Introducing Priscilla Shirer and Jesus, her boyfriend

"My God reached down from the heavens, dipped his finger into the depths of my being, and began to rouse in me a desire for a real relationship with him." [Book "One in a Million: Journey to Your Promised Land” by Priscilla Shirer]

Yeah. I know.

Mrs Shirer explains that she became sad at the daily 'chore' of the spiritual disciplines such as prayer and bible study because "He just wasn’t knocking my socks off anymore, and I wasn’t sure why.”' (source)

I'll tell you why. When people rely on spiritual experience and not biblical knowledge to maintain their relationship with Jesus they always succumb to the law of diminishing returns. Art Azurdia spoke about this in the series by Todd Friel called Drive By Discernment. "A pastoral concern is that the spiritual development of well-meaning Christians easily falls prey to law of diminishing returns. Today's enthusiasm becomes tomorrow's bore. Today's spiritual ecstasy this week will need to be out-done next week. You've seen it, the ordinary gives way to the unusual, the unusual gives way to the extreme, the extreme gives way to the ridiculous, and eventually it always leads to the same end: emptiness."

What do you do when Jesus just doesn't knock your socks off anymore? When salvation by His blood gets old? When His death on the cross for our sins just doesn't rouse us like it used to? When His glorious resurrection isn't feeling the way it did before? When the thrill is gone?

Oh, how sad that Jesus isn't enough for so many women!

[Priscilla] "grants that the Bible is shot through with romantic language describing the relationship between God and his people (the church, after all, is the bride of Christ). Throughout Christian history, men as well as women have written erotically about their relationship with God — especially medieval monks, who wrote more commentaries on the Song of Solomon than almost any other book of the Bible." (source)

I've written before of the 'Jesus is my boyfriend' problem in evangelical female circles. With new generations of women bible preachers and teachers like Mrs Shirer wielding influence on a national stage, it doesn't look like the problem isn't going away anytime soon.

Sisters, Jesus is NOT your boyfriend or your lover. Learn about Him by reading His word. By knowing about Him, studying Him, and by living a Christian life full of love for brethren and good deeds in His name. And for all of our sakes and sanity too, let your husband do the socks knocking.


  1. jesus is our Redeemer,saviour,salvation,strengh,shield,comforter,friend,heavenly father,rock,fortress,refuge,and much more who bore our sins in his body on the cross at calvary to set us free from sin and death by receiveing the free gift of salvation by Grace through faith in christ Alone ,it breaks my heart to see what so many people have done with the name of jesus and his precious and holy word how they twist the scriptures to there own pleasure and gain ,there are more and more false teachers coming out of the woodwork and joining the world church abusing the precious name of christ in these days, teachings like we are little gods ,there is no hell ,there are many roads to heaven etc, read the parable of the rich man and Lazarus hell is real and there is only one way to God and heaven through his dear son Jesus christ , sadly many who have the word of God in there hands are blind to the precious truth that it holds not lead by the spirit of God but a deceving spirit of antichrist .

    matt 7:13 Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it.

    Phillipians 2:10,11 That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth;
    And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

    someday soon our king is coming in glory and he will set up his kingdom on earth were his mighty rule will be just and full of rightousness ,and those who have apposed christ and his message of salvation will realise just how wrong they have been there will be more tears of sorrow shed on that day than there has been in a lifetime.

    repent of your sin trust in christ as your lord and saviour come to him just as you are ,he stands at the door of your heart knocking let him in he will never let you down nor leave you or forsake you if only you will surrender your life to christ ,God bless

  2. One problem, that goes back as far as the Reformation, is looking for Subjective, rather than Objective Atonement. When you are looking inside yourself for confirmation, rather than trusting in God's promises in Christ, when the Holy Spirit is expected to work in you apart from the Word, and speak to you outside of Word and Sacrament, you have no way of rejecting ANYTHING as not being from God.
    Return to the Confessional Evangelical Faith of the Father of the Reformation, Martin Luther, who confessed the Faith that was once for all delivered to the Saints, the same faith that was preached and confirmed by the Fathers and received from the Apostles, for Christ's sake. He gave His body and blood FOR YOU; receive it as He gave it, for the forgiveness of your sins, for He has never lied to you regarding His promises.


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