Saturday, October 20, 2012

Is Jesus a rehashed myth from the more ancient Horus?

This is going around Facebook. I saw it when a relative of mine posted it. (Yes, I grieve and pray)

Of course, the Horus information is false.

When the actual writings about Horus are competently examined, this is what we find:

• Horus was born to Isis; there is no mention in history of her being called “Mary.” Moreover, Mary is our anglicized form of her real name ‘Miryam’ or Miriam. “Mary” was not even used in the original texts of Scripture.
• Isis was not a virgin; she was the widow of Osiris and conceived Horus with Osiris.
• Horus was born during month of Khoiak (Oct/Nov), not December 25. Further, there is no mention in the Bible as to Christ’s actual birth date.
• There is no record of three kings visiting Horus at his birth. The Bible never states the actual number of magi that came to see Christ.
• Horus is not a “savior” in any shape or form; he did not die for anyone.
• There are no accounts of Horus being a teacher at the age of 12.
• Horus was not “baptized.” The only account of Horus that involves water is one story where Horus is torn to pieces, with Isis requesting the crocodile god to fish him out of the water he was placed into.
• Horus did not have a “ministry.”
• Horus did not have 12 disciples. According to the Horus accounts, Horus had four semi-gods that were followers and some indications of 16 human followers and an unknown number of blacksmiths that went into battle with him.
• There is no account of Horus being betrayed by a friend.
• Horus did not die by crucifixion. There are various accounts of Horus’ death, but none of them involve crucifixion.
• There is no account of Horus being buried for three days.
• Horus was not resurrected. There is no account of Horus coming out of the grave with the body he went in with. Some accounts have Horus/Osiris being brought back to life by Isis and going to be the lord of the underworld.

Much more at the source as to why this side-by-side comparison of Jesus and Horus is a fallacy of the false cause and a terminological fallacy: GotQuestions.

Meanwhile, GotQuestions reports on the integrity of the biblical record, 
"The last issue to examine on this subject is the truthfulness of the New Testament itself. While much has been written on this topic, no work from antiquity has more evidence with respect to historical veracity than the New Testament. The New Testament has more writers (nine), better writers, and earlier writers than any other document from that era. Further, history testifies to the fact that these writers went to their deaths for claiming that Jesus had risen from the dead. While some may die for a lie they think is true, no person dies for a lie they know to be false. Think about it—if someone was about to crucify you upside down, as happened to the Apostle Peter, and all you had to do to save your life was renounce a lie you had knowingly been living, what would you do?"

"In addition, history has shown that it takes at least two generations to pass before myth can enter into a historical account. Why? Because eyewitnesses can refute error put in print. Those living at the time could refute the errors of the author and expose the work as being false. All the Gospels of the New Testament were written during the lifetime of the eyewitnesses, with some of Paul’s epistles being written as early as 50 A.D. That early dating acts as a key protective mechanism against any falsehoods being accepted and circulated."

"Finally, the New Testament attests to the fact that the portrayal of Jesus was not mistaken for that of any other god. When faced with Paul’s teaching, the elite thinkers of Athens said this: “He seems to be a proclaimer of strange deities,”—because he was preaching Jesus and the resurrection. And they took him and brought him to the Areopagus, saying, “May we know what this new teaching is which you are proclaiming? For you are bringing some strange things to our ears; so we want to know what these things mean" (Acts 17:18-20). Clearly, if the accounts of Jesus were simply rehashing stories of other gods, the Athenians would not have referred to them as “new” teaching. If dying and rising gods were plentiful in the first century why, when the apostle Paul preached Jesus rising from the dead in Acts 17, did the Epicureans and Stoics not remark, “Ah, just like Horus and Mithras”? "

"In conclusion, the claims that Jesus is nothing more than a myth, a copy of mythological gods, originated from authors whose works have been discounted by academia, commit logical fallacies that undermine their veracity, and cannot compare to the New Testament Gospels which have withstood nearly 2,000 years of intense scrutiny."

So when compared side by side, Jesus and Horus bear no resemblance to one another. And remember, only Jesus saves.


  1. I look forward to your writing in that it is refreshing as you walk where the Lord leads and do what He calls everyone in Christ to do. Live for Him.
    While reading this I was encouraged by your writing about the Athenians and Paul, even though they were following a false system the people, not that which was leading them, were noticing a difference and went after it. Why does that encourage me? The Holy Spirit that was working on them can also work on your relative. :)

    1. Hi Jeff,

      Thank you so much. I responded to her posting on FB about the alleged similarities between Horus adn Jesus, and after two comments, my aunt quickly de-friended me. She wrote "Away with dogma!" and just like that, Iw as blocked. She is 80 years old... I hope the Spirit works quickly.

    2. I would say that she was blocked, Lord, would you hear our prayers for this woman and grant her eyes to see, conviction, repentance and a place in your kingdom? We ask this in Jesus name. Thank you for Him.

  2. Thank you for this! I've seen the false comparison too, and just shook my head in despair. They are blind to the truth, or they just out right reject it. They don't want to believe, because of either pride, of not wanting to give up control, wanting to be the boss of their live to run it exactly how they want, to not be held to standards, *commandments* they don't agree with, or it is fear that keeps them from accepting the truth - either because they have been abused by those professing to be of the faith, particularly Catholics, whom we know are guilty of much horrendous abuse, and not just the pedophilia, they also imprisoned many young women and made them slaves, while they were pregnant, and afterwards, stealing their babies and selling them to others. There's been documentaries made on it, on the forced separations and unethical *illegal* adoptions. The Australian government recently finally admitted to it and apologizing to the victims. I have many *friends* more like contacts, whom I see their rejection of all "organized religion" as they term it, and I have learned the reasons why, with the most being because of the abuses, the injustice, they have suffered or witnessed, or learned of, by those claiming to be of the faith, and they are living lives that go against God's word, and they don't want to stop. There's no getting through to them, it's in God's hands whether or not they will become saved. Still, when I see them in error, I try to point it out. Some still try to argue with what I tell them, even though it's not only what I believe is truth, per God's word, it's also logical. I am amazed at how easily people are deceived. :(


  3. Thank you for writing this Elizabeth.
    I wonder why some feel the need to discredit Jesus, and God? Lately it feels like that many are working over time to prove there isn't a God, or that Jesus didn't exsist. Actually just to call the Word and Christianity as a whole a lie.

    Elizabeth, I am sorry that your Aunt did that to you, and I hope the Holy Spirit saves her before it is too late.



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