Is America under judgment?

One question Christians are asking frequently these days is whether America is under a judgment. We know we are at the end of the end of days. We know that God's wrath will pour down upon the rebellious world after the rapture (Rev 6:16). But with all that is going on, are we under a judgment of God now, before the rapture?

The answer is yes.

Here is a transcript from a Q&A held between the pastor of Castle View Baptist Church in Indianapolis, IN and Dr. John MacArthur. At 21:50 the question was asked about the then recent news that Obama had declared his support for homosexual marriage. Dr. MacArthur answered in this way:

"I’d go so far to say that what America is experiencing now is divine judgment. You ask me why do I say that, and I say that because of Romans 1. It says 'The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of people, who suppress the truth by their wickedness...' verse 18.

"If there has ever been a nation that has suppressed the truth in unrighteousness, it's America. We’ve had the truth, we’ve had the gospel truth, we were founded on that ... there was a Judeo-Christian approach to law, life, and social behavior."

"The gospel flourished in America and we have suppressed that at this point so the judgment of God falls."

"How do you know that? Well, Paul goes on in that same chapter, this is what it will look like, “God gave them over. We go to the verse in Romans 24-26-28, 'God gave them over','God gave them over...' Here is the sequence,"

"Verse 24, God gave them over to sexual immorality. You know the judgment of God falls on a society is when it is consumed by sexual immorality."

"Verse 26 says, “and women did that which is unseemly with women, and men with men.” Subsequent to heterosexual revolution is homosexual revolution. When you see that, you know the wrath of God is at work. ‘He gave them over’ that’s a legal term for a sentence. You’re turning someone over to the punishment prescribed for the crime."

"Verse 28, That's when God gave them over to reprobate mind. That is when the mind is so far gone you can’t find your way back. That is when the president of the nation declares that he supports homosexual marriage. You know that not only is the behavior corrupt but the thinking is corrupt."

"The thinking is SO corrupt that the man with the most responsibility in the country advocates immorality at a base, perverse level as normal behavior. So when you ask where America is, America is living in the very chapter of Romans 1. We are watching Romans 1 unfold."

"In connection with Acts 14, God has allowed all the nations to go their own way. This is the cycle of history, the cycle with Romans 1 is repeated again and again."

In another question asked of Dr. MacArthur about culture, he responded,

"The generation of young people growing up is learning to see homosexuality as normal, because the most lovable, affable, endearing funny person on every sitcom is a homosexual. Or many of them. So they have a completely different view of these people. They are not outraged by it. They think it’s funny, they’re winsome kinds of people, they are overexposed to these kinds of people, they drive the fashion world, they drive the media world, and so this generation is seriously softened up on this. And it is going to be a challenge for parents to embed in their children what a terribly perverse and tragic kind of life this is. And it is tragic, because they have no future."

When he said that television is saturated with presentations of homosexuality as a normal lifestyle and that the homosexual characters are presented as engaging and winsome, it made me think of not only the scripted shows, but the reality television shows. I enjoy watching cooking shows and competitions, and also the HGTV design shows. Even a few years ago, it seems, there were not as many homosexual and lesbian competitors who stated up front that they were "out." One supposes that in the design shows as with fashion, there would be many people who have chosen that lifestyle. But few remarked on it. Now, they do, and right away too.

When Dr. MacArthur said the media invariably shows the homosexual characters as winsome, cuddly, lovable, I thought of the kid on Masterchef, Michael. The very first competitor in Masterchef by Gordon Ramsay was a 19 year old boy named Michael. He is Asian, and completely cute. He really was a winsome kid. The show is a reality show so it is not scripted, but the boy is cuddly and engaging! He's a total doll. This is part of the conversation he and the judges had as Michael was contesting for a spot in the show:
Got a girlfriend? No. I'm gay, actually.
Got a boyfriend?
No, I am 19 and I don't believe in dating before high school.
You're very proper aren't you?
I try to follow the rules most of the time.
Did you tell your dad on the same day I want to be a chef and by the way I'm gay?
I came out to my dad right before I came to Masterchef. I don't want to hide my true self.
Embrace it!
You've got no reason to, either.
It is this relentless message that the homosexual lobby promotes. The contestant Michael went on to win a spot in the competition/show. The same goes for Hell's Kitchen and Chopped, Top Chef and Food Network Star. These cooking shows all have contestants who are bold in proclaiming their homosexuality, in introducing their partners, or in mentioning their sexual preference. Since when do we need to know who a person sleeps with in order to learn to make soup?

Dr. MacArthur is right. This generation is de-sensitized to the hopelessness and emptiness of the homosexual lifestyle. They think it is OK.

We are under judgment. The utter depravity in our morals these days from the highest levels, to media, to personal spheres is indicative of how far we have fallen. And God is judging that. Read Romans 1.

As much as He judges, he forgives. He died on the cross as the sacrifice to satisfy God's wrath for all sins, including homosexuality. The Corinthians were a pagan orgiastic culture, and Paul said some of the worshipers there were greedy, drunkards, thieves, slanderers, swindlers, etc, and some were formerly homosexuals (1 Corinthians 6:9-11) but now all were forgiven:

"But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God."

Allow the Lord to forgive you of your sins, no matter what they are. America is under judgment and we know that there is not a lot of time left. Do not delay. Repent. He is willing to forgive whatever lifestyle you have adopted. Do not remain in it, for it has no future. Jesus is your future!


  1. Wow! How true!!
    We don't have T.V. and all we watch are only a few selected movies. But, whenever we travel and stay in a hotel it seems the first thing that goes on is the T.V. I am appalled at the commercials and the shows? Well, that is another matter. It use to be that discovery channel was pretty safe but even that needs to be monitored. At least my kids are older now and know how to avoid stuff that is junk but what about young families? How do these children know what is not right when they are bombarded by junk in the T.V. they watch, the books they read and even the schools they attend. It was difficult to keep good influences into my children while they were young, I just find it hard to see how young, busy mothers will be able to do this today.

    Great post Elizabeth. As always you pump out fantastic stuff.


    1. Thanks so much! The Lord sends His ideas and I am grateful to be a willing vessel. I can't imagine the pressure you are under being a Christian parent these days. Yikes! You must want to go around with your hands over your kids' eyes half the time!

  2. But what about other countries around the world? Countries that are gripped by false religions and countries in Europe especially that have disregarded God (and in some instances Israel) for many years now...Why is US sort of singled out?

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      By saying that America is under a Romans 1 judgment, it does not preclude or set aside any work that the Lord is also doing in other nations. He is. They may be at various levels of judgment, or under no judgment. I do not know. The Lord knows. However, we can see from the progression Paul described in Romans 1, where America is. All nations will be judged. America is not singled out. However the US's depravity according to the mirror of Romans 1 is obvious, so I remarked on it.

    2. America was founded on Christian beliefs. If anyone doubts this take a serious look at the 'Monument to The Forefathers' in Plymouth, MA and watch Luke12:48 NKJV ... For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required; and to whom much has been committed, of him they will ask the more. Let's pray for America and reach them 1 by 1!

  3. I just heard of a law they want to pass in Hutchinson, Kansas: If you are a man and think you are a woman, you must be allowed to use the woman's restrooms or locker rooms. I couldn't believe it and did some searches on the internet and found this issued by the city of Hutchinson: (Scroll down to page 3)

    Also check this out, scroll down and read the part under "Gay and Transgendered Laws."

    Yes, we most certainly have been turned over to a "reprobate mind." How could anyone in their right mind think men should be allowed to use woman's restrooms if they think the are a woman? Not only that, but it is discrimination to deny them.

  4. I am a Christian thanks be to God and I keep my mind on the things of God. I was looking online to see if anyone believes we are under God's is July 1st 2012 and 3 million ppl are without power in the Northeast due to hurricane like storms and winds, fires are blazing out west 36k ppl evacuated from their homes in Co. and America is in 3 digit heatwave of 100 degress temp and above. Even if I wasn't a christian I would have some sort of knowledge that something is happening. Natural disasters are all over the planet. I wanted to leave a comment and say "Look up for our redemption drawth nigh" I believe we are witnessing the soon arrival of Jesus Christ coming in the clouds with great glory!! Keep your eyes on Jesus, He is our only hope.

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      I agree, that the signs that something is happening is evident even to non-Christians. I wrote an essay on Friday June 22 stating that I believe we ARE under God's wrath, the wrath of abandonment as illustrated in Romans 1. I explain it here:

      I agree with you also that I think He may be coming soon.

  5. We are under Gods Judgement for sure. We are having fires, droughts, floods and an earthquake will be very soon and very big. Please trust Jesus now and repent.

  6. The weather is a probably five hundred year cycle. Please read about the worlds worst diasters, starting in the 1400. We are seeing nothing compared to them. Note the killer disease compared to now. We are even living longer. Not near the end time. How do you think mountains were formed?

    1. How do I think the mountains were formed? Genesis 1, "And God said..."

      I *have* read about the world's worst disasters. They are written about in the book of Revelation.


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