Come On, Irene! NASA view of the hurricane from space

NASA astronauts aboard the International Space Station watch Irene from above. It is a time lapse video that is pretty interesting. "Passing over the Bahamas, Irene caused major damage to the nation's outer islands. By some reports, 90% of the homes on some of the sparsely populated islands of Acklins and Crooked Islands were destroyed as Irene's eye swirled directly overhead."

Makes me smile when thinking of the future moment as the Two Witnesses resurrect before the eyes of the whole world. Our technology even now is such that we can view the earth from a space station. Amazing. I was born before we went to the moon but grew up with seeing the miracle of astronauts walking on the moon and in space, and 50 years later I still think it is amazing.

Take the warnings seriously, this storm has a high surge and heavy rain. Hurricane Katrina made landfall initially in FL as a Cat 1 storm but we all know what happened after that...