8.4 quake in Libya? (UPDATED)

Update at end-
Romanian quake seismos report an 8.4 quake off the coast of Libya. I am not familiar with this quake reporting organization, though I do use USGS, RSOE (Bulgaria) and Edinburgh Global Earthquake report and none of those report this quake. It could be a false positive result, but anyway, thought I'd pass it along.

Here is the screen shot:

source: http://www.infp.ro/

An enterprising youtuber emailed the earthquake site and a response was returned, apparently because of the huge interest the reading had gotten all over the world. Here is the response, and yes, it was a false reading. "This message is an error that has been generated by one of our data providers that operate an automatic location system. Automatic systems can sometimes generate false detections, and wrong magnitude. This detection is not associated to a real earthquake. So there has not been any M8 in Lybia. Normally we let this kind of information, even if it is wrong, on our web site because it is only published in our "For Seismologists Only" page with an associated disclaimer. But this time we decided to remove it from the web page as many people were wondering if there was a M8 in Lybia.
Best regards, Gilles"
so that answers that. I was interested to see the huge eruption of interest the potentiality of such a quake had gotten. I am just as glad that it wasn't a quake, nor what was another possibility, a nuke, which sometimes gives off eq readings...


  1. A false birth pang for the faux rapture prediction (May 21st)

  2. doesn't look like it is still on their site

  3. well, since the tsunami didn't destroy the south coast of europe, i'd call this a false alarm...


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