Prata Potpourri: Music Edition!

Earthquakes in diverse places

With half the year gone, I decided to update my earthquake data. My last update was Dec. 31, 2011. With the many prophetic references to the coming earthquakes both as signs (Mark 13:8) and judgment (Is 29:6; Zech 14:5; Rev 6:12), I decided to check the United States Geological Survey data and see how the quake numbers are running. Click to enlarge.

The KIND of quakes have been more worrisome than the sheer number of them. For example:

Mayo (Ireland) quake surprises seismologists
"A leading seismologist has said yesterday’s earthquake off the west coast was “unexpected” and poses “very interesting questions for geologists”. The earthquake, which registered a magnitude of four on the Richter scale, was recorded as 60km west of Belmullet, Co Mayo, at a depth of 3km, at 8.58am. It was the largest local seismic event ever recorded, according to Tom Blake of the Irish National Seismic Network (INSN) and the Dublin Institute of Advanced Studies. It was also the second-largest local earthquake on record in either Britain or Ireland, he said – the first being of 5.4 magnitude on July 19th, 1984..."

Remember the Northern Italy quake two weeks ago that was a thrust quake (which is two plates thrusting one over the other) but the location of the quake was hundreds of miles from the plate boundaries? Seismologists could not figure that one out either. They called it "weird".

Another earthquake in a diverse place, (Mark 13:8) occurred yesterday in Tamworth Australia

Quakes shake up townships in state's north 
"The centre's director Kevin McCue said these were the first earthquakes greater than magnitude 4 to strike inland northern NSW since December 1969, when a magnitude 5 quake struck near Coonabarabran. "It's unusual to have an earthquake of this size." (They both were 4.2 mag).

How about THIS weird happening? June 4, Lake Erie:

Freak wave sweeps three off beach
"A sudden wave that swept several people off the beach on Sunday, was likely an edge wave, or seiche. The National Weather Service confirms the rare event which almost took the lives of three Lake County teenagers. "It came up on us so fast we didn't have time to react," said Connor Bachmann, 15, of Madison, who was standing on the beach with a number of other people Sunday evening about 6 o'clock. "It started pulling on us and when I turned my back it completely covered us and started pulling us out." Bachman, Molly McGill, and Rachel Pridemore were swept out almost half a mile onto the lake, almost instantly. "I'm a strong swimmer and I never felt that helpless in my life," Bachmann admitted. "I thought I was going to die." Jim Channell of Kirtland Hills witnessed the whole thing. He just happened to be on his jet ski, heading for shore, when he saw the seiche crash onto the beach. "It took out the whole beach," he told WKYC, with amazement still in voice. "I didn't believe what I was seeing. Then it hit a second time."

The seiche has happened before, just not frequently. The last one was 1942 and one before that in 1882. It looks like water sloshing around in a goldfish bowl and is thought to occur either when a far off quake happens, or wind and air pressure makes the wave pounce. This one was 7 feet. In but a moment it swept the three teens half a mile out.

"Throughout history, God has used earthquakes in many ways for various reasons. The Bible shows that God used earthquakes in history to show His presence, His deliverance, His wrath and His power. God will also use earthquakes yet in the future to announce Christ’s Return, accompany prophetic events, and reshape the earth’s surface. In Matthew 24, Christ told His disciples of the signs that would precede His Second Coming. In verse 7, He stated, “and there shall be…earthquakes, in diverse places.” This meant earthquakes would take place in various places—scattered throughout the world—and would increase in frequency as the time of His Return drew near (see Mark 13:8 and Luke 21:11). Had earthquakes been as prolific throughout history as they are today, then they would not indicate that the end of the age was near. They are much more common now than at any other time in history. " (source)

So that is the quick and dirty on quakes lately!