Drifting Away: A Sailing Story

Western Syria is aflame, violence spills over to Lebanon

This information is from UK Telegraph's live blogging tweets of the Syrian Uprising. They have stopped for the day, but you need to see this map they linked to.

They wrote: "Syrian uprising live. Live coverage of developments in Syria, as the violence escalates in the Syrian flashpoint city of Homs with soldiers loyal to Bashar al-Assad's regime attempting to crush opponents. Join us for DAILY updates: www.facebook.com/syrianuprising, twitter: @SyriaUprising"

This was their last tweet for the day:

"21.05 All eyes are on Homs and the battle for Damascus but the uprising against Assad is actually far more widespread. Check out this Google map to see how almost all of western Syria is aflame." [emphasis mine]

Syria - Friday 10/02/2012
"Videos and updates from around Syria. Towns with reported protests or on strike are marked in blue. Towns with updates alone are marked in green. Red markers show places which are under attack or where martyrs fell today."

You see that there is violence at the borders. Indeed, the violence spilled over to Lebanon today.

"Syrian forces continued to bombard Homs on Saturday as Iraq claimed jihadists are crossing into Syria and weapons are being sent to opponents of President Bashar Al Assad's regime. The bloodshed showed no signs of abating, even spilling over into Lebanon. Activists said 25 people were killed across the country, including a 55-year-old woman among seven who were killed in the latest attacks in many districts of Homs which also saw house-to-house raids. Food and medical supplies are running low in blockaded areas and many people are trapped in their houses. "We have intelligence information that a number of Iraqi jihadists went to Syria," Adnan Al Assadi told AFP, adding that "weapons smuggling is still ongoing" from Iraq to Syria. In Damascus, Brigadier General Eisa Al Kholi was killed by three gunmen outside his home as part of a "framework of targeting Syrian intellectuals and the medical and technical cadres," the official Syrian Arab News Service said. Al Kholi was the director of the Hamish Hospital in Damascus, it said.""

There is no way you can be a student of prophecy and know the prophecy of Damascus, and not see that map and get shivers. Damascus is 150 miles from Jerusalem. Now here is another shiver-worthy article--

Assad mulls use of chemical weapons (translated from Hebrew)
"According to dissident elements, the Syrian army had concentrated cluster of chemical weapons at a school in the city, Prime Minister of Britain: a horrible situation, very difficult"
"Homs opposition warned today (Thursday) from the Syrian army can use chemical weapons against the protesters. Forum social network today who told activists that received reports that the Syrian army gas masks distributed to his soldiers at checkpoints and cluster grenades and mortar shells containing chemical weapons were assembled one of the schools in Homs. Whether the Syrian military will use chemical weapons against civilians is thus sufficient grounds for outside military intervention."

If they use chemical weapons, will they also use nuclear? The destruction of Damascus from being a city is a given because it is a prophecy, but how it is destroyed is not given.

Dr. Jill Dekker is a consultant to the NATO Defense Establishment in bio-warfare and counter terrorism. Dr. Dekker is also a member of the board of advisors of the Intelligence Summit. She gave an interview to the New English Review in December 2007. In it, she said,

"Contrary to how the US State Department and other agencies tend to downplay the sophistication of the Syrian biological and nuclear programs, they are very advanced. Syria has always had the most advanced chemical weapons program in the Middle East. The US and other western agencies have in a sense been distracted by this, but their biological programs and the “concept of use” are robust. Syria’s biological weapons capability today is closely tied to the former and current Soviet and Russian programs respectively, the DPRK, Iran and the former Iraq regime. A major concern is their strategic concept of use - which has gone from one of ‘special weapons’ to incorporation into their ‘conventional arsenal.’ That is a significant shift and one that seems to have eluded the US. The Syrians run their biological programs out of the Syrian Scientific Research Council (SSRC) in Damascus.""

In a 2011 article I'd commented on, the unrest that had begun in Syria those many months ago immediately sparked fears and the question was asked "what will happen to its chemical weapons?"

The 2007 Dekker interview summarized the situation like this:

"Dr. Dekker’s answers give a foreboding picture of how large and refined the Syrian bio-warfare programs are and how little Western Intelligence knows about how the programs were developed. The potential exists for a significant WMD threat in the Middle East and the West, especially, against America. Syria is a proxy ally of Iran, North Korea (DPRK) and terror groups such as Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and Hamas. Thus, the supply of bio-weapons and delivery platforms that could results in mass casualties makes it a real and present danger."

So Syria has the weapons (means), the motive ('concept of use' doctrine) and the opportunity (revolution). That danger is even more present now, and combined with the prophecy about Damascus's destruction...well, shivers once again. The battle for Damascus goes on overnight.

"Behold, Damascus will cease from being a city, And it will be a ruinous heap. (verse 1)


  1. Wow :(

    Thanks so much for the detailed update. This is such a horrible situation all around and we obviously know it will get much, much worse. Praying for Syria and it's people.

    - Debbie

  2. Yes, praying for the people of Syria and that they know our Lord and Savior.
    Blessings, Tracy


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