Man regains hearing after earthquake

I went out directly after school yesterday and didn't get home until 9:30. I went with a friend to see the movie "The Help." It was an excellent movie. I had read the book this summer and I think the movie stayed very close to the book. Both were good, and I recommend either reading the book or viewing the movie. Then we went to Chili's for supper. I hadn't realized that the movie was 2:20 running time! The movie was so good that you didn't notice the length of time in the theater and when we got out we were astounded to see that it was almost 7:30.

Here is a re-post of a news article that I found interesting. It is just one of those things that make you go "huh!" I will post another blog entry tonight. There are a lot of thoughts going through my mind. There is so much happening in the world it will be hard to know what topic to choose! The Spirit will tell me.

I hope you enjoy this one. There is a video at the link.:

Man Regains Hearing After Earthquake

WASHINGTON - For patient Robert Valderzak, Tuesday's earthquake was a blessing in disguise. On Father’s Day, the 75-year-old lost his hearing when he fell. He has been in the hospital since then.
"He has a conductive loss, meaning that could be due to fluid or problems with the bones of the ear. And he has a nerve loss as well, so it's a combined loss," said Dr. Ross Fletcher, Chief of Staff at the Veterans Affairs Hospital in Northwest D.C.
Valderzak used a special speaker phone with a light on it that flashed when it was ringing and an audio device system to communicate. But on Tuesday, something strange happened while his four children were visiting and that massive earthquake rocked the region.
When it was over, Valderzak, who sat in silence for months, sat up in his bed and told his kids, "I said, you know, my hearing is back. I can hear everything, people in the hallway.”
As he was shaking around in his bed, something happened in his head, and he could hear and talk again.
"Some people seem to be a little frightened by it, but he is delighted that this earthquake came along because soon after the event, he could hear everything in the room very clearly," Dr. Ross said. "I think there is still some hearing loss if I test him informally. We do have the ability to look into audiograms and do it more formally."

But to Valderzak, he doesn't care about any test. He already knows what happened.
"To me, it was a miracle, a blessing from God up above. Couldn’t ask for a better day,” said Valderzak.


  1. beautiful testimony and like the leper that Jesus healed, he is giving thanks to God who deserves all the praise. I hope this draws him know Christ as his Saviour if he doesn't already.

    I think people are really waking up and realizing that something dark is on the horizon but many are just not connecting the dots that they can be SAVED through Christ from what is coming.


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