The Lord is coming soon

The Lord is coming soon. He will call His bride (the believers) up to Him. After that He will begin judgment on the remaining unbelieving world.

The Lord is coming soon.

“Where is this ‘coming’ he promised? Ever since our fathers died, everything goes on as it has since the beginning of creation.” (2 Peter 3:4)

In Noah's day, they didn't believe they would be held individually accountable to a Holy God for their sins and were doing and thinking evil continually. (Gen 6:5-7). The LORD prepared judgment, and told Noah to build the ark because He was going to wipe out mankind. He said He would do it, and He did it.

How long did the world have to prepare? "When Noah is first mentioned in Genesis 5:32, he is 500 years old. When Noah enters the ark, he is 600 years old. The time it took to build the ark would depend on how much time had passed between Genesis 5:32 and the time that God commanded Noah to build the ark (Genesis 6:14-21). At the absolute most, it took 100 years." (source). Knowing God's patience and longsuffering, (Numbers 14:18) we can surmise that the Lord used Noah's righteous life among all who lived at the time (Genesis 6:9) as an example. We can surmise that the ark building activity itself was an example, too. Just as Christians today are an example to the ungodly. "We are therefore Christ's ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us. We implore you on Christ's behalf: Be reconciled to God." (2 Corinthians 5:20)

We can think of the conversations at Noah's place that went a little something like this:

Artist-Attributed to Francesco Bassano
Building year 1:
Noah! What are you doing?
Building a boat because the LORD is angry at the sin in the world and will destroy it.
HA HA HA Noah, you're nuts. Everyone's going to heaven, didn't you know that? Love wins.

Building year 25:
Noah! Are you still building that thing?
Yes. The LORD is patient but righteous and He will judge sin and sinners.
HA HA HA Noah, there is no God! He would have shown up by now. Think for yourself!

Building year 75:
Noah! You should be ashamed. Your whole family is involved with this thing now.
Yes, we follow the LORD. The LORD is angry with sinners and will judge the world. Repent.
DORÉ, Gustave
HA HA HA I'm fine, I'm a good person. YOU'RE the one who's nuts. Come to the market with us, get your mind off this ark thing.

"First of all, you must understand that in the last days scoffers will come, scoffing and following their own evil desires." (2 Peter 3:3)

Building Year 99 and 360 days:
Noah! Aren't you tired of that by now? Give it up, man. Come to Joe and Pete's wedding. There's free booze.
The LORD is holy and wants all to be righteous. Repent.
HA HA HA No wonder no one wants to be around you, Noah, you're so intolerant.

100 years after the command to build the ark: DEATH

I say the Lord is coming soon. I do not think it is early in the call to repent. I do not think it is in the middle of the time set aside for His longsuffering to call sinners to His bosom. I do not think it is late in the Age of Grace. I think it is VERY LATE.

BOURGEOIS, Léon Pierre Urbain
One of the times in one of the years, one of the months the mockers who mocked and the scoffers who scoffed mocked once too often, and scoffed once too many, and the Day came.

"For the coming of the Son of Man will be just like the days of Noah. “For as in those days before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, and they did not understand until the flood came and took them all away; so will the coming of the Son of Man be." (Mt 24:38-39)

The Lord is coming soon. It won't be 100 years from now. It could be tomorrow. Are you ready?


  1. God will not put any child created in his image no matter what their sins into a hell fire. It never entered God’s heart or mind to ever do such a thing Jer 7:31, Jer 19:5.
    I would like to invite you to read where the true word is delivered and proven.

  2. Anonymous said, "God will not put any child created in his image no matter what their sins into a hell fire. " I offer you this verse: God most certainly would deal with people harshly, children included. 1 Samuel 15:3-

    "Now go, attack the Amalekites and totally destroy all that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys.’"

    And this verse:
    " From there Elisha went up to Bethel. As he was walking along the road, some boys came out of the town and jeered at him. “Get out of here, baldy!” they said. “Get out of here, baldy!” 24 He turned around, looked at them and called down a curse on them in the name of the LORD. Then two bears came out of the woods and mauled forty-two of the boys." 2 Kings 2:24-25.

    So God WOULD deal harshly in ways that include children. However, the doctrine you speak of is a doctrine called the 'age of accountability.'

    The doctrine is something Paul alluded to. God is Judge and our sins are law-breaking- children included. (Romans 3:10). Within the context of a court, visualize this answer- though in the book of Romans it says we all sin, there are some people who cannot cognitively make the decision to ask Jesus for forgiveness because they do not understand the ramifications of their sin nor can make the choice to ask for forgiveness. These are babies, children aging at different maturity rates, and the severely mentally impaired. It is alluded to in Romans 7:9 Of these, I believe, though they sin, God does not hold that charge against them. The issue is explained here:

    I personally believe that God will treat the minor children and the infirm of mind in that way.

  3. As for the blog Anonymous recommended, the opening tag line- "There is no second death in a hell fire for any mortal. Sin doesn’t scare God; he created it... All are going to heaven..." shows me that the author of it has zero understanding of the bible, zero understanding of our sin and His holiness, and zero discernment. I recommend that no one visit it, for truth is not to be found there.


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