Urgency of the times

I have the day off today. I've been reading Jeremiah 4, a tough, tough chapter. There are so many parallels between Jeremiah's time and ours... So when I finished reading, I re-listened to John MacArthur's sermon that he delivered in June 2011 about Jeremiah and his times, called, "Prophetic Message to an Ungodly Nation" and he compared it to our times. They are so similar it is amazing. I guess maybe not so amazing...because sinful people are still sinful people and pride is still pride.

I also listened to a sermon on Jesus as the Word from John 1. My favorite verses in the bible are John 1:1-5. So that was a good sermon to listen to, very edifying and beautiful. Stay in the word. Jesus is our rock to cling to.

Here is an essay by Dr. David Reagan on the topics of Urgency and Encouragement. My twitter and blog friend Child of God tweeted it and I followed the link to read this very good piece. I hope it encourages you as it did me.


Dr. David R. Reagan,
Monday, October 29, 2012

There is a sense of urgency in the air. Our nation is on the brink of moral and economic collapse. The world is caught up in an insane frenzy of terrorism. The Middle East is about to explode. And the biblical signs of the times are shouting from the heavens that Jesus is about to return.

In the words of Charles Dickens, "It is the best of times, it is the worst of times."

It is the worst of times because the depravity of Man is manifesting itself in the increasing rejection and blasphemy of God. The result is an exponential increase in violence and immorality.

It is the best of times because the collapse of society worldwide is the fulfillment of end time prophecies that point to the soon return of Jesus.

Jesus Himself said that He would return at a time when society was once again as immoral and violent as it was in the days of Noah (Matthew 24:37).

An Exciting But Challenging Time

We are privileged to be living in such an exciting and momentous time when we can witness the stage being set for the triumphant return of Jesus. But it is a time that calls for courage.

We simply must keep our eyes on Jesus, and we must remember that even if our nation has no hope, we as individual Christians have great hope.

But that sense of hope will prevail in our lives only if we consciously and determinedly live with an eternal perspective.

God is in Control

We must keep in mind that as the world falls apart around us, God's Word says that He "sits in the heavens and laughs" (Psalm 2:4). His laughter is not prompted by a lack of concern. Rather, He laughs because He has everything under control, for He has the wisdom and power to orchestrate all the evil of Man and Satan to the ultimate triumph of His Son.

He has also promised that He will walk with those who are Christians, accompanying us through fire and high water (Isaiah 43:1-3).

And He has promised us an escape before the world totally collapses into absolute chaos (Luke 21:36). That escape is called the Rapture. When Paul revealed this escape in detail in 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18, he concluded by saying, "Comfort one another with these words."

Additionally, we have the promise of the Millennial reign of Jesus to look forward to. What a day that will be!

Jesus will reign as King of kings and Lord of lords from Jerusalem. David, in his glorified body, will reign as King of Israel. We, in our glorified bodies, will be scattered across the earth to reign over those in the flesh. And the earth will be flooded with peace, righteousness and justice, as the waters cover the seas (Isaiah 2:1-4 and Isaiah 11:3-9).



  1. Wow..just wow is all I can say. I'm scared yet excited to know the Lord is in control of everything that is happening. I love your blog. I am always telling people to come and read it. I read it each night to my husband. Today I had to come here now just to see what you would write. It is an amazing time isn't it. Stay safe.

    1. Hi Kelly, I'm glad that something here, especially Dr Reagan's essay, encouraged you.

      I finally came to a peace about our times by understanding that since God is on control, and He decides who, what, when, where, and why. He put me here at this time for a reason. So I do my best to maintain peace by appealing to the Spirit and I stay tuned up in His word and have a good prayer life so that I can be a trophy for Him when He comes to collect me. You're here too for the same reason. He didn't place you in 1300 or 1600 or even 1900 but in 2000 during the last generation. His plan is perfect!

      So as sad as I become sometimes with seeing the refusals of so many people to repent, and the decline of the corrupt church, I know that His Light is polishing the core of His bride and that soon our troubles will be done. All I care about is:

      --have I pleased Him?
      --am I useful to Him during this life for His glory?

      I hope you're well away from the storm and are having a good week.

  2. Hi Elizabeth,
    Thank you. :)
    I am reading through Jeremiah and right now am in chapter 9. Today, as I read, these verses are really making an impression on my heart. With all that is happening in the world today I can totally relate to this humble weeping prophet.

    Thanks for sharing the link from John MacArthur, I am going to listen to this right now.


  3. I am going to listen to it, too, Elizabeth. How great is our God?!!
    I pray for you, Elizabeth. God is using you mightily in these last days so that makes you a prime object of the enemy's wrath! I will continue to do so until that day...


    1. Hi Kim,

      Thank you for the prayers! I am so grateful. The sermon is amazing in its exposition of Jeremiah as a man and prophet, the times in which he lived, and our times. One statement from MacArthur really resonated with me, after he had set up the conditions of a nation for which they are judged he said of America

      "I see so many parallels between Jeremiah’s time and Jeremiah and our time and faithful preachers today. We stand near the holocaust. We have to be on the brink of a devastating judgment in this nation."

      I agree. I think since 2011 not only the brink but since then we have advanced to half our feet are hanging over the edge


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