Obama for UN Secretary General?

Throughout the 2008 Presidential campaign and after Obama was elected, there were many blogs, comments, and social media essays purporting that Obama may be the antichrist. I don't believe he is, but that dramatic feeling swept the country among Christians and I firmly believe there was a reason so many people felt that way. Collectively, we are not often touched with a similarly strong feeling of spiritual evil- so there must be some basis for it. At the very least, he obviously has a front and center prophetic role to play in the eternal will of God at the close of this Church Age.

It is plain to see that Obama has no real interest in the job he occupies at the time - and he never occupies it for long. As community organizer he was accused of being distant and unfocused. As Law Professor (glorified adjunct, really) he was and still is accused of being distant and unfocused. As State Senator he was accused of being distant and unfocused (he voted 'present' 129 times.) As President he is accused of being distant and unfocused.He plays golf a lotHe vacations a lot.

The unsaved are usually restless- always seeking the next thing that will fill that hole in them (but never does). Obama seems to have a unique amount of restlessness and lust for power and adoration. Earlier this year and also last year I wrote about the signals that some thought Obama was emitting to be the Muslim Caliphate, that is, the Islamic leader of all the world's Muslims. He might indeed be acceptable for that position. Ruling over 1.4 billion people is a nice job if you can get it, and Ayatollah Durrani seemed inclined to endow Obama with the credentials.

In 2007 when Obama was campaigning, the US was arguably still the world's only super power, claiming hegemony in all arenas and using that clout to fulfill the vision George Bush had for promoting the Good. But what job does one seek after being the leader of the richest and most influential nation in the free world? Why, the World's leader of course.

This is the story that won't go away. It's come up in several times over the years. In 2009, a blogger mused on it. In 2010, the UK Telegraph mused on it. This week in 2011, The American Thinker magazine mused on it. Will Obama's next job be Secretary General of the United Nations?

It kind of makes sense in the deep spiritual portion of our brain, doesn't it? The Secretary-General was envisioned by US President Franklin D. Roosevelt as a "world moderator." The UN's page about the position says that it is "Equal parts diplomat and advocate, civil servant and CEO, the Secretary-General is a symbol of United Nations ideals and a spokesman for the interests of the world's peoples...". 'Obama: World Leader.'

We know that the Tribulation will be a time when the world's political and geo-national boundaries will be reformed. After the Gog-Magog war prophesied in Ezekiel 37-28, Israel will wind up with four times as much land as they have now, including parts of Egypt, and Lebanon, Syria etc. We don't know exactly how the world will be drawn together in the prophesied ten nations, (Rev 17:12-14). Some think there will be ten regions, some think the regions will be ten members of the European Union, but it is clear that global power is tightly controlled and rests with these ten kings under the evil direction of the antichrist.

The current UN Secretary Ban-Ki Moon was just re-appointed this week for another five-year term, which will begin Jan 2012 and end in 2017. Yes, he was re-appointed 6 months early to his next term. I don't know why the rush. Obama hurriedly joined his side to echo the chorus crying out for more of Moon's leadership and the deal was done. So the timing of an Obama UN position as Secretary General seems way off, because Obama won't end his Presidency until 2012 or if he wins re-election, 2016. The timing doesn't match up. But nothing is as it seems these days and anything can happen.

Obama showed his interest in world leadership early on. Remember Obama's unprecedented and possibly unconstitutional (Section 9) taking of the Chairmanship of the UN Security Council in 2009?? Never in the history of the United Nations had a U.S. President taken the chairmanship of the powerful UN Security Council. When the rotating chairmanship of the council went to the U.S., in normal course of business U.S. Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice would take the gavel. But Obama pushed her aside, and put HIMSELF in the chairman's seat, presiding over global nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament talks that began September 24, 2009. I was extremely discomfited by his move then, and I believed it signaled that the world will see a lot more of Obama in years to come, in whatever capacity is higher than US Presidency.

If Obama has designs on more power, being one of ten world leaders as prophecy indicates, is a lot better than being one of 192, the number of nations there are now. So it seems Obama's future career path won't be one that sinks gently back into retirement as President Bush did, or even one filled with humanitarian causes as Bill Clinton is revered for, but one that will likely enjoy MORE power and attention than he has now. We can all intuit we have not seen the last of Obama.


  1. He's a big player, and will continue to be one, in my opinion. I may not like that, but it doesn't change that fact. I wonder what exactly the outcome will be for him. I pray for him, and for his family.... As it is now, he does still make me uncomfortable.

  2. As the article states...he is a very unfocused man. It is all about fame for him, and not having to actually lay hands on any problem.


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