First footage of Nabro Volcanic eruption

On June 12, 2011, seismologists around the world were stunned to watch an event unfold that has no precedent in modern history. A series of moderate sized earthquakes with two strong ones  occurred in a circle around the Volcano Nabro along the border of Eritrea and Ethiopia. According to the Global Volcanism Project at the Smithsonian Institute, "The 2218-m-high Nabro stratovolcano is the highest volcano in the Danakil depression of northern Ethiopia and Eritrea." It is a stratovolcano whose last known eruption has been described as unknown, or never. On June 12, shotly after the earthquakes were reported, ti erupted.

Initially shocked by the thought, the eruption was attributed to nearby Dubbi, which, having four known eruptions would make the activity rare but not unprecedented. However, eagle eyed internet surfers soon found a satellite photo of the ash plum and pin-pointed the eruption to Nabro. This was later confirmed to be the case.

News was slow to emerge from the regions, being so unpopulated. However ti did make news that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton left the region in a hurry because the ash plum was disrupting flights. She had been speaking tot he African Union in neighboring Ethiopia. This week, Nabro erupted again. Below is some news and then the first video footage of the eruptions has finally surfaced. Irish Weather Online posted the footage, which is permeating the web quickly at this moment

Nabro volcano erupts again Thursday (6/16)
"Volcanic activity has increased at the Nabro volcano in Eritrea, just four days after the stratovolcano sent an ash plume more than 15km into the air. The ash drifted westnorthwest over Sudan Thursday evening threatening to bring further disruption to air traffic in the east Africa region. Sunday night’s eruption led to some flight cancellations in neighbouring Sudan, Djibouti and Ethiopia, and saw a massive ash plume being carried as far away as Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkmenistan, the Central African Republic and Egypt."


  1. I'm so glad I do not live near a volcano. That I know of.


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