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Africa: Worst drought in 60 years: 12 million fight for survival

A massive drought which has swept across Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia is causing severe famine. Twelve million people are fighting for survival at this moment, and countless wildlife and cattle are dying as the land is increasingly unable to sustain them. The linked article mentions mother nature within the first few sentences, but we know that prophecy tells us that famine will be a hallmark of the last days. (Mt 24:7). Famine is one of God's four sore judgments. (Ezekiel 14:21). The place where the worst of the drought is occurring is the Horn of Africa, which is here:

In prophecy, the Gog Magog war is generally considered to occur at the outset of the Tribulation, or even the catalyst for the Tribulation. The prophesied nations that participate are Russia, Iran, and the nations along the northern tier of Africa, including the ones depicted at the Horn of Africa: Sudan, Ethiopia (Cush, Put, Libya, Ez 38-29). Interestingly as well, Sudan today split into a northern Sudan and a Southern Sudan. There are now 193 nations in the world. Bloomberg wrote, "After almost 50 years of rebellion against the Muslim north, independent South Sudan will assume control of about 75 percent of Sudan’s daily production of 490,000 barrels of oil, pumped mainly by China National Petroleum Corp..." Are there any takers on just which part of Sudan will take part in the Gog-Magog battle? Muslim north, or free south? (See map below)

Things are moving fast. The nations prophesied as players in the last days are increasingly in the news. One can almost see the chess pieces moved into place as the events long-prophesied begin to start their engines. I had started to write about the effects of drought and famine but I cropped the information I just spent 3 hours writing to write this instead. I'll probably re-write it into a different essay later. I thought it was very interesting about the famine in Africa, and Sudan splitting in the face of the imminence of the Gog-Magog battle (Ezekiel 38-39.

If you go to the headline link be aware that there are disturbing images..saddening and emotionally trying. Please pray for our brothers and sisters who are missionaries in these places, and pray for the lost there, that though their bodies may be failing from famine, that their souls will find eternal refreshment at the Fount of Life.


  1. I just saw this headline about it on BBC world
    "Horn of Africa drought: 'A vision of hell'"

    I'm so glad this will all be over soon and very soon. I just really hate seeing this, I'm tired of seeing Africans suffer so much for one reason or another. I saw it with my own eyes growing up and still see it today. Jesus please come soon, man has failed horribly and we NEED your Kingdom upon this earth. We are nothing without you Lord.

    Also, thanks for always connecting current events with prophecy Elizabeth, you are seriously the best at it. I forward this blog to many people I know because it's truly eye opening. God bless you!

    And thanks SO MUCH for your reply to my comment about witnessing to my peers. I believe God has given me a sense of serious urgency that supersedes any fear I might have. I appreciate how helpful you always are :)


  2. This breaks my heart. I want to help in some way. Should I send money to Red Cross or something?

  3. Do what your conscience tells you if you are not saved or what the Holy Spirit tells you, if you are. He will give you guidance. Google 'Red Cross or click on the link above for directions to donation information. God bless.

  4. How horrid you are to claim that your 'god' kills innocent people! What kind of father does this? Why does a so called 'ominpotent' god (who must be complete in himself) cruelly maim mortal, weak man - who he has 'created'?? Why does he make inhabitable places on earth to torture people and then not rest with this, then claim to torture them forever in a specially prepared hell? Then all the kind hearted people who try and assist these starving children must be against god? This 'god' is devoid of love and morality. Obviously there is no such 'god' - but such vain medieval superstitions keep pathetic people like you more interested in stupid debates rather than real help for real people. Shame on you.

  5. God did not make desolate places to torture people, when He made the earth, it was perfect. When he made man, he was perfect. WE crapped it up.

    He didn't make hell for the people, he made hell for the devil and his angels. When we sinned, we put ourselves at risk of going there. But you can avoid hell by asking Jesus to forgive your sins.

    As for killing people, ever hear of capital punishment?

    What people like you (unsaved) rail against is the notion that we are accountable to a higher power for our sins.


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