Have you head of the ARkStorm?

Have you heard of the ARkStorm?

Wikipedia explains, "An ARkStorm is a hypothetical but scientifically realistic "superstorm" scenario developed and published by the United States Geological Survey, Multi Hazards Demonstration Project (MHDP). It describes an extreme storm that may impact much of California causing up to $725 billion in damages and repair (most caused by flooding), and affect a quarter of California's homes. The event would be similar to intense California storms which occurred in 1861 and 1862. The name "ARkStorm" means "Atmospheric River (AR) 1000 (k)." The name was created as a way of quantifying the magnitude of west coast storms. It also meant to be drawn as a parallel to the biblical Noah's Ark story."

This is the USGS logo for ARkStorm, and there really IS an ark in it:

Apparently that storm in California of 1861-1862 was a doozy:

"Beginning on Christmas Eve, 1861, and continuing into early 1862, an extreme series of storms lasting 45 days struck California. The storms caused severe flooding, turning the Sacramento Valley into an inland sea, forcing the State Capital to be moved from Sacramento to San Francisco for a time, and requiring Governor Leland Stanford to take a rowboat to his inauguration. William Brewer, author of “Up and down California,” wrote on January 19, 1862, “The great central valley of the state is under water—the Sacramento and San Joaquin valleys—a region 250 to 300 miles long and an average of at least twenty miles wide, or probably three to three and a half millions of acres!” In southern California lakes were formed in the Mojave Desert and the Los Angeles Basin. The Santa Ana River tripled its highest-ever estimated discharge, cutting arroyos into the southern California landscape and obliterating the ironically named Agua Mansa (Smooth Water), then the largest community between New Mexico and Los Angeles. The storms wiped out nearly a third of the taxable land in California, leaving the State bankrupt."
ABC News reported on the ARkStorm scenario earlier in November:

ARkStorm: California's other, much bigger, 'Big One'
"As residents on the East Coast begin the long road to recovery after massive devastation from Superstorm Sandy, scientists in California are warning about a different kind of storm, unlike anything we've seen in 150-years. As Californians we have long been told "The Big One" is coming. A reference to the massive earthquake expected somewhere along the San Andreas Fault. But a much bigger, "Big One" may also be brewing. It won't be an earthquake, but a flood. It's happened before and the experts assure us, it will happen again. Hurricane Sandy is seen by many, as a warning of things to come across the country."

I am not a prophet but I can tell you that Superstorm Sandy was a warning of things to come. This is because God is going to give an hour of trial that is coming on the whole world, to try those who dwell on the earth. (Revelation 3:10). One of those testings will be storms. One hundred pound hailstones will fall. The rivers will dry up. Seas will turn to blood. There will be earthquakes and hurricanes and atmospheric disturbances and heavenly storms. There will be many and they will be big.

This is the USGS web banner for the 2011 summit about ARkStorm:
Already we can see the increase in size, duration, and intensity of storms. In the United States, it seems we barely get over one and another is coming in. This same pattern is happening all over the world in many other nations, too.

As these storms become bigger and more frequent, there will be a cusp, at which the tipping point will have been reached and we will have no money, no inkling, or no will be even repair ourselves to recover. We won't be able to.

In this ARkStorm, The USGS who carried out the computer models about this ARkStorm came to one of the following conclusions:

"An ARkStorm raises serious questions about the ability of existing federal, state, and local disaster planning to handle a disaster of this magnitude."

The order of magnitude of the disaster will be such that there would be no recovery.

This is so that God can test the whole world. He will send trials and tribulations as a vengeance for Sin. As a result of this trial, He will dismantle every man-made thing, including institutions like government, economy, finance, education, and science.

The Weather Channel reported yesterday on the ARkStorm, "Meteorologists use the term "atmospheric river" to describe a long, narrow plume piping deep moisture from the tropics into the mid-latitudes. One type of atmospheric river (hereafter, AR) you may have heard of is the "Pineapple Express", a pronounced plume tapping moisture from the Hawaiian Islands to the U.S. West Coast. Amazingly, according to NOAA's Earth System Research Laboratory (ESRL), a strong AR can transport as water vapor up to 15 times the average flow of liquid water at the mouth of the Mississippi River! Suffice to say, if an AR stalls over a particular area, significant flooding can be the result."

It really makes me think of the verse in Genesis 7:11:

"In the six hundredth year of Noah’s life, in the second month, on the seventeenth day of the month, on that day all the fountains of the great deep burst forth, and the windows of the heavens were opened."

Weather Channel article goes on to predict an AR storm coming this week to the west. It will be a mini AR storm, not a major one. This is what the forecast says:

"Beginning Thursday, the upper-level pattern will begin to tap into an atmospheric river of moisture extending from just north and west of Hawaii to the West Coast. Most importantly, that plume of moisture won't move appreciably for a couple of days, perhaps through Sunday, aiming its firehose of moisture at northern California and, perhaps, southwest Oregon."

They are only expecting 10 inches of rain, not the ten feet as in the original ARkStorm brought to CA in 1861.

But overall I thought that it was pretty interesting to learn the science behind the ARkStorm, and naming it ark was an ironic twist to the REAL original ArkStorm, lol. It is good that the government is preparing hypothetical models, and looking at secondary impacts like landslides, etc, but they can prepare all they want, it won't do much good in the long run. God will send storms that will make man understand that he is very puny in the face of all His glory. For example, when the sixth seal is opened (Revelation 6:12),

"Then the kings of the earth and the great ones and the generals and the rich and the powerful, and everyone, slave and free, hid themselves in the caves and among the rocks of the mountains, calling to the mountains and rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of him who is seated on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb, for the great day of their wrath has come, and who can stand?” (Revelation 6:15-17)

There is no earthly preparation that governments, scientists, or professors or any other expert can make for us to help us endure what is coming. None. The only preparation is to be born again, saved under the grace of Jesus, who died and rose again as the lamb of sacrifice.

The storms are coming. If you are born again, He will carry us to His heavenly abode, shut the doors for a little while until the indignation is passed, (Isaiah 26:20) and when it is over, He will share His inheritance of earth with us and install us in New Jerusalem. And all one needs to do to prepare is repent of their sins and submit to Jesus as Lord.


  1. How foolish we are to think that we can even step aside when calamity strikes. I remember watching the wave in Japan overtake a car speeding from it, easily. Amen to repentance, don,t run, don't hide, repent first then move out of the way if need be. The things like this Preparedness, ARk is nothing more than eyewash to put people at ease and allow them to think that there is hope in the face of calamity. Without Jesus we have no hope.


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