Damascus fighting intensifies: important development

Please be aware of the terrible ongoing situation in Syria. Fighting in Syria continues, but a new development is the intensifying battle for the capital city of Damascus. UN Envoy Kofi Annan is shuttling here and there, today he is in Moscow with Syria's defender, Vladimir Putin. And most ominously, BBC reports,

"Fighting is intensifying across the Syrian capital Damascus, where the military has deployed tanks and helicopters, activists say. Shooting was reported in one of the main central streets and a square housing the Central Bank. Rebel forces say they have launched an all-out assault on the capital, calling it Operation Damascus Volcano."

Footage of carnage in Douma last month surface today as the battle extend to Damascus. CNN reports, "Dark images of horror and despair smuggled out of Syria"

AP reports, "Intense clashes between Syrian rebels and government forces backed by helicopters spread to new areas of the capital Damascus Tuesday, including a brief firefight near Parliament."

Twitter, Damascus resident, "Houses are on fire in AlQabun neighborhood as a result of the shelling the place is having." This still from a shaky Youtube raw video has sounds of rapid fire gunfighting clearly heard nearby, even as billows of black smoke rise unabated from apartment buildings.

Twitter RT- "not sure its a turning point..but major development.." @stephenstarr on @BBCworld on escalation fighting Damascus Syria." Starr is a freelance journalist & founder of Near East Quarterly based in Damascus 2007 -2012. Author of 'Revolt in Syria: Eye-witness to the Uprising'

We are mindful of the LORD'S words, that Damascus shall be destroyed, it shall be a heap of ruins. (Isaiah 17:1).  This is a prophecy that has never been completely fulfilled. The city has always been continuously inhabited.

Damascus is mentioned as an existing city as early as Genesis 14:15.  Abraham's chief servant, Eliezar, was from Damascus. Of course Paul was on the road to Damascus when the Lord intervened in his life and appeared to him. (Acts 9). Its population today (2011) is set at variously between 3.5 and 4.5 million souls.

Pray for Damascus. We do not know who, or how, or when it will be destroyed, levelled to the ground in a heap of uninhabitable ruins, but when it is, think of the millions who will fall with it.


  1. Definitely praying. Wow, things are escalating rapidly there.I know many in Damascus where in denial months ago but I've been reading that many families are now fleeing the city. I pray that they find true comfort and peace in the arms of Christ and that as many as possible escape that place. What a terrible nightmare.

    I honestly don't know what to believe in MSM regarding Syria but there's no doubt of what God has prophesied.


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