Mysterious pumice raft in NZ source identified

I noted a few days ago the mysterious pumice raft discovered floating around the southern sea. A volcano had erupted. But where? Which volcano? Well, the scientists think they have discovered the source of the pumice raft. And when I day 'raft' that is the term the scientists are using. It sounds dinky, but the size of the floating pumice was over an area of 25,000 square km. They think the pumice came from a previously unknown volcano.

Scientists rock theory on pumice raft
"A large pumice raft spotted floating in the Pacific Ocean was formed nearly a month ago when an unknown volcano erupted, scientists have determined. An Air force Orion spotted the huge raft, measuring 463 kilometres by 55 kilometres, on Thursday, and samples were collected later in the evening by the navy's HMNZS Canterbury. Vulcanologists had thought it might have been produced by New Zealand's third erupting volcano, the undersea mountain Monowai, but that theory has now been put to rest. ... GNS vulcanologist Brad Scott said he was unaware of any volcano in the specific location where the raft was believed to have originated from. "At this time I don't know if we could identify a sub-marine volcano at that location," Scott said. It could have been emitted from a previously-unknown volcano, or it could be that others have knowledge of a volcano in the area while he doesn't, he said."

In other words, global volcanoes are going off left and right, and some that have never erupted are erupting, others that have been long dormant are erupting, and now there are just eruptions they don't know how or where they happen, but evidence that they have is scattered over 25,000 km and thus pretty hard to ignore.  The earth sure is active.