time. We need to pray for all our loved ones at this time more than ever.


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