Preppers: Give the gift that keeps on cranking

A half page ad in the New York Times today seems to capture the sign of the times. Forget the bunkers of the 1950s, forget the gas hoarding rationing of the 1970s, never mind the 1990s Rambo life knife. Now it's all about EMP, or what to do when the electricity goes out.

Get your Eton Crank radio!
HT Reuters' Anthony DeRosa, @AntDeRosa
What I think is funny is that the ad was in the NYT and not Ducks Unlimited or Field & Stream or Pioneer Living. But such is the sign of the times that Superstorms like Sandy can wipe out your normal existence in NY City just as easily as a storm can wipe out Joplin MO or Homestead FL. We ALL need to be prepared for what God is doing in nature.

This past September 2012 I wrote a post on prepping. Here is the link.  You need to be prepped for what is coming, the stuff that is coming before the rapture while Christians are still on earth. But the preparations are not what you think.

Meanwhile, as a matter of fact, a crank radio is not such a bad idea...


  1. You know what? One of the weapons some monsters are using to start the war is mind control weaponry. WWIII is big business, and they are trying the best they can to start the crap.
    So, if you allow me to spread the antidote to those monsters that act to deactivate the greatest gift that God gave us, which is our free will, I would like to ask your assistance and publish this.
    I am really calling for God, and asking Him to give to all these monsters - mind-control weapons developers, black-ops military, vampiric corporations that look to nothing but their own filthy asses and their profits, dictators that aim to control people's minds and hearts, Illuminatti, New World Order, American blood-sucking groups, Bilderbergers, British psy-ops, Russian and Chinese mind-controllers, Satanists and Luciferian groups, white supremacists, gay, women and black groups activists with political motivation, New Age crappy gurus, and EVERYTHING ELSE that attempts agains the free will - I am asking God to give to all those EVERYTHING THAT THEY DESERVE TO HAVE. Multiplied by the number of cents of all the money they a making through their dirty means and by all the seconds of pain and suffering that they gave to each and every one of their victims.
    And I beg God to act immediately!

    1. Anonymous,

      I agree we could all go crazy thinking about the monumental structures in the world like government and other institutions that are stacked against us. There are monsters out there- evil is in all of us and tends to collect in even greater mass in certain places. Satan is the god of this world. (2 Cor 4:4).

      But remember, God is sovereign. He is ALLOWING this. It is for His purposes and His glory. In the end everyone will be judged and they will be judged perfectly.

      Nothing can deactivate our free will and nothing can take away our salvation. God is in control. He loves you and He will perform all that is prophesied to His own pleasure and His own just cause.

      My loving but firm advice to you is to:

      1. Get a grip
      2. get in the word and read the bible
      3. get with a church and fellowship with other believers

      Do all this NOW.

  2. Very essential item to have. Prophesy in the scripture is getting more stronger ever minute.

    Kings of the East:


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