Fave storm reporting: Michelle Kosinski in a canoe

This clip below is not from the current storm of Hurricane (now TS) Irene. It is from 2005. But it is funny anyway and kind of representative of Irene. Now as for the blame going around regarding Irene, remember that 17 inches of rain fell on NC, 10 people died, including a fireman performing a swift water rescue, there is billions of damage, more billions in lost economies and millions without power. I think the government officials did a good job of preparing, especially Mayor Bloomberg of NYC. I understand it takes at least 12 hours from the stop order to do the things he ordered, such as evac hospitals and shut transit, so he was going on the best information at the time. They did a good job and I commend them all.

But the reporters in the storm were funny nonetheless. In one example from today's storm, "For the television reporter, clad in his red cagoule emblazoned with the CNN logo, it was a dramatic on-air moment, broadcasting live from Long Island, New York during a hurricane that also threatened Manhattan. “We are in, right, now…the right eye wall, no doubt about that…there you see the surf,” he said breathlessly. “That tells a story right there.” Stumbling and apparently buffeted by ferocious gusts, he took shelter next to a building. “This is our protection from the wind,” he explained. “It’s been truly remarkable to watch the power of the ocean here.” The surf may have told a story but so too did the sight behind the reporter of people chatting and ambling along the sea front and just goofing around. There was a man in a t-shirt, a woman waving her arms and then walking backwards. Then someone on a bicycle glided past."

And here is NBC's Michelle Kosinski-

and here is the 2005 news article about that Canoe moment courtesy of the NY Observer.


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  2. My husband and I were chuckling this morning about how the reporters seemed to be trying to make it seem dramatic. Granted, there is damage, lives lost, etc... but still... it has been a little funny!


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