Deepwater Horizon and the deformed Gulf Shrimp

My favorite dinner used to be a cold beer and chilled Gulf shrimp with cocktail sauce. My favorite place to eat this dish used to be Florida, preferably Naples or Key West. I no longer drink alcohol and now it seems I will no longer eat Gulf Shrimp.

Remember the BP Macondo Well/Deepwater Horizon oil platform explosion that occurred two years ago this week? It is the largest accidental marine oil spill in the history of the petroleum industry.

Source: Wikipedia
The oil gushed into the Gulf for three months, spilling about 5 million barrels of oil into the blue waters of the Gulf,  and still seeps today. Now that's got to affect the marine life, wouldn't you think? Despite assurances that it wouldn't? Of course. Shrimp in particular are first indicators of ecosystem shift. In other words, if something bad is happening, it'll show up in the shrimp first.

Gulf shrimp this season are showing up eyeless, with tumors, deformed and toxic. Read more here and here. With photos. Pass the tofu, please.


  1. BK Lim is a geophysicist that has put out several reports and the news about this has been squelched, my take is that the assertions that have been presented about the Deep Water Horizon being an actual occultic intentional act may have some truth running through it. It has been stated that the OK city bombing and the fire at the David Koresh compound in Waco and this Deep Water Horizon were all perpetrated by our own Government.
    There has also been a very large increase in certain skin and respiratory disorders along the gulf region. The recent findings and charges that were brought against a BP employee for deleting text messages is a very strong indicator that there was intentional wrong doing.
    Some of the models that I have seen portray this as the beginning of the end for all of the oceans of the world.

    In a letter dated 14 January, 2011 that was sent to Congressman Fred Upton, Chairman House Committee on Energy and Commerce, and Congressman John Shimkus Chairman Subcommittee on Environment and, BK Lim warned the congressmen and their committees about the current state of the sub-seabed in the Gulf of Mexico (GOM). In the document, an in-depth assessment of the emergency was provided. It explains why action must be taken immediately. The evaluation of the emergency in the Gulf conducted by Mr. Lim appears credible and is based on his 30 years of experience analyzing the geologic structure of both dry land and underwater drilling sites for major oil industry and leading geohazards contractors such as Fugro Geodetic (M) Sdn Bhd, TL Geohydrographics Sdn Bhd, and RPS Energy Pty Ltd.

    “The vaporization of enormous amounts of methane hydrates on a scale not seen before, the release of stresses between the lower and upper crust resulting in the abnormal occurrences of low magnitude, shallow earthquakes adjacent to the New Madrid Fault, the sub-seabed underground erosion in the vicinity of the shelf edge undermining the slope stability with possible tsunami-generating, giant, submarine landslides,” said Mr. Lim.

  2. You can read the whole article here
    I do not endorse the entire intent of this site, I look it's scientific findings to glean truth their observations.
    Elizabeth you can allow it or disallow the link as you see fit. Jeff


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