Wednesday, May 16, 2012

This and that

Hi Folks,

This piece is just a chat. It won't be a deep theological treatise nor a blurb on the news of the day. We are a day and a half from the end of the school year, and let me tell you, the kindergarteners are restless! I'm pooped.

I usually get most of the blog comments overnight. I wake up at 6:00am and turn on the computer and there will be comments waiting for me to moderate. This morning there were four on one topic. I deleted them all. They were responding to the Jentezen Franklin piece. It's interesting that the Jentezen Franklin post and its companion piece still gets notice and comment. Amazingly, the Franklin false teacher post gets a lot more comments than the Beth Moore false teacher essays I did. It is usually the opposite, I'm told by other evangelicals. An essay stating Beth Moore is anything except either an angel or a saint usually gets plenty of screed. But my readers, bless them, save their screed for the Franklin post.

I deleted all the Franklin comments this morning because they were screed. Any comments that say such things as "You're a poopyhead for thinking this" won't get past the draft screen. I post comments that either support or take issue with my posts that are polite and/or have bible verses to back them up. I won't write a 'comment policy' because commenting is common sense. It is like a conversation- listen, share, be polite. Name calling is never an argument, unless it is an argument for instant delete.

On another topic, I have been thinking about prophecy education. For the last two weeks I've been musing about pulling back from the detailed view to share and present the wider view on the blog instead. An overview, even. And this week Pastor JD Farag said he was doing exactly that. And Jack Kelley has started revamping his Revelation overviews and has pulled back the lens. I had been thinking of dong a general overview of what will happen after the rapture, or perhaps a chronology. It seems the Spirit is pressing this idea to me and to others so I'll pray some more and see how to proceed.

I was asked by the publishers of a new 'zine to contribute to it. The topic is the Apocalypse, and the name of the zine is Apocalypse This. It will be sold at the Nottingham Zine Fair on May 26. I was asked to share the Christian view. The zine will contain other religions' views as well. You can find the website for the zine here, and twitter here. Here is the Facebook page for the fair. Prayers are appreciated that the truth of the Word will reach the youths who are curious about a false Apocalypse but are unaware of the looming real one.

Speaking of the looming apocalypse, does it feel like a heavy burden of weight and presence to you? It feels so close. The European financial and economic crisis certainly adds portent to the events. The line-up of hostile nations in the Middle East certainly add portent. But even the news aside, the feeling of imminence is weightier every day. I don't think it is a feeling of exhaustion that I usually feel this time of year, lol. It just feels like prophecy is speeding up.

Remember, prophecy is set before us in His word so that before it comes to pass, we may be prepared; and so that when it comes to pass, we may believe and worship Him who is outside of time and He who writes history beforehand.

"Lord, You have been our dwelling place in all generations. Before the mountains were brought forth, Or ever You had formed the earth and the world, Even from everlasting to everlasting, You are God." (Psalm 90:1-2)

The Creation: God measuring the Universe with a compass, c. 1375, The National Library of The Netherlands


  1. Hi Elizabeth, first of all i'm amazed at how you manage to juggle your working life, this daily blog and your weekly newsletter, you are a credit to us all...Bless You.
    A general overview after the rapture would be brilliant and very helpful, the more information regarding 'Revelation' is always most welcome and needed.
    Regarding the heavy burden of weight and presence, DITTO I have been feeling like this for the past few months and was going to email you about it. I think it's because this year is the turning point of no return to the old way of life (as we know it now) Everything is changing and not for the better...and the next major change, i think will be forced upon us this year. Maybe at the Chicago G8 Summit and/or 2012 Olympics.
    The trouble is so many are sleep walking in a matrix world and can't or won't see outside of their cocoon. I would rather know what is coming, so that i can prepare myself, especially as their is lot to lose...ONE'S SOUL TO SATAN! HEAVEN FORBID.
    The future is going to be a tough time for us all and Christain's everywhere need to be thoroughly prepped spiritually, with The Holy Spirit, Jesus and The Bible. PLEASE LORD LET THE RAPTURE BE SOON?
    Rebecca Bonnell

  2. Hi Elizabeth, as always thanks for your posts.

    About Mr. Franklin, I read your post and all the comments. What doesn´t surprise me is the lack of scripture backing or providing valid counter arguments by all the people who have negative or disagreeing comments. I especially enjoyed your remarks on the sheep not enjoying the sheep dog faithfully doing its duty.

    That got me thinking about life on my brother´s farm 40 years ago. We had just gotten a dog, crossed between a German shepherd and an excellent, very efficient French cattle dog that we thought we could train as a shepherd dog for our goats´ herd. However, this turned out to be a disaster. I am giving you the link to a piece that I wrote mentioning what happened. The dog ended up being worthless as far as caring for the goats and since I didn´t have the heart to put him to sleep for what he did, I drove him to the shelter to have him adopted into a family environment away from sheep and goats. Isn´t that what the Lord will do with the shepherd who is supposed to protect the sheep against the wolf and is found derelict in his duties? Couln´t this fit as an application of what Paul was saying in I Cor. 9:27 about being disqualified (taken as a principle, of course.)No matter what people think or feel about certain pastors who bless them, the Lord of the Word always prevails and He has given us his Word as the plumbline to determine if any " line of thought or writing" upon which we base our doctrine is straight or crooked.
    Have a good end of the year time with your little ones. Grace and peace to you. Jean-Louis.


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