The Daniel Fast and Jentezen Franklin

Part 2: Jentezen Franklin and his false teachings, here

It is with heavy heart I write this today. I have been called by our gracious and Holy Spirit to write this. Out of sincere duty to Him who reveals truth and obedience to Him who saves, I must say some things about the Daniel Fast and about Jentezen Franklin of the Fasting books. This is part 1, about fasting and the Daniel Fast

First, a parable. Picture a large house, in which you and I live with a family. We are all busy, doing things, and happily dwelling there. In November I awoke one morning and went into the baby's room, and as I opened the door I saw with horror that there was a wolf curled up with the baby, snarling and drooling. There are two things I could do. I could close the door and go downstairs to make breakfast, not saying anything about the wolf in the house. Or I could flip on the burglar alarm, call 911, and get my shotgun. Of course I opt for the latter. I am going to make a warning that there is a wolf in the house, I am going to make a ruckus about it, because wolves are dangerous and there are babes to protect.

The house is Your Church. The wolf is The Daniel Fast and/or Jentezen Franklin, the promoter of the current fasting fad. We make a ruckus to let everyone know that there is a wolf ready to pounce on the babes of our faith.


There are many churches today participating in the current fad known as The Daniel Fast. This is a man-made so-called spiritual activity that is supposed to automatically draw you closer to God by eating things that are on a list and not eating things that are not on a list. Other benefits touted if you partake of this fast are winning the battle over the flesh (hard to do when we are still flesh when the fast is done), losing weight and healings from diabetes, allergies, arthritis and cancer. Another benefit from doing the fast is said to be putting our spirit in charge of the other two parts of us, the soul and the body. It must be news to the Holy Spirit that we can put Him in charge of things. (source)

Fasting is in the bible, but the way it is being taught in the Daniel Fasting plan and in Franklin's book it is off center. That is the genius of false teaching, take a biblical thing and twist it.

Let me say that I know good pastors have a heart for their people. I can't imagine the stress and difficulty of being a pastor in the last days, and the mourning they do for the sheep who are sleeping and at such risk! I want to shake them myself, out of complacency, laziness, or apathy, and get them to see that every moment for Christ counts. I know they want the best for us. But the Daniel Fast and the Jentezen Franklin books are not the way to wake them up and this isn't the best for the congregants of a church.

About fasting: it is good. I fast. Fasting is biblical. However the only New Testament direction we are given is from Jesus' sermon on the Mount, and in that, the only specifics we are given about fasting is as a voluntary activity prompted by the Holy Spirit TO DO IT IN SECRET. Jentezen Franklin's model calls for the opposite. Otherwise, Jesus said, the temptation to lean toward pride and hypocrisy is too great. We are told in Romans 14 that the kingdom of God is not what we eat or drink, but the Daniel Plan contains a long list of what we may eat or drink.

If a person engages in it for the wrong motivations, such as it being a promoted activity from their church leadership, or as a weight loss plan, or as a healthy lifestyle, then it is a fad of no worth!

"Fasting in and of itself is unknown in Scripture as an end in itself. All of the benefits of fasting in the Scripture are indirect, not direct. Fasting is never isolated to create some virtue in and of itself. You don't just say well, I'm going to be spiritual, I will not eat. You are no more spiritual because you don't eat than because you do eat." (source)

"Fasting is to deny self, but it is not done in a vacuum. You don't just say well, I'm going to deny myself. I'm going to say no to myself and stop eating for no good reason. There is a reason to humble yourself in that manner. There is a reason to deny yourself in that manner. There is a reason to inflict yourself in that manner and the reason is a consuming one. [F]asting never occurs in a vacuum. It never occurs biblically without a corollary. So, fasting is almost not something you choose to do, but something you cannot avoid." (source)

What is the reason people would go on a Daniel Fast, which strictly is not the definition of fasting, because fasting is avoidance of food? Is it just to do it? Because it will make you grow spiritually? It won't, if that is your sole reason. It's not an activity that causes growth, it is an outward expression of an interior spiritual need or circumstance.

Here is an excerpt on the Daniel Fast and fasting in the New Testament from John MacArthur's site, Grace To You:

"What’s sad is the effect these self-appointed authorities have on those who follow them. They bind consciences with false guilt. Setting themselves up as judges of what goes into your mouth, they oppose our Lord Jesus Christ, who declared all foods clean and said that nothing should be rejected if it is received with gratitude (Mark 7:19; 1 Timothy 4:1-5).

"The New Testament leaves the details of fasting to the discretion of the believer and even de-emphasizes fasting in the progress of revelation. When Jesus taught against hypocrisy in Matthew 6:1-18, he taught us to give, pray, and fast privately. If you do, your Father who sees in secret will reward you."

[As opposed to praying, fasting is a] "Different approach altogether. Yes, he tells those who fast to fast in secret (Matthew 6:18). But he does not say, “Fast, then, in this way.” He does not give any instruction on fasting. He does not address frequency. He does not address diet. He does not address drinking liquids while fasting. He most certainly does not address whether the starchy endosperm in semolina vitiates the purpose of the fast!"

"His silence shows that Jesus de-emphasized fasting in comparison to prayer. If you needed such details to live your Christian life, He would have given them (cf. 2 Timothy 3:16-17). His silence shows you shouldn’t preoccupy yourself with the matter. Teachers today should not regulate fasting or elevate it to prominence when Jesus left it in the shadows."

Fasting is a private, Holy Spirit inspired activity usually and traditionally associated with grief, repentance, or for a specific purpose that Jesus Himself relegates to a private matter between a believer and God, vertically. The Daniel Fast promoters and Franklin have made it an activity on some name it-claim it spiritual check-off list, a horizontal display of public piety laden with potentials for hypocrisy and pride, exactly what Jesus said not to do. I'm sorry to be harsh, but someone has to say it.

A short series of essays on the proper approach to fasting can be found on John MacArthur's blog below, and in part 3 he deals with the Daniel Fast specifically. It is not long, each part is only 2 pages. I encourage you to read this four part series from a senior pastor of our faith to get an understanding of the theology behind fasting from which any discerning person can go forward on making good decisions on determining if their urge for fasting is a spiritual need or a church activity, and whether or not to take part in any program or plan set before them.

The Heart of Christian Fasting, Part 1. The Old Testament.
The Heart of Christian Fasting, Part 2: Sermon on the Mount
The Heart of Christian Fasting, Part 3: The New Testament (it is this part he deals with the Daniel Fast)
The Heart of Christian Fasting, Part 4: Fasting Today

If someone wants to listen to or read a good sermon series on fasting, again I direct them to the Grace to You website and the series entitled Fasting Without Hypocrisy, Part 1

I condemn this Daniel Fast as a fad, a gimmick based on flawed teachings, and man-made motivations and well apart from proper biblical moorings.

I exhort with all possible urgency that any church practicing it is dangerously adrift!

Part, 2, Jentezen Franklin next


  1. I cannot comment on Jentzen Franklin or his book because I don't know about him nor have I read his material.

    I do have to say that I believe that a time of fasting to seek the Lord and grow deeper in your walk can be beneficial. A few years ago, I began a fasting book called, "EAT at the Table of the King" by Traci Alexander. It is a 40 day fast that features daily readings broken into breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The Word of God becomes your daily bread.

    At first I didn't know why I was doing the fast--I hated fasting. But I needed to grow. And God brought the book into my life. I wasn't fasting for any situation in particular, but I was fasting for God to set my gaze fully on Him and to change my life.

    And boy did He! I was in the Word all day, feasting on it!!! I learned HOW to fast, How to pray, How to focus on Him in a much deeper way.

    Over the years I have continued pursuing God through fasting. I choose to do prolonged Daniel type fasts for a set period of time (3 weeks or 40 days), with normal fasts during that period of time, as led. But now, my fasting is for others. I pray for people who are in bondage to sin or for my church that is struggling.

    I am not fasting to "get" anything from God, but to agree with Him and team up with Him for His will to be done, and Him to be glorified.

    But fasting, even a Daniel fast, does draw us closer to the Lord IF it is coupled with pouring ourselves into the Word and prayer. It is a holy time, where we set ourselves apart for the Lord.

    I would not be where I am with the Lord today, had I not followed Him in a deeper way, through fasting.

    And I will add that there is a greater efficacy in prayer during the times of fasting. I do not believe that it is because of "works" but because I am more tuned in to Him.

    So even if there is something wrong with this particular book, I would not discourage anyone from a Daniel fast--God blesses every thing we do to pursue Him and seek His face. It is sweet to Him. But I would caution that fasting is not to get OUR will done on earth, but to tune in to His will.

  2. I agree with the commenter above but I'll definitely be looking into the resources provided with the guidance of The Holy Spirit.

  3. Think on this, churches practicing The Daniel Fast call for a semi-commanded, corporate fasting in which certain foods are allowed and certain foods are banned, and you have to sign a contract. This seems legalistic to me.

  4. A fast is voluntary. A church cannot semi-command a fast or partial fast. Then you will have a bunch of fakers not fasting, and feeling guilty!!! And another bunch of people not eating in order to feel spiritual, but still not seeking the Lord in a heartfelt fast. With probably only a few people who truly desire to seek the Lord, doing it.

    A fast begins with our heart, not with peer pressure.

    I agree that a signed contract fast IS legalism!!! You only fast unto God!!!

  5. Hi Anonymnous,

    Thank you for your comment! I had said semi-command because we cannot really be commanded unless it is in the bible (and the only commanded fast expired at the cross) so your phrase peer pressure is a good one to sum up the situation. It's hard to withstand the pressure from the pulpit, especially when it is constant and especially when you want to please the pastor and you trust him. And the pressure from the fellow congregants too, adds to the feeling of it being a partial command, but sadly, sets up a situation where (if not done for the right motivations) will only result in some beginning and not ending the fast, leading to temptations of feelings of spiritual pride for those who were 'successful and feelings of guilt and failure for those who 'failed.'

  6. Elizabeth, let me ask you FEW QUESTIONS and I want you to be very sincere as the Holy Spirit knows the intents of our hearts

    (i) When last did you fast?

    (ii) When last did you hear from God and you can BOLDLY tell people that "GOD TOLD ME THAT....."? Because as Children of God we should be able to recognize the voice of our father

    (iii) When last have you fasted and prayed for your nation?

    (iii) If your answer above in question ii and iii are positive, what did God tell you?

    See Elizabeth, what I believe strongly is that a time of fasting is a time to pour your heart to God and let Him know what occupies your heart. There is no FAST in the bible without a reason for it. And all the reasons are to seek the face of God. Even if what you desire is wrong in the sight of God, he will let you know and tell you the right thing to ask for.

    Please, do not call J. Franklin a FALSE TEACHER again. It is not right.

  7. Anonymous,
    No, no one is perfect. But those false teachers are to be called out. There is a difference between a sinning brother and a false wolf. The bible shows us what to do when dealing with either case.

    It is not wrong to call someone a false teacher. We are told to test all things, hold fast to the good. We are told to balance all things against scripture and reject and rebuke that which is not from God. I wrote another piece called "Why we name false teachers" and using scriptures, it tells us of our duty to name them so that the weaker brethren will whose teaching to avoid.

    Paul named many false teachers and their names are even recorded in the bible. If it is wrong to do this, as you state, then Paul was also wrong. No, this current politically correct culture tolerates false teaching and false teachers but no body tolerates cancer. We excise it from our body so why not excise it from the church body? It is our duty

  8. What about the times in the scripture that Godly men and women called a solemn fast?
    Joel, Samuel,Jehosaphat, Esther, Moses, etc...
    do you call them false teachers? telling others that they should fast?
    I appreciate Pastor Franklin. and as a Pastor I encourage my church to fast too.
    Leaders are given that place to LEAD

  9. Hi Pastor,
    I'm sad that you appreciate J. Franklin, who has shown by his own words to violate many of the scriptured in Matthew 6 regarding tithing and fasting. This kind of biblical violation is not to be looked at with favor or appreciation. He also is shown to be a word-faith/ name it claim it pastor, and this is also something not to be appreciated. Last, I had hoped to show in the piece that his lifestyle is also something not to be emulated, it being far from the shepherding kind of pastor our Lord called them to be. In all these cases to continue to appreciate him is to choose to overlook these things, and for that, I surmise you have your own agenda.

    I'm glad you encourage your church to fast. That is good. However as I said in the article, fasting is private and between a brother and Jesus. It is not a church-wide activity for growth. As for the solemn fast you mentioned, also known as the holy fast as in Nehemiah 9, Joel 1 or 2, and Yom Kippur, as I mentioned in the article Jesus gave a new covenant about fasting int he Sermon on the Mount.

    If you encourage them to fast individually as a sacrificial act to Jesus when called by the Spirit to do so, in my opinion this follows Matthew 6. If you urge them to fast as a corporate activity for any other reason, especially inducing them to follow man-made rules like allowed foods from a list, then it violates many scriptures, which I showed in the piece. In the latter case, in my opinion you would be asking them not to do it unto their Father but unto the Pastor, and this is dangerously close to idolatry. (Mt 6:18 KJV)

  10. I appreciate Pastor Franklins teaching on fasting.A corporate fast is biblical. There is nothing wrong with his teachings.You commit yourself to God personally when beggining the fast and its a seoson of praying. We should not judge lest we be judged. Remember the time of Christ on earth. Others missed him because they were busy judging him to the extend of crucifying him and according to them they were doing God's will. Any type of fast is accepted by God if you seek him during the fast.

  11. Maya, While fasting is biblical, Jesus gave us a new covenant about fasting, it is in Matthew 6. A corporate fast containing a list of approved and unapproved foods, combined with a legalistic contract, done in public, is not biblical. A fast is especially NOT biblical when done as a program and not at the behest of the Holy Spirit. Please reread Matthew 6:16-18 where it states fasting is to be seen only by God.

    Therefore I JUDGE Mr Franklin's fasting as unbiblical. I suggest also that you read the scriptures in Colossians 2:23; Mark 7:19; 1 Corinthians 8:8; 1 Timothy 4:1-5; Romans 14:17; Colossians 2:20-22; so that you may also appropriately JUDGE when a teaching is acceptable and consistent with biblical teachings, and when it is not. Lacking the ability to JUDGE these things for yourself will lead you to destruction. (Hosea 4:6).

  12. It is amazing to me that you think you have the right to judge anyone. As your profile states, some of your favorite music and movies are vulgar, sinful, and worldly. Maybe this mans message brings unwelcome conviction to your life so thus the need for retaliation. I suggest you take the beam out of your own eye before you remove the splinter from someone else's eye. None of us are perfect, not you (regardless of your own opinion of yourself) nor Pastor Franklin or John M. or anyone but The Lord Jesus!!! It is only by his grace that we can claim anything good of ourselves. It is his grace that saves us. It's his job to convict and save. Not yours.

    1. Hi John,

      If you allow me some latitude, I believe you may have confused judging as far as discernment goes with judging as far as salvation goes. You're absolutely right, no one is to judge whether someone is saved or not. Only God does that. You're right again, it is His grace that saves us.

      However, we are commanded to judge a teacher/prophet as to their fruits. If we don't we may be taking in poisonous doctrine and that is bad for us.

      The folks at Got Questions explain the difference:

      "What does the Bible mean that we are not to judge others?"

      "Answer: This is an issue that has confused many people. On one hand, we are commanded by the Lord Jesus, “Do not judge, or you too will be judged” (Matthew 7:1). On the other hand, the Bible also exhorts us to beware of evildoers and false prophets and to avoid those who practice all kinds of evil. How are we to discern who these people are if we do not make some kind of judgment about them?"

      "Christians are often accused of "judging" whenever they speak out against a sinful activity. However, that is not the meaning of the Scripture verses that state, "Do not judge." There is a righteous kind of judgment we are supposed to exercise—with careful discernment (John 7:24)"

      The essay goes on to explain more. I hope it blesses you and gives clarity as to the kind of judging (reproving, exhorting, warning, rebuking, and discerning) we are supposed to do as diligent Christians.

      I also hope you take the piece I wrote about Mr Franklin's scripture twisting and false gospel of prosperity and take to heart that he may not be feeding you good food. It is poison, and I care about you enough to tell you that Franklin's food is not good for you, John. Be discerning about what teaching you sit under.

  13. Much of the "legalism" accusations about Franklin seam a bit legalistic themselelves. Franklin is encouraging the church to pray and fast and we want to attack him? Very sad.

    1. Anyone can be encouraging and urge people to pray and fast. Like, the Dalai Lama. Like, Buddhist monks. Like, Mormons. Just because someone claims religion and urges them to pray does not mean they are a true believer.

      Look deeper into Franklin via the scriptures and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal truth to you. John said not to believe every spirit. What's "sad" is failing to honor Christ by not testing the spirits. (1 John 4:1)

  14. It is always a disappointment when I hear "Christians" criticizing brothers who are impacting the world for Christ. It has always been my opinion that you have no right to criticize anyone who is doing more for changing the world for Christ than you are. I'm pretty certain those "religious" people who wanted to stone the woman caught in the act of adultery for her sin had every 'religious' reason why they felt they were right...But Jesus response was one we should all take heed to...He said let he who is without sin cast the first stone....So, maybe a little soul searching is in order.

    1. Anonymous,

      It is always a disappointment to me when "Christians" think that someone's external good works make up for false doctrine. Those who perform good works without knowing the Jesus who is revealed in the bible are producing only filthy rags for Jesus.

      Pointing out false doctrine isn't casting stones, it is rebuking those who are devouring the unwary sheep, like you. It is actually something that we are commanded to do. In your version of Christianity, you accept everything anyone says and let your brethren fall to poisonous doctrine because someone seems to be "impacting the world" with their busy Christian-like activity. Attitudes like that are always a disappointment.

      As for casting the first stone, you can learn what that incident actually means by studying this short essay here

    2. I have read thru all of these posts... I too used to not know how to discern as the bible teaches.. I attended Free Chapel, G'ville , Ga from 1993- 2011... A very long time... I grew up under Pastor Franklins Ministry AND the Holy Spirit.. I had many red flags in my spirit thru the years. The first was about 2 yrs after going . My son was in a rehab in Gainesville and wanted to talk to Pastor ( my son was 14) . I called the church they got my info and said he would visit him.. After 2 weeks he hadn't and my son was sad because he looked up to Pastor. I called back.. The staff informed me he was too busy ;-( but someone else would come.. They never did.. I called once more and then said " God if they don't come I know you will!" But tell a 14 yr old struggling young man that his own Pastor nor ANYONE else had time for him.. Needless to say my son got wounded and ran straight into more drugs that drowned the now even more pain. When one visit from someone there could have changed the course of his life.. There was none.. I forgave them and still attended church and pursued God ( not Pastor) faithfully . My son also continued to follow his pursuit of drugs and covering his pain faithfully . Thru the years I'd started praying for discernment because things just didn't line up with the bible that I had learned to love.. I noticed that my friends that were wealthy got letters in the mail signed by Pastor for their generous gift ($). Why I wondered didn't I get a letter? Mine was even more generous considering the amount I gave compared to my income? God started showing me little by little that Pastor was off track as a Pastor and teacher. How church had become a business promoting him not Gods son. The bookstore and lobby became full of pictures of him and each new best seller. Also back in 1995 I was watching an old video where he mentioned HE always loved California and that HE would love to have a church there and live the life HE dreamed of. The best of both worlds.. Well we know how that ended up. As for the private jet someone donated for him to live his dream, and do Gods will.. I often questioned why he didn't stay in G'ville full time but hey, you never could get an appt with him if u were just an average person.. I'd tried.. :-( there is more and more I could say but what I want others to know is IF you will pray and ask God for discernment HE WILL SHOW YOU! Looking back, I think I like the big church the Celebrity-ness of it all. Afterall aren't we alot like whom we follow??? So the I had to ask God to show me what was wrong with me? And He did... Which is why I no longer attend. I repented from wanting to be a part of a worldly church and now I see so clearly the way things are there.. The world is in there.. And to others who can't or won't see it I pray that God will open your eyes as he did mine and to every ministry like it! I agree if a church is small they are more likely bible's all so sad and my son , bless his heart became a heroine addict BUT God is doing a work in him.. Thank you Elizabeth for telling Gods WORD! There was a time when I didn't want to believe what was happening but God opened my eyes to the truth.. Big is not better.. Fruits come from love.. They aren't houses and riches which by the way I have now! I'm sooo glad I didn't have the $ I do now because I would have given it freely to a ministry that I know NOW was about becoming BIGGER all the while falling further and further from Gods word! God is amazing and I'm soooo humbled by Him... I love Pastor and always will but I won't follow a man that doesn't walk as Jesus walked.. I pray, never again! Blessings and much love.. This is my story... XOXOXOXOXO

    3. ANonymous, I'm so sorry you had these experiences. I hope you are in a good, solid church by now and that your son is on the mend & off the heroin.

      A devastating disappointment like you had cold have turned you off the church or even to Jesus but I'm glad to see that instead it made you stronger, and you seek the Lord and His discernment even more. That is so inspiring.


    4. Oh dear! I am sorry that you went through all that and with your son! I attended the church at the same time you did. Other things took me from the area. I have watched that church go from a small Spanish speaking population to a mega church with "missions" here and "missions" there. I don't wish anyone harm. But I will now pray for discernment. I know in my heart that we are so very close to being the last day.... we all need to pray for discernment I think now especially as the world has gone crazy! One thing I am grateful for is that my faith and it seems yours has ever increased. I try to remember the part in the bible about the scraps of food under the table...and dogs....

  15. Thank you Elizabeth.. If anything it has THRUST me into the loving arms of the Perfect Pastor Jesus.. I pray for Pastor Franklin and the staff and everyone under his covering.. In the beginning when the church was at the previous McEver Rd. location he was much humbler .. Before he became a Celebrity preacher.. . No one is perfect BUT when u are responsible for others lives you are much more accountable to God for that very reason... God mentions for us to not be stumbling blocks to new believers.. Anyway I'm praying he soon awakens-- kicks the world OUT OF THE CHURCH and gets back on track..... We all fall and stumble but how many others do we take down with us??? :-(. Pray for all these Pastors that have opened their pulpits and ministries to usher in the world... ALL OF US PRAY! And please keep speaking the word Elizabeth! People are listening because God speaks thru His word...

  16. The Bible says that in the last days that the trees of God would be so few that a little child could number them. Strait is the way narrow is the gate and FEW there be that find life. Broad is the way that leads to destruction and many there be that go in there at. Jentzen Franklin teaches a lot of things that are wrong but what about you!!! When I click on your name one of your favorite musicians is JIMMY BUFFET. I went to his concerts before I received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost. The Bible says come out of the world and be a seperate people and that if the love of the world is in you the love of God is not there. Margaretiville??????????????? How does a christian's spirit feed off of this. The Bible says no drunkard will ever enter into the Kingdom of God. How can you sit around listening and feasting on Jimmy Buffet and watching your worldly movies. Jenzten Franklin's church is going to get together so they can watch the witchcraft new movie OZ. No wonder Jesus said in the last days it would be so deceiving it would deceive the very elect. They mix light with darkness or Hot water with Cold and it is a lukewarm condition that he said he would spew out of his mouth.

    1. Listening to secular musicians is always hard, because there is a lot of worldliness mixed in with the good. Margaritaville is about the issues that result from laziness and dissipations due to drinking.

      I remember as an 8 year old kid, writing down a lyric on an index card and putting a song lyric on my poster board: "if we couldn't laugh, we would all go insane".

      Most of his songs are about searching for higher meaning in life, and not finding it (because, of course, he isn't saved). Though I don't listen to him much anymore, I do keep him on my list of musicians to remind me of what I used to listen to before I was saved. Though I agree with you that many of his songs are terrible odes to the worst the world has to offer, and I don't listen to them now. Mainly, I have certain memories of his songs, and that is why I keep him on the list, but those reasons are private. Thanks for your input.

  17. I love you Elizabeth as a Sister in the Lord. Your feedback proves you are in the Love of God. Thank you for coming against the false doctrines that people are involved in. I have a friend that just started going to that church. That is the Love of God in action to keep all of his commandments and to seek and find and help the true sheep back on the right path. You have made a lot of great comments providing scripture. One of the main issues is people are always coming back saying not to judge. Like you said a tree is known by it's fruits. Jesus of course said judge not that you be not judge for in the same way you judge it comes back on you. So judging righteous judgement will come back on you and you will be blessed. Paul said every word is line upon line precept upon precept. So these other scriptures have to tie in with that scripture. The Sons of God shall judge the world. Judge righteous judgement. I have seen many people when you give them scripture or come against false doctrine like you did they say you are judging. It is satan's way of keeping them from hearing the truth. The Bible says because people have not a love for the truth that I will send them a Strong Delusion Make them to believe a lie and be damned. You don't hear that preached much. Keep pressing the battle Sister. Their lays a beautiful world on the other side waiting for you and all those that love his appearing. God bless you!

  18. I think you are being led by the wrong spirit to even suggest that Pastor Franklin's teachings are wrong. You are going against what the bible says as far as demeaning another child of God, and making people think less of Pastor Franklin. I am so ashamed that you would even consider writing this.

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      The Spirit that leads me to say these things is the Holy Spirit. The Spirit inspired Paul to write this in 1 Thessalonians 5:21, "But examine everything carefully; hold fast to that which is good;"

      I examined Franklin's teachings against the holy word of God and Franklin's came up short. Barnes Notes explains the verse:

      "The meaning here is, that they were carefully to examine everything proposed for their belief. They were not to receive it on trust; to take it on assertion; to believe it because it was urged with vehemence, zeal, or plausibility. In the various opinions and doctrines which were submitted to them for adoption, they were to apply the appropriate tests from reason and the word of God, and what they found to be true they were to embrace; what was false they were to reject"

      I tested Franklin's and I found it to be false, so I reject his teaching.

      You're right that we should be cautious and not casually suggest a certain teacher or minister is preaching falsely, but we ARE to test & examine, and embrace or reject. Scriptures along the same lines as the 1 Tess 5:21 are 1 John 4:1, 1 Corinthians 14:29, Matthew 7:15,1 John 2:18 and many others.

      As a matter of fact, every NT book except Philemon makes dire warnings to us regarding the coming of false prophets. With that many warnings to does behoove us to test what is being taught by one and all. (Acts 17:11). The shame would actually fall on you if you don't.

  19. I appreciate your essay, Elizabeth. I don't know anything about J. Franklin having never heard of him. But I have been reading up on the Daniel Fast on other websites and am extremely uncomfortable. It's all about recipes and comfort food and checking ingredient lists... my goodness. Fasting is about denying ourselves, and there is nothing about that in this modern approach. I think if we're going to do it, do fruits and vegetables and water. Or may just vegetables and water, which is Daniel 1. Maybe some nuts for health's sake, maybe not... but surely not a bunch of yummy vegan recipes!

    1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your viewpoint on Jentzen Franklin. To say I've been apprehensive about him is an understatement. My kids attend the Irvine, CA campus, so I've been there on several occasions. Something never felt right to me, and it took me a while to put my finger on it. That all changed the night he said, "I speak in tongues," then began to babble. My son is convinced that the only way to receive the Holy Spirit is to ask for it, regardless of the fact that Jesus said he was sending the Holy Spirit, not that we had to ask for the Holy Spirit to come. We've also had quite a few discussions about worship, and that worship isn't about getting something, it's about ascribing worth to God.

      Thanks for all of your hard work. I appreciate your writing.

  20. Thank you, Elizabeth. Keep sharing the Word! It is refreshing to hear the Scriptures upheld and someone writing who truly lives the Word of God and loves people enough to warn them, despite the opposition.

  21. Thank you, Elizabeth, for sharing the Word and loving people enough to warn them, despite the opposition. You are an inspiration to me.

  22. Interesting article how's about we pray for him an his ministry. I ain't apart of his church but I really like an enjoy his teachings. This fasting is interesting I should get the book to see what's all the hustle am bustling is about. End not I fast for a personal deep relationship with God if I want something I just ask him isn't that simple lol hehehehe anyway God Bless


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