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Two major earthquakes strike Iran, felt in Armenia; global weather disasters are continuous

Hindustan Times:

40-50 dead, 400 injured in northwest Iran quakes
"Up to 50 250 people were killed and 400 injured as two strong earthquakes jolted northwest Iran on Saturday, the head of the country's emergency services told ISNA news agency. "According to the latest reports, about 40 to 50 people have been killed in the quakes today ... About 400 have also been injured and were transported to Tabriz and Ardebil," Gholamreza Masoumi said, quoted by ISNA. Masoumi was referring to the biggest cities in the region and a neighbouring province. The two temblors, registering 6.2 and 6.0 on the moment magnitude scale according to Tehran University's Seismological Centre, struck within minutes of each other, damaging scores of villages northeast of Tabriz. The US Geological Survey, which monitors quakes worldwide, ranked them as more powerful than that, at 6.4 and 6.3, respectively."

Meanwhile, on the volcano front, Erik Klemetti had to eat his words-

Submarine Eruption Makes It Three for New Zealand
"Just think, one week ago I was saying that 2012 was a relatively quiet year for volcanic eruptions. We haven’t made up all the ground of the more active years like 2010-11, however New Zealand had one of its more exciting volcanic weeks in a century — White Island and Tongariro both had eruptions and yesterday a large pumice raft was spotted north of the island nation."

Lotta lightning goin' on...

Lightning kills 13 outside Bangladesh mosque
"At least 13 devotees have been killed by lightning outside a mosque in northeastern Bangladesh. Local police chief Bayes Ahmed says 20 other people were injured by the lightning late Friday in Sylhet district. The victims were struck by the lightning as they were exiting the mosque following special prayers tied to the holy month of Ramadan."

Lightning strike creates 25-foot trench, damage to Massachusetts home
"Strong to severe thunderstorms that hit parts of Massachusetts on Friday produced a lightning strike that created a 25-foot trench to a Foxboro home, leaving a elderly woman hospitalized. Firefighters said around 4 p.m. EDT, lightning hit a tree and it imploded, which sent chunks of wood that ripped down parts of a large fence and impaled a portion of the deck."

Fan killed; nine injured by lightning after Pocono race
"Pocono officials indicated that several of the fans were treated and released from the infield care center, but that five were transported directly to local hospitals."

And there was (apparently) a tornado in Connecticut-

Weather Service Checks Storm Damage In Glastonbury To Determine If Tornado Hit
"A tornado may have touched down in Glastonbury as a violent storm surged through the state Friday afternoon, knocking down trees and power lines and causing flash flooding."

The Philippines are swamped with monsoons and flooding. Yes, I know it's monsoon season, but this is more, extra, over and above, and there's more on the way--

No respite from rain, floods in Philippines
"The death toll from five days of heavy rains and floods in the Philippines jumped to 60 on Friday, disaster officials said, with the forecast calling for even more showers across the main island of Luzon. Most of the deaths were from drowning, the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council said. Others died from electrocution or in landslides associated with the rain and floods. While it is the summer monsoon season in the Philippines, the rain and flooding were exacerbated by recent Tropical Storm Haikui, the Philippines weather service said. Haikui made landfall on the east coast of China early Wednesday."

CNN asks, "What's behind major flood disasters throughout Asia?
"Monsoonal rainfall and a tropical storm cause major flooding in the Philippines. A third typhoon in five days hits China. Weeks of rains and floods have wreaked havoc on parts of Korea."

This is ironic...the news article lede says "a rash of bad weather". It isn't a rash and it's not going to get better. (link is to a Wall Street journal video).

Bad weather causes surge in food prices
"A rash of bad weather is straining the global food chain and pushing up prices around the world."

So we wonder, of this weird and getting weirder weather, the disasters upon disasters, "Does God control the weather?  Does he use it as judgment? Is it a sign of the end? Will he protect the righteous?" More here- a study on weather and the bible, below is a preview--

"The Scriptures are far from silent on the origin of weather disasters, including drought, earthquakes, famines, floods, hailstones, storms, thunder, tornadoes, wind storms, etc. God is fully in control of creation, at all times. God does use weather catastrophes -- even resulting in deaths, or the destruction of beasts or property -- but with a purpose: to unsettle the apathetic, to punish and judge, to alter our course of action, or to instill the fear of God. However, God also responds to His people's pleas for deliverance from destruction."

Therefore, pray for the people affected by these disasters. I deliberately chose news about the Iran quakes, Philippines flooding, China rains, New Zealand volcanoes, CT tornadoes, and US drought which has worldwide impact, to show that these things are happening north, south, east, and west. Pray for repentance to come sweep the world, and for a desire for a closer walk with Jesus to penetrate the hearts of the born-again.


  1. Matthew 24 tells about wars and rumors of wars and the destruction of the temple. These all happened about 40 years after our Lord's resurrection.

    Then He said that far into the future, a generation will witness the budding of the fig tree and the increase of birth pains. I am convinced we are that generation. Jesus said that when we see all these signs, our redemption is near, even right at the doors. It is such a humbling thing to be living right at the edge of eternity.

    Thoughts and prayers to the people of Iran, Philippines, and other victims of these calamities. God bless us all.


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