"Asleep on the watch"

"Somebody please wake the watchmen! I would rather have sadness and grief with much tears, bringing us to repentance, than to continue to see the churches being infiltrated and assimilated by New Age Occultism, false teaching, heresies, philosophies of men and doctrines of demons as the watchmen sleep." (source)

Another good article on the biblical explanation of what a watchman does from the Old Testament and New Testament, here.


  1. Great article on the Watchmen. This is the second calling to 'watchmen' that I have read in the last 3 days.


  2. It is sad that the Church at large doesn't take this seriously. And those of us who try to act as watchmen are denounced as "heresy hunters," and being "divisive" as well as being "nit-pickers."

  3. I, too, have been aware of the calling of the watchmen more now than ever. There seems to be an urgency about it. Be assured that they are out there. I know of three offhand, one of which is my daughter. She began a blog in response to heretical teaching in her former church with the message of 'don't be deceived' and 'get out of her my people'. She has lost friends over it, but she says that she can't turn her back on this passion to sound the alarm.


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