And now for something completely different: some stuff about me

Remember that segue phrase from Monty Python's Flying Circus? No? Man, I'm old.

Here are a few personal things. It occurred to me that I never, ever post anything about myself. While I think that is a good thing, generally, because this blog is not about me (It's about JESUS!) sometimes getting to know the writer could help someone make a connection.

I have two cats. Bert and Luke.

Here is my cat Bert, otherwise known as 'football' or the 'ungainly meat loaf'.

He loves his string though. Not just any string, but a plaid gift bow. He drags it in his mouth, jumps on the table and drops it on the keyboard. Subtle he ain't. I'm supposed to wave it around and he grabs for it.

Lemme position this just right...

Aha! I've got you right where I want you, string!

Whazzat? Something else going on? What? Where?

Just to mess with him, I said really loud, "BERT!" He's so easy...

This is Luke. He likes to get into things too.

Here is my couch, from which I occasionally post things:

But mostly I work at the table. The bookcase adjacent to the table contains the scanner, the printer, office supplies, and some reference materials. The rest of my theological books are in the 6 foot bookcase in the living room. (not shown)

I have curtains now that there is a neighbor. She is a quiet neighbor.

So that is a bit about me. I like Monty Python, I have two cats, a small but tidy and pretty apartment, a lot of books, and, well, that's all about me, your tireless and diligent blogger!


  1. I LOVE your cats and your space. Thanks for sharing a bit about where you work. :)


  2. just to thank you for your wonderful, thoughtful
    posts and your beautiful love for Jesus that
    comes thru loud and clear - very encouraging

  3. Just out of curiosity, are you also the artist who drew the portraits on the wall? Beautiful little home! And cats who obviously well loved and happy. :) thank you for sharing.

  4. Such a cozy home and sweet kitties. Thank you Elizabeth for being so diligent and tireless, I always look forward to reading this blog.

    Lisa / AKA (Never Forsaken)

  5. Hi Anonymous who asked about the portraits on the wall.

    I did not do any of the art work. The array above the couch is all Italian in nature and origin. The photo on the far left is of a place in Treviso Italy. I bought it at a big box store. The longish photo at the top is a last turn of the century photo of the Colosseum, with horses and buggies parked out front. I bought it at a yard sale. The drawing on the right is original artwork. A friend I'd known who lived in Italy ran a wine importing business. Her degree was in art, and she draws and paints the label for their premier wine line each year. She gave me that one, it is of the grape harvest at sunset. The two below are interesting. They are wood panels. On the back I'd noticed a brown and old sticker saying Fratelli Alinari, Via Condotti, Roma. Via COndotti in Rome is the most expensive street in the city, like Rodeo Drive in CA or Park Ave in NY. I could see they were unusual and the price was low. I'd figured I'd buy now, research later.

    Alinari was the first photograph and art company in Europe, founded in 1832. I don't know how old or new my two panels are, but they are of high quality from a long-established company. Cool!

    The moral of the story is, you can still get great stuff at consignment shops and yard sales!

  6. Just as I had pictured...

  7. Elizabeth I love your blog so much and want you to know what an encouragement you are to me and so faithful to post timely information for those of us watching for the return of the Lord every day. Your home and cats are beautiful and you can feel the love of God in the pictures of your home. God bless you as you continue to write for HIM!

  8. Your place is very neat...or did you do that for us? :P

    We have a table just like that and the wood floors like that in the kids' rooms. Cool:)

    Kitties are so nice, we had them before the kids came, but fleas and allergies, and we had to get rid of them.

  9. Hi Ma,

    The wood floors sound nice. My kitties are inside only so no fleas, but the dander does affect my nose. I try to vacuum frequently and I wash the throws once per week in hot water and bleach. It helps that the weather is temperate enough to be able to open the windows even in winter some days.

    Thanks for the compliment Ma, I like the place too. It suits me.

  10. Hi Today's Grace, thank you! I visited your blog and I love it as well! I'll visit frequently. I loved the parrot story :)


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